Interesting Scrapbook Ideas For Different Events You Need To See

Do you love to scrapbook memorable events? I know I do! Christmas, Easter, birthdays, graduations, memorable travel experiences and even retirement ... these are all events that fit nicely within the pages of a scrapbook or work well as a potential scrapbooking gift.

To help inspire and breathe new life into familiar scrapbook topics, here are some interesting scrapbook ideas for various special events!

Scrapbook and Journal Your Experience of The Coronavirus Pandemic

covid-19 scrapbook
Let's face it, the year 2020 didn't go as expected. The world was forever changed by Covid-19 and I think it's a great idea to document your personal experiences of this major event.

Start by writing a list of how the pandemic affected you. As an example, my list includes thoughts such as:

♥ We homeschooled for a term ... turns out teaching is not my calling
♥ Toilet paper was a precious commodity
♥ The kids taught Nanna how to Facetime

Find your best mask-wearing photograph and get creative with your layout to feature beautiful writing that journals your thoughts and feelings about the pandemic. I personally found this therapeutic! Making these scrapbook pages definitely help me cope with the unfortunate situation we are in.

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Wait! Need Some Amazing Scrapbook Layout Ideas For Special Events?
Let Me Show You...

♥How to always have layout ideas to suit any occasion...

♥How to start and finish a layout in record time!

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Document Your Favorite Christmas Traditions in a Scrapbook

scrapbook ideas for christmas
Woohoo Christmas! We all take some time off, I eat way too much and the kids are on their best behavior due to our Elf on the shelf, Scout. It's my favorite time of year!

Rather than focus on a particular photograph (or ten), why not place the focus and scrapbook your top three favourite Christmas traditions. My top three include Christmas lunch at mum's house, watching the kids excitedly search for our elf, Scout every morning for the month of December to see what he got up to overnight and handing out an early Christmas present on Christmas Eve.

Get creative with textured snowdrops using this Christmas Scrapbook Layout Ideas or you can also refer to this Christmas scrapbooking idea to find some inspiration on how to document your favorite Christmas traditions.

Scrapbook a New "To Do" List For Retirement

scrapbook idea for retirement
A retirement scrapbook album is not only a great way to document the beginning of the next stage of your life, but can also make a beautiful gift for another person to celebrate their retirement.

Although retiring is a life event we all look forward to, it's also an event that features mixed emotions and as a result, coming up with ideas for a retirement scrapbook can be a little tricky. Make sure to keep your page positive!

Building on the concept of a ''to do'' list from our previous post on three things your retirement scrapbook pages must include, why not create a scrapbook page featuring a new ''to do'' list written on post-it notes. The list should include all of those wonderful things we wish to do more of pre-retirement such as ''enjoy the freedom'', ''travel more'', ''horse riding on the beach", or even a leisure goal such as ''motorcycle the Great Ocean Road''. That would make an interesting scrapbook to look back to!

Note: Click the link to learn amazing travel scrapbook ideas for your next trip!

Show Mum or Dad How Much You Care With a Mothers Day or Fathers Day Scrapbook Page

scrapbook ideas for mother\'s day
I love the idea of showing mum or dad how much you appreciate them with a scrapbook page. Using song lyrics, a quote from mum or dad themselves, a list of adjectives that describes the person or even a list of things you appreciate about them, display your thoughts in a beautiful layout designed to be displayed. The strip journal technique in our mothers day scrapbook ideas lends itself well to this project!

This is also a great project to get the kids involved and interested in scrapbooking.

Want to document your important life events on a scrapbook page?

Click here and check our books for amazing scrapbook layouts at your disposal!

First Birthday Scrapbooking Ideas

first birthday scrapbook idea
Let's get creative with the number one! Cut out an oversized number one for your page and fit a number of photographs from the day inside the number itself. For the background, include various milestones which could be a great trip down memory lane decades from now such as ''favourite foods'' and ''I love ... ''. Obviously, for this scrapbook, you can be as creative with the embellishments as you wish!

A first birthday scrapbook page is designed to be passed down to the next generation eventually. To ensure the photographs, page and embellishments are in tip-top shape when you pass them down, make sure to check out our First Birthday Scrapbook blog post for tips on the best way to preserve your page.

Graduation Scrapbook Page

scrapbook idea for graduation
Create a modern-day graduation scrapbook page with an Instagram theme. Choose six to eight photographs from the day of graduation, the final year of school,  or even the first day of school for your scrapbook, and display them in grid format on the page.

Don't forget to include hashtags to tell the story such as #graduation2020 #graduationselfie or even an ode to Dr Suess (who funnily enough, wasn't actually a doctor) with #ohtheplacesyoullgo.


easter scrapbooking ideas
Show off two to three of your cutest easter photographs with easter egg-shaped frames in a strip down one side of your scrapbook page and get creative with an Easter bunny silhouette featuring a cut-out.

This technique involves laying down a beautiful background, (either handpainted or pretty printed paper) and sticking a black or dark coloured simple silhouette Easter bunny on top. To achieve the cut-out look within the silhouette, before you stick the bunny down, draw and cut out some simple flower shapes at the bottom of the bunny so that when you stick it down, the beautiful background comes through the cut out.

Check out our article about pregnancy scrap book ideas and start creating a page about one of the most special moments of your life.

Scrapbook Ideas for Proposal

scrapbook ideas for proposal
Celebrate a proposal within the pages of your scrapbook with a timeline theme that runs vertically down the page, beginning with the day you met and ending on words such as ''He/She/I said YES!''

A photo of the actual proposal would be amazing but if you don't have one, a close up photograph of the ring and a couple's photograph is just perfect for your scrapbook.

No matter what event, from spooky Halloween to sweet Valentine holidays and even simple normal days when you're out camping are definitely worth scrapping.

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