The 3 Things You MUST Include When Creating A Retirement Scrap book!

Retirement is a milestone that should be celebrated! Aside from hosting a retirement party for your retiree, why not celebrate their entire professional career from A to Z in a beautiful scrapbook album? 🤩

retirement scrapbook page
Scrapbook your retiree's best moments!

Quite often when a person announces their retirement, people give funny gifts, such as large print books with a magnifying glass, or the office might give a watch or some other special memento.

But a retirement scrapbook album will be a sentimental gift that anyone will be happy to receive and cherish for years! It's something that they can happily and proudly show to their kids and grandkids for a heartwarming story-telling and bonding time!

As you begin to explore inspiring scrapbook ideas design about retirement scrapbooking, here are three things you must include to create the best album for your retiree!

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1. Capture the early years

retirement scrapbook layout
Include a page with photos from the earliest jobs of the retiree

What jobs did the person have prior to their current job?

Try to find photos to document each job. The early years are most likely very special and memorable since these moments are usually filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Try to find photos of them in action with their workmates!

If you're not able to get these types of photos, include photos of the work building or a picture of the town's name where the retiree has worked before. Google can easily provide you with an image of the workplace or even the logo of the business.

Here's how to do this!

1. Go to Google Search.
2. Type the workplace location or name:

google search bar for retirement scrapbook page


3. Then make sure you're in the "Images" tab of Google so you'll only see the images that you need:

google search for retirement layout idea


4. Then download the pictures you need and print them on your photo paper!

Make sure you create your scrapbook pages in chronological order. This will help in the storytelling of the retirement scrapbook album. Anyone who will browse the album will be able to clearly see the journey of the retiree--from their very first job to their retirement day!

It will also be fun to browse through as it shows the transformation of the retiree from their younger and energetic self to their older and wiser years!

Lastly, don't forget to journal the retirement scrapbook album. Include some witty sentiments and titles like the following:

"I'm Not Old... I'm Chronologically Gifted!"
"Like a fine bottle of wine.... Aged to Perfection"
"The Golden Years"
"Souls Never Wrinkle!"

Then make sure you talk to their colleagues and find out about the following so you can add them to your pages!

✔ Their funny work habits
✔ Their work sayings
✔ Their embarrassing yet funny moments
✔ Their notable contributions at work

Then include the following for a more informative scrapbook album:

💼 Years Spent on a Job
💼 Job Location
💼 Job Title
💼 Special Awards/Recognition

Including these fun details in your journal will take the retiree to memory lane and help them recall and re-experience a special time in their lives.

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2. Include close co-workers.

From Co-Workers to Friends

Make it more personal by gathering sentimental thoughts from colleagues! Ask them to write a sentence or two about your retiree. You can specially ask them to write "thank you" messages to make your retiree feel more appreciated for everything they have done throughout the years!

writing a message for retirement scrapbook pages
Include a page with photos from the earliest jobs of the retiree

Another tip is to include nicknames they were once called at work. You may even use these nicknames as a title for your pages for a quirky retirement scrapbook page!

How to decorate post-it notes on a scrapbook for retirement

Contact one of the co-workers and ask him or her to hand out a blank post-it note to each close co-worker. Post-it notes come in various sizes and shapes so make it fun. Encourage the co-workers to write about a special memory, what they'll miss about the retiree, or happy retirement wishes. Also, ask the co-worker to take a close-up photo of each person.

Have them write scrapbook quotes that the retiree is well known for. Ask co-workers to write about memorable information about the retiree like how he has the weirdest Monday outfits or the day the retiree went to work with a horrible cowlick.
Title the top of the scrapbook layout with "Farewell (retiree's name)" or something similar like:

"Until Next Time!"
"Enjoy your retirement!"
"The Legend of (Company) Has Retired!"
"Wishing you great new beginnings!"
"Goodbye our (Nickname)"
"Missing you already!"
Attach the post-it notes to the layout and adhere a bracket to the top. This will look as though the note was attached to the "bulletin board".
At the bottom of the note, attach the co-worker's photo. Use a circular template to crop each photo for a better-looking scrapbook layout.
When a person has worked in one place for a number of years, anyone can become family with co-workers. They are those who they laugh, cry, and share special moments with even during stressful times. They are those people that the retiree can be extremely comfortable with, and those of course, who they'll surely miss. ♥ Be sure to include information about them in the retirement scrapbook album for your retiree.

Special Co-Workers

Some co-workers might not be especially close with your loved one but they still have provided a great influence on them. These co-workers might be their boss, team leaders, mentors, mentees, or co-workers on a different team.

You may add photos of them in team building exercises or an informal party like the one below to make your pages more fun and exciting to browse:
retirement scrapbook layout ideas
Include fun moments with colleagues
You can also include a "Q & A" portion on your scrapbook page. Ask their colleagues about the following:

✔ Their favorite memory of them.
✔ Favorite joke/sayings from them.
✔ Something they like about the retiree.
✔ Their wishes for them.

Quick tip for your retirement scrapbook inner pages

Here's a simple, yet clever idea. Adhere a background paper that looks like a cork onto a spread. The cork will give the appearance of a bulletin board on your scrapbook page. This is a great theme to have for some of your scrapbook pages.
retirement scrapbook page idea corkboard background
Corkboard paper background for a bulletin board look!
Tip: Check out our article "what is scrapbook paper" and learn how to pick the right scrapbook paper for your layout!
retirement scrapbook layouts
Choose a scrapbook background depending on your theme

3. Create a fun "To Do" theme retirement scrapbook layouts

Celebrate the future in your retirement scrapbook. Scrapbooking your career for your retirement is an ideal keepsake for your long line of occupations.

When a person retires, it's a time of mixed emotions. After dedicating so many years to a job, it's sad having to say goodbye. Yet, the retiree is happy as he or she thinks about the good things that are yet to come. Remind them of these good things by creating a lighthearted "To Do" theme spread.
Come up with a few ideas that you know that the person will want to do upon retirement. Maybe it's spending more time with the grandchildren, playing a lot more golf, volunteering for an organization, or moving to a warmer state.
retirement scrapbook idea
The next best thing after retirement: precious memories with the grandkids!
For every one or two scrapbooking ideas, create a scrapbook theme. For example, if the person is looking forward to hanging out with the grandchildren, include photos of each grandchild. If he plans on golfing, make a fun page showing him swinging a golf club and riding in a golf cart. If need be, crop his face into existing pictures. He will get a good laugh! On the first page of this section, title the page "My New To Do's".

Final Food For Thought

As you work on creating a retirement scrapbook album, you'll come up with additional scrapbooking ideas as well. Note all of them and start creating awesome retirement scrapbooking pages for your loved one.

Creating a retirement scrapbook album is such a special way of honoring someone. Include elements that will make the person smile, laugh, and experience happy tears. You might want to conclude the scrapbook with a special poem regarding retirement or better yet, your own special wishes for the retiree.

Need more ideas for differently themed scrapbook albums? Here's more Scrapbook Ideas for Different Events so you'd always know what to put in your pages no matter the theme!

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