Five Beautiful Scrapbook Example Layouts Using Circles!

Circles symbolize lots of different things to us, almost all of them evoke positive thoughts and emotions. Some of what circles symbolize include: wholeness, eternity, love, God, perfection and unity.

Circles are also universally present in design and art through the ages. They are also used as templates and stencils for constructing more complex shapes. So here are five example scrapbook layouts using circle design elements as the basis for each design.

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5 Scrapbook Example Layouts Using Circles Video

Scrapbook Example Layout Using Circles 1

Scrapbook Example Circle Layout – Clustered Circles
As well as cutting the photo into a circle and centering it in the layout, a large amount of circles were cut out of various background papers and clustered together to create breathtaking scrapbook layouts. The layout includes spiral and circle stitching on some of the circle elements. A swirly gemstone embellishment with curves and swooshes reflecting the arcs of the circles themselves has been added. The background chosen contains polka-dots further adding to the repetition of circular elements. When working with a layout like this, cut various sized circles and layer them randomly until you have a pleasing pile of circles to add your photo to. This layout of the circles also form a cloud shape. You could work with that by adding actual cloud shapes or even rays of sunshine emanating from your focal point.

Materials: Sugarlicious, Oh So Sugarlicious digital elements designed by Nicole Young and Birdilicious digital elements designed by Irene Alexeeva
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Scrapbook Example Layout Using Circles 2

Scrapbook Example Circle Layout – Masculine
A circle layout does not have to be feminine, by changing a few key things, circle layouts are also perfect for the men in your life. Choose a color scheme that works well with your photo or subject or make it neutral like the one above. Keep things simple with fewer embellishments, although sporting, muddy play, or over-active toddler pictures for some cool scrapbook baby boy ideas do lend themselves to more. For some scrapbook for boyfriend ideas, use inking on the edges of elements, or distressing techniques to scuff up your elements to suit the style.

Materials: Love Potion, Love Potion 2 and Love Potion Add on Pack digital elements designed by Nicole Young

Scrapbook Example Layout Using Circles 3

Scrapbook Example Circle Layout – Offset Circle
This layout uses an offset circle as an oversized frame for a rectangular photo. The photo background has been neutralized to emphasize the color of my niece's skin and clothing.

The circle frame is offset in the same direction as Charlotte's eyes are gazing toward. Most of the embellishments, as well as the word art have been placed along the bottom of the photo to anchor it to the layout.

Some additional free scrapbook printables like flower elements have been placed around the circle again in the direction of Charlotte's gaze.

Materials: Sugarlicious, Oh So Sugarlicious and Sugarlicious Add on Pack digital elements designed by Nicole Young

Scrapbook Example Layout Using Circles 4

Scrapbook Example Circle Layout – Symmetrical
It's almost always best to avoid absolute symmetry when it comes to your layouts, but sometimes putting everything around the center point can work. (Quick Tip: If you have a very symmetrical or centered layout that is just not working out, offset it, or justify it to the right or left. You will be amazed at the difference it makes!). Here there are design elements, (the ribbon tie on the cord as well as the flower cluster at the bottom left) that are not symmetrical but the rest of the elements are all centered around the photo of my mum and niece.

Materials: Flutter On, Fabulosity, A Little Whimsy digital elements designed by Lauren Bavin

Scrapbook Example Layout Using Circles 5

Scrapbook Sample Circle Layout – Echoed Photograph
In this layout I have used the same photo of my niece Charlotte twice, with the smaller circle cropped photo focusing on her adorable face. The repetition adds to the cute but also means we have 3 repeated circles elements in the layout.

The repetition of both the photo itself and the circles unifies the design and helps it to flow well to create an enchanting scrapbook design. Again the offset of the frame (as in example 3 above) is in the same direction as Charlotte's gaze.

Materials: Spring Bling, Spring Bling 2, Bubblegum Dreams digital elements designed by Nicole Young

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