5 Tips To Creating Catchy Scrapbook Titles For Your Layouts (And 5 More)!

Scrapbook titles can make or break a page.
Back when I started, I wish someone told me about how important scrapbooking quotes are because I didn't give them a second thought!

Titles set the tone of your pages and bring everything on your page together to create a strong theme.

Like most scrappers, when I started I would get so excited about choosing the right photos and embellishments, but would only give a little thought to the words on my pages.

Most of my titles were handwritten ones and were located at the top of the pages.

Now, after dreaming up thousands of scrapbook title ideas, I realize that having the right words on your page is the key to a beautifully crafted page...

scrapbook titles layout
Having the right words on your scrapbook pages is important

So if you're new to scrapping or just looking for fresh scrapbook ideas, here are five tips to help you express yourself in words on your pages.

After you read this guide you might want to check out this handy resource to help you lift your scrapbooking titles game.

5 Amazing Tips To Creating Scrapbook Titles

Tip #1. Keep it short silly! (using the K.I.S.S principle)

Let's bust some myths here! Firstly, good and heartfelt scrapbook journaling doesn't have to be about using long scrapbooking titles.

A long title can easily hog a good portion of the page.

For example, instead of using "Beach Day with the Family", I would use "Beach Day!", "Family Day!", or you can also just write the name of the beach.

In the example below, the title of this layout was simply, "Smile" :)
scrapbooking titles page
A short and simple title is often the best title
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scrapbookers title tips
Try incorporating color or theme from your photos on your title pages
Because I love to do journaling on my scrapbook pages, I'm  easily able to explain what the page is about. This is a good tip if you often prefer short scrapbook title ideas.

If you are keen on shorter title pages try and focus on words that will let the viewer know what to expect on your page, and what memories are captured.

Instead of writing out certain words, I shorten them with hyphens.

For example, "birthday" becomes "b-day". I also use actual numbers instead of the spelling of numbers.

Tip #2. Choose a location of your title

One of the things that I love about scrapbooking titles is the freedom to do whatever comes to mind.

I rarely place a title at the top of my layouts anymore.

I place them running up the side of the page, upside down and even diagonally. The limit to how you display your imagination is how creative (or brave 😁) you're feeling!

Map out where you would place your photos, embellishments, and a space for journaling before you glue anything down.

scrapbook titles ideas
Where you decide to place your scrapbook title on your page is important
A side note - don't feel you have to be super creative with your titles either. One of the most commonly used headlines, though a cliche, still works like Home Sweet Home! After a sweet summer vacation.

Here are some ideas about the placement of a title that I use when I'm working on a scrapbooking page:

♥ Use one title for a spread, rather than giving titles for each page.

♥ Place vertical lettering alongside large photos.

♥ If a page contains square matting, then place the title in the bottom outside corner.

♥ For pages with circles and ovals, curve the title around a portion of the largest circle or oval on the page.

♥ When using sticker words or phrases as a title, create a sticker title frame around the center photo.

Press Play On The Video Below To See How We Create Titles From GLUE...

Tip #3. Consider positioning (the crazier the better!)

Once I decide on the location of a  title, I then choose how I want to position the letters. Sometimes, if I want my title pages to be horizontal, I will purposely slant my letters a little to the left or right while keeping my photos straight.

This gives the page title a special look and it stops me from feeling as though I need to be a perfectionist and line up each letter just so.

If I have a title that's in a corner, I'll usually slant it a little. If it's a 4-letter word, such as love, then I'll place the letters in a block form with L-O on top and V-E on the bottom.

diagonal scrapbooking titles ideas
Scrapbooking Page: Have fun with positioning your Scrapbook lettering

Tip #4. Decide on the type of material to be used

Add charm to your titles by using different types of scrapbooking supplies for the lettering.

The choices of material for scrapbooking titles are endless! Here are some ideas that I enjoy using:

♥ Letter rubber stamps of various sizes

♥ Letter die-cuts

♥ Card stock

♥ Patterned scrapbook paper

♥ Letters from a magazine

♥ Foam letters

♥ Sticker letters

♥ Using a pretty font, type a title on a clear label

It is important to give your page headlines some texture, that's why foam letters, stickers, and magazine cutouts are my go-to materials for making page headlines as they give an extra layer of dimension to your title pages.

stamped scrapbooking titles ideas
In this layout we used a stamp to create our scrapbook title

Tip #5. Add texture (bling it up on your scrapbook pages!)

Nobody likes looking at bland scrapbooking titles, adding texture to a title can help make the title stand out from the rest of the page. Use a sequin, tiny jewel, or piece of confetti to dot the "i" in a title. Feel free to bling up your page!

Add sequins to the first letter of the page title. If using letter rubber stamps, allow extra space in between each letter. Then use glitter glue and draw squares or circles around each letter. This technique is perfect for a birthday page!

For "girly" scrapbook pages, I sometimes will cut a fabric flower to fit around the outside edge of the first and last letter of the title. For a boy's page, I've cut out letters from sandpaper for a cool look and texture.

In the example below, I've cut out the letters of my title with a craft knife and then used what would normally go in the trash as the title block! This layout leaves plenty of room for journaling or additional quotes.

stencil scrapbooking titles
Adding dimension with a cut out page title!

Wait Up! Keep Reading For More Scrapbooking Titles Tips....

Tip #6. Have Fun With Your Scrapbook Title Ideas

Experiment with your scrapbooking titles.

I tend to try out a few different titles for my scrapbook pages and settle for what compliments my photos best.

If you're designing scrapbooking page titles for those that have flowers, cut out simple leaves.

Mat each title letter onto a leaf. If you feel that a page doesn't have a lot of colors, then make a bright bold title or use a different color for each letter.

creative album page titles
This layout shows a creative way of bringing the page title to life!

Thinking of scrapbooking titles is a lot of fun. The more you attempt new and different ideas, the more creative your headlines will become.

And before you know it, you'll be creating catchy scrapbook page titles one after another!

Here's where to find the best scrapbook quotes for your pages.

Tip # 7. Set the scene

This is fairly basic, but something so many people overlook.

We've all seen tons of page titles with a template of (names then event) like, "Julia's Piano Recital", "Annie's Dance Exhibition", and "Colby's Soccer Game".

Take note of other elements that you can use for your scrapbook page title. Where was the event held? What was it called? How about the date or season of the event? 

A simple journaling can also help tell the story or theme behind your photos.

If Annie's dance theme for this year was "All That Jazz", consider making that the album title instead of stating the obvious. There's just something much catchier and more appealing about "All That Jazz" as the title.

The same goes for Colby's Soccer Game. How much more enticing does, "Boys' State Semifinals Soccer Tournament" for a title sound?! Or even "Spring Soccer 2017"?! Sometimes it's just nice to switch things up with your page titles.

beach scrapbooking title ideas
Setting the scene with this beach photo layout with the page title "Aloha"

Want to learn how to come up with title ideas for your scrapbook albums with ease? Click here and check out our book and discover thousands of scrapbook title ideas!

Tip # 8. Alliteration is your friend

As you probably learned in grade school, alliteration is never a bad idea! It just adds an element of fun and takes things to the next level.

Imagine you're looking through a friend's scrapbook album. Which is more likely to capture your attention— "Brittany's Party", or "Brittany's Birthday Bash"?! Probably the second one. Incorporating alliteration is fairly simple, but it definitely helps your page stand out.

scrapbook page title try alliteration.

Tip # 9. Use what you have

Who says scrapbooking page titles have to be made out of cardstock or stickers?!

If you have any memorabilia from whatever event or occasion you're scrapping, you can easily use them to make a one-of-a-kind album title for your layout.

For example, if you and a few friends went to a concert, you can cut out letters or the ticket number from your ticket stubs, or if you have an old tape of the band, you can use the album cover of the tape or CD and cut out the name of the band and song title and use them to make your scrapbook album title.

If you're scrapping a wedding, you could use your place card as a title for your page and attach the cloth sample that came in with your invitation to show the color theme of the wedding. 

Threw a birthday party recently? Why not place bits and pieces of the wrappers from the gifts you received? Free materials are everywhere if you're scrapping with an open mind.

We collect so much from wherever we go, from tickets to free brochures to postcards. This is just another way to make use of those items and take your title pages to the next level!

Check out this article if you're having trouble coming up with the perfect family scrapbook titles!
scrapbook page: christmas scrapbooking page titles
We used leftover Christmas wrapping paper to create this page title

Tip # 10. You can never go wrong with puns.

Use a pun related scrapbook inspiration

Some of the best greeting cards and social media posts you see involve puns of some sort. Why should scrap booking be any different?! Your headlines don't always have to be simple and straightforward.

For birthday parties, you can use puns like, "Piece of cake" or "Lettuce celebrate". Of course, it all depends on what photos you have.

If you're scrapbooking photos of your pets, there are endless play-on-words and puns!
Think about how cute your cat layout will look titled as, "My Furry Best Friend" or "My Purrfect Pet".

It's easy to get stuck in a rut and struggle to come up with unique scrapbook title ideas.

That's why you should check out this recommended resource for scrapbook page titles to help you with your scrapbook titles.

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