12×12 Scrapbook Tips!

Looking for fresh ideas on how to create a unique 12×12 scrapbook? Look no further! These ideas will help you create layouts that are simple to make, yet look amazing.

Idea 1. Utilize different shades of one color. Make photos pop.

When designing a 12×12 scrapbook layout, if your photos contain a lot of different colors, consider utilizing different shades of one color throughout the layout.

For example, you want to put together a layout of your child's fifth birthday party. Use dark green as the background and a pale green as matting for your photos. Use the same pale green for journaling, but add a border of a darker green, or a green that has a pattern to it. By utilizing one main color, it will really let your photos pop.

Idea 2. Bring attention to details of a photo. Enlarge photo.

Quite often a 12×12 scrapbook layout will contain just one or two photos. As you sort through your photos and you come across one that you absolutely love, decide what it is about the photo that catches your attention. Is it a person's smile? Is it how your baby curls his toes? Is it the bright pink rubber boots that your little girl is wearing as she stomps into a mud puddle? Or is it a puppy pulling on a ribbon from a present with his teeth?
12x12 Scrapbook: Consider Using One Photo Per Layout!
Scan the photo and then crop the photo so that it only shows the part that you really like. Enlarge the new photo so that it is approximately the same size as the original photo. Include both the original and the close-up photo in your 12×12 layout.

For an added special effect, change the cropped photo into a black and white photo. When you journal, be sure to include what you really enjoy about the close-up photo.

Idea 3. Stack your photos on your 12×12 scrapbook. It's all in the design.

How you choose to arrange your photos can make the difference between an ordinary 12 x 12 scrapbook layout and an extraordinary one. For example, you can create a stunning layout as follows:

♥ Crop 6 photos into 3 x 3 inch squares.
Mat each photo with a quarter inch border, using the same matting for each photo.

♥ Choose a background that complements the matting.

♥ Adhere one matted photo to the bottom right corner, with an inch border to the right and bottom of the photo

♥ Adhere two photos to the left of the starting photo, with a quarter inch border between them.

♥ Adhere two photos above the starting photo, with a quarter inch border between them.

♥ Adhere the last photo above the second photo, with a quarter inch border.

♥ Add a title to the page and use the left side of the layout for journaling.

♥ Add embellishments.

Idea 4. Enhance photos with flowers. Overlap photos.

Do you tend to mat your photos and leave empty space around them? For a different look, overlap photos with flowers. You might try just a few flowers overlapping one of the corners of a photo, or actually creating a border that goes all the way around a photo. By overlapping, it provides dimension to your photos and helps the photos to blend in to your 12×12 scrapbook layout.

Discover how to create a beautiful patchwork background on any 12 x 12 layout. Click the video below to watch how...

Idea 5. Include different poses. Capture the looks.

When creating a 12×12 scrapbook layout of one person, you can create an eye-catching layout by incorporating photos of different poses.

For example, choose a large photo (3 x 5 or larger) that you want to use as the main focal point. Create an elaborate border for the left side and top of the photo. Adhere the items near the upper left corner of the page. Crop three additional photos into 3 x 3 inch squares. Mat the photos and add them horizontally to the bottom right corner of the photo, with the first photo just overlapping the large photo. Add the person's name to the upper right corner and journal in the lower left side. It's a simple layout, but a very attractive one.

Idea 6. Add a vintage appeal to your 12×12 scrapbook layout!

Wondering what to do with the old photos that you recently came across? Create a 12 x 12 scrapbook layout that has a vintage look to it. Here are some easy steps to follow:

♥ Choose a 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbook that has a vintage look to it. It might be a crackled green, a page with lace, or wrinkled looking cardboard.

♥ Turn the paper over and trace a 3 x 3 inch square template in three or four random places. Carefully poke a hole through each square and cut the paper from the hole to one of the edges of the square. Retrace the square several times with a pen or pencil until you're able to carefully rip the square from the paper. When you rip, it will leave a ragged edge which is what you want.

♥ Center a photo, facedown, over each square and tape into place.

♥ Flip the scrapbook paper over and adhere it to the scrapbooking page backing. Add a border to the page. Use a simple solid border made out of cardstock or pre-purchased scrapbook borders.

♥ Add a title to the page and embellish with old buttons, lace and other antique looking items.

When creating a breath-taking 12 x 12 scrapbook layout, it truly begins with what inspires you! If it's a particular photo, consider whether you want to use it as the only photo for a layout or if there are additional photos that you want to put with it. If you're inspired by embellishments, play around with grouping different items together and then decide what else to add to the page.

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