Scrapbook Quotes About Memories: Here's 3 Easy Ways To Find The Perfect Words Every Time!

Whether it's for your heritage photos of ancestors and loved ones who have passed away, or it's the cooky old photos from your childhood; a perfect quote about memories would make a perfect scrapbook title.

A well-chosen scrapbook quote about memories can add depth and emotion to your scrapbook pages. One of my favorite go-to sources for inspiring scrapbook quotes about memories is song lyrics. Some song lyrics are timeless and even if the song fades from popularity, sometimes the lyric itself is just what your layout needs.
This heritage Layout of my dad and his brothers in 1958 would benefit from a scrapbook quote about memories
This heritage layout of my dad and his brothers in 1958 would benefit from a scrapbook quote about family memories.

Scrapbook Quotes About Memories from Song Lyrics

"I can dream of the old days , Life was beautiful then."
"I remember the time I knew what happiness was."

Song Title: Memory (From the Musical Cats) by Juergen Mutschall, Dominik De Leon, Lange, Alexis Strum

"Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind"
"Memories, sweetened thru the ages just like wine"

Song Title: Memories by Elvis Presley

"It seems like yesterday, But it was long ago."

Song Title: Against the Wind by Bob Seger

"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away"
"Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play"

Song Title: Yesterday by John Lennon, Paul McCartney

"All the crazy things I did tonight...
Those will be the best memories "

Song Title Memories by David Guetta
Here I have played with the song lyrics from the David Guetta Song for my scrapbook quote about memories
Here I have played with the song lyrics from the David Guetta Song for my scrapbook quote about memories

Materials: Fabarooni, Fabulicious, Eenie Meenie, Miney Mo digital elements designed by Lauren Bavin

Song lyrics also make for finding the best wedding quotes that you can use on your scrapbooking. You can take a few phrases off your wedding theme song and make it as your sweet wedding page title! These words will ring true for your love with one another as you document your precious moments. Here are some ideas on using song lyrics as your wedding page titles:

"I Remember Your Smile More Then Anything Else"

Song Title: Memory by Danny Fernandes

"Precious memories, unseen angels
Sent from somewhere to my soul"

Song Title Precious Memories by Randy Travis Songwriter Rosetta, Tharpe

"Memories are made of this"

Song Title Memories are Made of This by Dean Martin

"We made these memories for ourselves"

Song Title: Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Scrapbook Quotes About Memories by adding an Adjective

Another way to incorporate a scrapbook quote about memories is to just combine the word memories with a pleasing adjective that reflects the overall feel of your layout.
Some examples could be:

• Perfect Memories
• Playful Memories
• Cheeky Memories
• Cheerful Memories
• Fond Memories
• Awesome Memories

A happy Layout about the Perfect Memories I have of camping as a 7 year old
A happy layout about the perfect memories I have of camping as a 7-year-old. Another popular scrapbooking memory that's fun to do is baby scrapbooks. You can create a beautiful scrapbook of your child from birth to their teenage years! Ideas for baby scrapbooking quotes are aplenty and something that you will never get enough creating for.

Materials: Junky Lovin, Funky Lovin digital elements designed by Suzanne Walker, Fun Loving digital elements designed by Rene Bross

Scrapbook Quotes About Memories from Online Quote Collections

There are some websites available online that serve as a library of quotes and sayings usually with the correct attribution. Though, I am reminded of a quote that is often incorrectly attributed to Dr. Seuss and that has gone viral via some internet memes and word art containing it, that is actually a quote by Robert Fulghum.

Be Careful about where you source your information if you do need to attribute the quote. I would steer clear of getting quotes from Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook due to the amount of misquotes in those types of media.

However, if you find one you like and you are not publishing it then it's okay to use the quote without attribution on a personal layout. If you want to attribute it to the correct author, probably don't source it from social media sites where anyone can generate or share content.

Here are some inspiring sources of scrapbook quotes about memoriesto add emotion and depth to your layout:
• Brainy
• Good
• Quote
• Cool n
Tell us about your favorite scrapbook quotes about memories and how you use them in your layouts.

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