Organize Scrapbook Stickers In These 6 Easy Steps

There's an unwritten rule that you can never have too many scrapbooking stickers! But taking the time time to organize scrapbook supplies will mean that when you want your stickers, you'll know exactly where to find them.

In order to keep your piles of stickers organized, we've put together a list of ideas and tips for you to keep in mind.

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1. Organize Scrapbook Stickers by Theme or Occasion.

The cardinal rule to help your sticker scrapbook organization is to organize them by subject.

Who wants to sift through piles and boxes of stickers just to find the few sheets of basketball stickers they know they have?!

Avoid any frustration by taking a day and organizing your stickers by theme or occasion. You can do it alphabetically, if you'd like, or keep it simple and just divide them into categories like "holidays", "vacation", "outdoors", "sports", and more.

You can do it alphabetically, if you'd like, or keep it simple and just divide them into categories like "holidays", "vacation", "outdoors", "sports", and more.
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2. Keep Sticker Binders Organized.

When you use your stickers for scrapbooking, be sure to put them back where you found them in your sticker binder or organizer. It may seem like a huge inconvenience at the time, but it'll make a big difference in the long run.

You want your stickers to be in their designated spot when you go to look for them.

3. Use File Folders.

organize scrapbook stickers
If you hate having to dig through sticker binders, you might want to consider using file folders instead.

They're a great way to keep stickers completely separated by subject and allow sticker sheets of all shapes and sizes to stay together.

File folders are a great choice because, if you have a new subgroup to add, you can simply add another file folder to your file cabinet/bin.

4. Have Racks for Sticker Rolls.

If you have enough stickers that are on rolls—maybe alphabet stickers or borders that you use often—you may want to look into investing in some sticker racks.

Not only do the racks make it easier for you to take off individual sheets of stickers, but they also help save room and keep your stickers organized.

If you don't have stickers on rolls, you can always use slat-wall racks and use the hooks to hold stickers related to the same topic.

5. Keep Mason Jars with Loose Stickers.

We've all been there... we've used 80% of a sticker sheet and sit there wondering what to do with the rest of it.

Instead of wasting an entire space in a sticker binder or organizer for loose stickers or smaller sheets, keep a mason jar in your scrapbook area.

Many of us have "scrap paper" containers or folders for leftover cardstock, so why should stickers be any different?!

6. Organize Scrapbook Stickers with Matching Paper and/or Embellishments.

If you want to take your scrapbook organization skills to the next level, keeping stickers with any corresponding paper, die-cuts, or embellishments is a great idea and an amazing time saver.

For example, if you know that, when you get around to creating a layout of your summer vacation, you have certain embellishments that match the stickers you've chosen, keep them together. It allows for easier access and increased organization.

What's your secret to keeping your stickers organized? We'd love to hear!
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