10 Cute Scrapbook Baby Boy Ideas!

Thinking about putting together a baby album and looking for scrapbook baby boy ideas? Want to create a scrapbook for baby that will help make your album stand out?

Making a baby scrapbook isn't as hard as you'd think. With these easy design guides, you'll get the hang of crafting scrapbook pages for your baby and even create new baby scrapbook ideas of your own!

Want more page title ideas for your baby themed scrapbook album? Our books may help!

1. Coming Up With A Background for Your Scrapbook Baby Boy Ideas!

Although we typically think of blue for baby boy scrapbook layouts, consider alternating the background of each spread (the two side-by-side pages) with a second color.

Play around with hues of blue and grey or lightly masculine colors.

I'm pretty sure you'll love the diversity.

baby scrapbook album idea |baby scrapbook album for baby boy pictures
Create a baby boy scrapbook and preserve all of your baby's firsts in one sweet memories album!
This will also save you time in selecting your backgrounds! When it comes to baby boy scrapbooking, remember to mix it out.

Although sticking with baby blue is safe, there are lots of other great options – so experiment!
  • Try these combinations:
  • blue/green
  • blue/brown
  • blue/orange
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2. Be Creative With Titles – But Here's The Secret...

Titles can make a spread fun and more engaging or totally make it ho-hum. They're the first or probably the only words on your page.
Think of clever titles for each of your baby scrapbook pages.
But the key to making titles look good is to try to stick with just a couple of words.
Anything more than 4 short or 3 long words will make your layout look messy and cluttered.
baby album scrapbook titles | word and quotes for baby layouts
For example, for photos of your baby boy sleeping you could use "Shhhh" or "Sweet Dreams". For photos of your baby eating, you might go with "Mmm Mmm Good!" or "Sweet!".

Titles don't have to be overthought, cute simple headings are all you need to help bring life to your baby scrapbook album.

To get help on picking perfect quotes or titles for your layout, check out my baby quotes for scrapbooking guide.
Press Play On The Video Below To See How To Create a Stunning Background For Your Baby Layout!

3. Choose a Theme For Your Little Superhero's Baby Scrap book

A fun way of making your baby scrapbook layout unique is to use a theme throughout your album. Here are some items to consider:

👉🏻Train-inspired themes:

  • Either download from the computer or draw by hand, a simple railroad track with gentle curves that will fit widthwise across your 12x12 page.
  • Use die-cut letters for your titles and connect each letter with small tacks, giving the idea of a train.

👉🏻Superhero themes:

  • Whether it's Spiderman, Superman, or Ironman, your baby is surely super. So why not play around and build a small superhero comic theme. Get crafts stickers that say 'POW', "BOOM" to accompany amazing pictures of your little one like their own pages of baby's first.
  • Use solid or simple patterned backgrounds for your baby scrapbook to make it look like a comic scrapbook layout.
baby boy scrapbook album template
Keep your baby boy scrapbook album simple!

👉🏻Sailor themes:

  • Who doesn't love being a pirate? I'm sure your little one will love it too. Create a scrapbook page using boats and anchor foam stickers.
  • This time, be free with the use of sea animal stickers or pictures to decorate the page.
Be sure to stick to a theme. You may even want to craft differently themed scrapbooks for different stages of your little one's life and even for your other beautiful babies too. 
Sticking to a single themed design turns your baby scrapbook album into a memories kit to enjoy.

Making different pages have various themes will make the book unpresentable, cluttered, and oddly disparate instead of creating a book of memories and nostalgic moments, it's just a bunch of collages put together. We don't want that, do we?

If you'd like some ideas for how to layout your pages, then our scrapbook sketches book is a great resource.
4. Use Your Baby Boy's Name As Journaling Ideas
Are you a creative person? One lovely scrapbook journaling trick is to use the letters of your baby's name at the top of each page.
For example, if your little one's name is Caleb Joseph Fox, use a "C" on the first page, "A" on the second page, "L" on the third page, and so forth. Then for each letter, come up with a title that begins with that letter.

sample baby boy scrapbook pages : word and letters for baby boy scrapbook album
C – Cuddling (photos of family members cuddling with the baby)

A – Awww! (photos of baby's cute faces)

L – Laughter (photos of your darling smiling or siblings laughing at something that the baby did)

E – Eating time (photos of baby's first taste of food)

B – Bedtime (photos of your tot sleeping)

5. Recycle Baby Gift Wrapping Paper Supplies

Did you save the gift wrapping paper from your baby shower? If so, they can be used as a background for baby shower scrapbooks.

Using gift wrapping paper as a substitute for scrapbook paper will save you the trouble of looking for the right themed pattern paper for your scrapbooking album background.

Don't have quite enough materials from your baby shower to cover an entire page? Coordinate it with color card stock. Divide the page into four quarters, use the wrapping page for two diagonal quarters, and the card stock for the other two quarters.

You may also want to frame your baby shower pictures using the wrapping paper and keep the rest for future scrapbooking supplies. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

6. Make Journaling A Family Affair

As family members and relatives meet your baby boy for the first time, take photos of them holding onto your baby, feeding him, or maybe even helping with a bath.

Ask each person to share their first thoughts about the baby in a sentence or two. You may even want to prepare an old scrapbooking paper for them to write down their first ideas about your little one.

Use these first impression notes on a page along with photos of your baby with that person. These turn beautiful baby boy scrapbooking layouts with a personal touch from family members.

7. Add Characters To Each Baby Scrapbook Album Pages

Either go online and download characters such as Suzy Zoo animals, Pink Fong, Super Monsters, Bluey, Waldo, PJ Masks, and more! Use a new set of characters on each spread as a cheeky embellishment.

baby photo album scrapbook quotes ideas for boys : baby album memories

8. Journal Through Baby's Siblings

If you have another child who is old enough to help with the journaling, ask him or her to do so. Their first notes or scribbles add a great touch to your pages and will also give your older child a sense of pride.

Chances are your older children will find it to be a lot of fun and the ideas they come up with will definitely be new and creative. First of all, be open when you invite them to help out, children can be very playful around crafts and arts.

You can still do the writing or typing, but try to present the information as though they are telling it.

9. Add Songs or Poems

Quite often a portion of a song or poem is added to a scrapbook page as a special accent.

You might consider using an entire song or poem and making it the focal point. Add small photos of your baby boy as special accents to the page.

Try thinking of songs that remind you of a special day with your baby like the first song you listened to when putting them to sleep.

Maybe even write down your own poem to commemorate a special day with your baby like their first smile or a short ode to their tiny fingers.

baby boy scrapbook pictures memories album kit : baby's firts scrapbook album

10. Think Denim (an adorable touch!)

Denim isn't just for wearing anymore! Instead of a more traditional scrapbook paper, use denim to create photo frames for your baby scrapbook layouts baby boy style!

Or, use denim to create fun borders to a page or a tiny pocket to hold a die-cut or photo. Another good option is to create a twine instead of a ribbon.

Unlike regular scrapbook paper, denims are great for adding texture to your pages

Old denim pants or jackets are great to keep as scrapbooking supplies to add to your kit.

Final Food For Thought

Now that you're equipped with ten ideas that perhaps you haven't thought about before, you're on your way to creating a very special layout!.
After seeing your album, friends will be coming to you for scrapbook baby boy ideas! 
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