Beautiful Mothers Day Scrapbook Ideas

We love to come up with lovely Scrapbook Ideas for Different Events that we celebrate. If it's Mother's Day-inspired scrapbook page ideas you're after then you'll love today's mom inspired layout!

Even though we failed to take any pictures of us all at my daughters for our Mother's Day dinner, I still wanted to scrap the event.

Fortunately, we now have Facebook and Instagram! I managed to pull some photos of the food from her page and after printing a photo of my beautiful plants I was ready to go!

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Mother's Day Scrapbook Ideas Layout Overview
So in today's tutorial, I want to show you how to make a mother's day scrapbook page with a cool strip journaling technique for yourself or for your mom, you can also use this technique for your travel scrapbook ideas and many more!

For this mother's day scrapbook layout, I selected spring-colored paper to fit the occasion. Personally, I love stripes and I use them abundantly in crafting scrapbooking ideas for different events. I chose to add a few more cardstocks in the same color wheel for a scrapbook for mom.

I didn't want to go overboard with multiple colors but opted to just celebrate the day with a simple layout and used plain colored cardstock to create photo mats, the title, and a bit of heartfelt scrapbook journaling from the family.
Tip: Ask your mom about her favorite color and use them on your scrapbook page.
Wait! Now That You Have A Lovely Scrapbook Theme For Your Mom, Then You'll Need To Know What Layout To Use....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

♥How to get your creative juices flowing again so you'll NEVER experience scrappers block again!

♥How to always have the perfect scrapbook layout for every occasion!

Home Printing Scrapbook Pictures For Mom
I took all of the photos for this mother's day album. Unlike my other pages, I decided to choose photos of plants and food. I enlarged the lavender plant's photo to use as my focal point and made the food photos smaller. I didn't have enough photos of food so added a picture of the flower basket we bought for our daughter (she is the mom of our grand dogs).

I had to make sure the pictures are the right size for the page, so I printed them out in 3 by 3 inches. The main photo is close to 4-inches by 6 ½-inches. I edged each photo with a black Sharpie. On the side note: I'm beginning to use Sharpies more because it adds less ink, dries very quickly, and is always handy.

To be more creative, I cut 2 cardstock in green and purple to outline the main photo. This will help enhance the photo but not make the page look overly decorated. Plus, it adds to that mom vibe we all want in a Mother's Day album, don't you think?

Try to be creative with the font of your scrapbook titles, my title is cut from an old Quick Kutz font, processed through the Xyron 250 sticker maker, and adhered to the page.

The thing I really like about this page layout is the strip journaling. This is a technique I use frequently and it always surprises me that there are scrappers out there who are not familiar with the technique.
Mother's Day Strip Journal Scrapbooking Layout
Here's how I do it.
mothers day scrapbook - computer screen
1. Type up one-liners on your computer and have them printed out. Remember you're going to cut this journaling into strips and adhere to your page so if you have a lot to say and not a lot of space this is not the time to try this technique.

If you can't find a good colored card stock, you can personalize your printout instead, choosing colors that you love. Write relevant ideas, phrases, or sentences related to Mother's Day.
mothers day scrapbook
2. If you have trouble printing out your notes on a small card stock, here's how you can DIY your scrapbook notes for your mom. First, print out a test page.

tart by marking your paper with 'TOP FRONT' the way I did with mine. The most important tip for this technique is to mark your paper. Trust me – it's so much easier to mark the paper than try to figure it out later by printing a ton of pages.
3. After testing out how your notes get printed out, stick the small cardstock on the paper.

Adhere this directly over the printed journaling. I used permanent or repositionable adhesive. It doesn't really matter; you just need it to stick so it goes through your printer.
4. Insert the paper back into your printer in the same position where your notes for your mom will print over the card stock.

NOTE: If you're using a thicker cardstock, check the paper settings on your printer (I change my paper setting to a matte heavyweight). Hit print to reprint your scrapbooking notes for your mother.
5. If all goes well you now have your journaling printed on a pretty paper that coordinates with your layout! Remove it from your printer and take it to your workspace and continue to make your mother's day scrapbook.
6. I peeled off the copy paper from the cardstock. Don't worry if it gets stuck; sometimes it comes off easier after cutting the journaling into strips.

7. Cut the sentences into strips. If the sentences are too long they might need to be cut into two or more pieces like mine. No worries, it's all good. After cutting my strips I lay them out in the order I want them on the page.

NOTE: Make sure they're in the correct order before adhering to your mother's day scrapbook layout. I like to use my Xyron 150 to add adhesive to the backside of my journal strips. A good clear-dry glue with a fine tip will work as well.

8. Play with the spacing and layout of your journal strips – have fun with them!

You can also use this strip journaling technique when creating a retirement scrap book for your loved ones 

I hope you enjoyed today's layout tutorial and you got some Mother's Day scrapbooking ideas that your mom will surely love!
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