Finding Scrapbook Quotes For Your Pages!

Finding Scrapbook Quotes...

Are you putting together a special scrapbook album and you're in need of a few scrapbooking quotes for your layouts? Look no further! Here is the ultimate guide to finding scrapbook quotes for your pages!!!

Go online. Search for scrapbook quotes.

For quick easy access, the internet offers several sites that provide free quotes on most any topic.

Whether you're looking for scrapbook quotes on birthdays, babies, graduations or even vacations, you can find hundreds of quotes to choose from.

Some popular sites are:

♥ If you're looking for a special quote, phrase or even a poem, this website is a great resource.

♥ At Quote Garden you'll be find to find the perfect scrapbooking quotes for your layouts. Many of the quotes are short which works nicely for scrapbooking.

♥ At this site you can do a quick search and find quotes on most any topic! The best quotes tend to be towards the top of each list.

♥ You will need to click on the "Inspiration" tab on the home page and then click on "Inspirational Quotes Search". You'll find wonderful quotes on topics such as friendships, birthdays, angels and so much more.

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Searching online is one of the easiest ways to gather scrapbooking quotes!

Press play on the video below to see a cool way to add titles to any scrapbook page that looks amazing!

Check out scrapbook galleries. Get inspired.

While you're online, scrapbook galleries are also a great way to discover scrapbooking quotes for your layouts. You can view pages that other people have done. Not only will you find great quotes, but you'll get to see how the quotes are used in the layouts. Two great sources are:


♥ Pinterest.

At both of these sites you can do a quick search to view layouts for most any scrapbooking theme. You then scroll through the photos. If you see a layout that you like, click on it for a closer view. Some photos will even provide a list of materials used for the layouts. New photos are added most every day, so you'll want to go back to the sites on a regular basis.

Make a trip to your craft store. Themed quotes.

If you're putting together a themed scrapbook, such as a baby album or graduation, then making a trip to your nearest craft store can be a great place to find scrapbooking quotes. You'll discover all sorts of quotes, phrases, and poems in sticker form. A lot of the stickers are in black print on a clear adhesive, but you'll also find many that come in color.

One of the great things about using sticker messages is that it saves you a lot of time as you're putting together your layouts. Place a sticker message on a light color piece of paper. Adhere the paper to a darker shade of card stock, leaving a 1/4 inch border around the paper, and then add it to your layout.

Don't live close to a craft store? Go online and shop. If you have a dollar store near you, it's worth checking that out as well. Quite often dollar stores will have a surplus of message stickers and even small books that contain quotes.

Recycle greeting cards. Sentimental touch.

Hold onto the birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc. that you receive throughout the year. Cards quite often contain special phrases or messages that will work great for scrapbook quotes and will give your scrapbook a sentimental touch as well.

Having a bridal shower for your best friend? Use the cards from the shower to create a special scrapbook for the bride-to-be. Cut out the message or even a phrase from each card and use it, along with a photo of the person whom the card is from, when you create your layouts.

Thumb through a magazine. Great resource for quotes.

Craft magazines frequently will have a section of scrapbooking quotes. However, look for quotes in your favorite women's magazines as well. You'll discover inspirational quotes, funny quotes and positive quotes. Copy the quote down and later use a permanent marker to write the quote on your layout or type it on your computer using a special font

Visit your public library. Discover great quotes.

If you don't have access to a computer or maybe you're looking for something to do for a bit before picking up your kids from practice, stop by your local public library. Most libraries contain several books on inspirational quotes, and may even have some scrapbooking resource books. If you don't want to check out a book, you can make copies of a few pages for a small fee.

Finding that perfect scrapbooking quote can make a big difference in your layout. With just a little effort and following this guide, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for.

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