5 Simple Scrapbook Organization Ideas and Tips!

Starting on a new creative pursuit such as a new scrapbooking project requires considerable time and material output. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of effort it takes organizing your scrapbook craft storage, scrapbook supplies, equipment, craft room, and photos.

That's why today, we're talking about the best scrapbooking storage ideas that we love and are also used by many experienced scrapbookers. Keep reading as I share with you a few simple solutions you can use to help get everything under control and ensure that you can find anything you need quickly in your craft room without the hassle.

Tip: The key to how to make scrapbooking easy is by organizing your craft materials.

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5 Scrapbook Organization Ideas You Can Use Today:

1. Scrapbook Paper Storage: Color Co-ordination

The first of our scrapbooking storage ideas is to store your scrapbook paper the best way possible by arranging them by color. Use any space available for your scrapbook paper storage such as folders, baskets, storage cubes, or any other convenient storage solutions. You can be as resourceful as you want when looking for your own storage. Look for used paper bags and boxes that can still be recycled as proper storage for your beautiful pictures!

Storing them by color will help you easily locate your preferred scrapbook material when you are starting on your next big project. Especially since many scrapbookers start their scrapbooking by thinking of the color combinations they want to start with.

Tip: save your scrapbook paper scraps and sort them in a separate container, they are perfect for making adorable mini scrapbook pages!

In addition, this will also help you avoid spending hours sifting through tonnes of craft supplies just to locate that one scrapbook paper you have in mind.

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2. Organizing photos sequentially

If you are starting a family scrapbook and have hundreds of photographs to deal with, the best thing to do is to store them sequentially. This means starting with the earliest pictures taken for each subject like baby pictures and moving up through toddler years, pre-school photos, school, teenage, college, love or relationship pictures, wedding photos, and so on and so forth.

Categorize your photos accordingly, compile all your seasonal photos in one container, and set them aside for if you want to make holiday themed page like a Christmas scrapbook layout.

If you have a large volume of photographs, keep them organized by arranging them into different piles for each time period and work sequentially through each of these. Get a different storage space for each period. You can use zip lock bags, carts, mini shelves, baskets, and even used paper bags as they can be great storage solutions until you have completed each stage of the project.

3. Multi-compartment boxes for tiny embellishments

We all love gorgeous scrapbook embellishments but they are one of those small scrapbook supplies that are notorious for disappearing into nooks and crannies, especially when you are just preparing to get started on a new project!

They just disappear without anyone noticing until the day you need them for your layout. Not only is it frustrating and time-consuming to locate these small scrapbook tools, but it can also lead to spending more money to replace them if they prove impossible to find.

The solution? Drawers where you can store all your embellishments for easy location the next instance you need them! Drawers made for small tools like scrapbook embellishments are usually cheap and you can always see and get them from many office supplies stores.

Place your small embellishments like stickers, mini card stock, and washi tapes in small multi-compartment boxes or drawers, then store them on shelves, tabletops, and other surfaces for your next big project.

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4. Plastic Ziplock bags

Plastic ziplock bags are cheap and easy to use storage solutions since they can be bought in bulk and come in several different sizes. This means that you will be able to locate this cheap storage solution almost anywhere and you can fit large or small-sized scrapbook supplies in this nifty material.

Use zip locks for your scrapbook supplies organized like your stickers, card stock, scrapbook paper and scraps, pens, washi tape, scrapbooking stamps, and many others. It's one of the best way to organize and store your embellishments without spending too much!

You can also choose to have your scrapbooking supplies arranged per project, which means that Christmas scrapbooking items can get in one zip lock bag, wedding items in another, family genealogy in another, and so on and so forth.

Doing so will make it easier for you to look for the right craft supplies when creating enchanting scrapbook layouts for your themed scrapbook pages! This is such an awesome idea if you're the type of scrapbooker who loves to scrapbook by theme!

If you want some great and stress-free scrapbooking tips for creating ravishing layouts, learn more here. You can never have too many scrapbook ideas.

5. Label your storage spaces

Even if you only see yourself working on a single creative project, you can still use multiple storage for different scrapbooking materials. Having a different space made for your many scrapbook supplies will help you move freely and more efficiently when scrapbooking as this makes it easier for you to access anything and everything that you have in your crafting/scrapbooking space.

Your scrapbook supplies such as scrapbook rub-ons should get in one box, embellishments in another, various scrapbook adhesives, and other products like paints, pens, fabric, and card stock into other separate boxes with tags on them. Stack them on top of each other if you can. Keep in mind that our goal is to store our products the best way possible, so make sure you have tags for each of your boxes indicating the scrapbook supplies that go into them.

The trick to storing each of your scrapbook supplies using boxes is to ensure that each box is labeled correctly and they only hold relevant products in them. Storing your scrapbook items by dividing them into different categories is great but take the time to label them as this will take your storage system to a whole different level.

As scrapbookers, we have many tools that can help us that we sometimes forget even exist. Making sure that you label your storages correctly will make it easier for you to get back on using these items you have long forgotten but recently remembered and wanted to use for your next project!

Additional Scrapbooking Storage Ideas: Digital Organization

Modern devices nowadays have huge space for storing digital files. Use the space available on your devices like phones, laptops, or computers to maximize the space you have for your photos. You can even upload and post them on your preferred social media website so you'd always have a copy of your pictures as long as you have an internet connection.

No matter where you upload your photographs, make sure that you're using folders and sub-folders to keep hold of your digital pictures organized. This might seem taxing to do but you'd love the end result of perfectly stored digital photographs!

Label each folder appropriately and create relevant subfolders to break down one project into smaller stages, via subject matter, or into any other category. Keeping your pictures organized this way will make it easier for you to locate the photographs you'd want to scrapbook later on.

You can also choose to store and label your scrapbooking projects by date, number of pictures, type of project, and any other category as long as it fits your scrapbooking needs.

Final Thoughts

Scrapbooking is a great way to create memorable projects that you can enjoy for years to come. However, putting together the materials you want for many or for a single project can be a headache, especially if you end up with a stock of items that ends up making it difficult to look for what you need.

Using a few easy and effective craft room organization techniques like these scrapbooking organization ideas should help get rid of your headache, and ensure that your creative scrapbooking project goes off easily, seamlessly, and effectively.

These scrapbook storage ideas will hopefully free up space in your craft room and help you get organized so you can enjoy scrapbooking without the hassle of a disorganized and messy scrapbook space! We all love unleashing our creativity in an environment that makes us feel open and free to do everything we want and need to accomplish, and a clean and organized space will help you feel just that!

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