The Definitive Guide To Finding Baby Quotes For Scrapbooking!

A Lesson In Finding Baby Scrapbook Quotes...

Including baby scrapbooking quotes can turn an okay baby scrapbook album into one that will "wow" your family and friends. But where can you find these cute quotes? Here is everything you've ever wanted to know about finding the perfect scrapbook quotes for your baby-themed page!

Save those baby congratulations cards! Cards contain great quotes.

little baby scrapbook quotes
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Remember reading through the congratulations cards that you received at the baby shower and in the mail and "oohing and aahing" over some of the sayings? These messages are a great resource for baby scrapbooking quotes! You can trim around a quote and adhere it to card stock and then add it to your layout. For short quotes, use tiny letter stickers to recreate the quote for your layout.

By including scrapbooking quotes baby congratulations cards offer, it adds sentimental value to your scrapbook album. As you read over the quotes you'll be reminded of the person who gave you the card. In addition to saving your cards, sometimes gift wrapping paper and gift bags contain baby quotes that will add a fun touch to your layouts.

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Visit a craft store. Check out the baby aisle!

One of the best places to find baby scrapbooking quotes is at a large craft store such as JoAnne's or Hobby Lobby. You'll discover all sorts of supplies quotes for your new baby boy or baby girl.

Message stickers. Most craft stores carry baby themed stickers. Whether you're looking for something colorful, embossed, or ones with a translucent background, you'll be able to find several sheets of baby quotes to choose from. Some stickers are gender-based while others are generalized.

Rub-on quotes. Similar to stickers, craft stores usually carry rub-on baby scrapbooking quotes. Scrapbook rub ons have a translucent background. A simple way to give special appeal to a rub-on is to place it on a light color piece of card stock before adhering it to your layout.

Stamps. Baby quotes can also be found on rubber stamps, wooden stamps and acrylic stamps. If you're planning on using a quote over and over, such as making your own thank you cards, then stamps are the way to go. You can always enhance the quote by lightly shading the background with a color pencil.

Die-cuts. To save time, you might want to consider die-cuts with scrapbooking quotes baby themed. Quite often these die-cuts are in a cute shape such as a rocking horse, teddy bear or a baby rattle with the quote beautifully written on it. Die-cuts tend to cost more than message stickers or rub-ons, but they save on time. All you need to do is to adhere them to your layouts.

Journal blocks. Some stores offer packages of baby themed journal blocks. Each block contains a baby quote at the top or bottom of the square. You then can add your own thoughts in the rest of the square.

♥ Themed scrapbook paper. Be sure to check out the themed scrapbook paper aisles! You'll find scrapbook paper that has a continuous "It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl!" theme, as well as pages with a variety of baby scrapbooking quotes. Use the scrapbook paper as the background of your layout, or cut around quotes to add to your layout.

Similar items can be found online as well. A few websites to explore are:


Stop at the Dollar Tree! Shhhh..great finds!

The Dollar Tree is a great resource for heart full baby scrapbooking quotes.

Begin by checking out the book aisle. Quite often you can find small books that contain quotes about babies. Usually one or two quotesare on a page. The pages are beautifully designed with baby themed backgrounds. You can either cut a page and use as is, or handwrite or type out the quote. For just a dollar, this is a great resource to have on hand.

Also be sure to look at the craft aisle. Sometimes you will be lucky to find baby themed sticker messages or even a wall border that contains quotes. Crop around a quote and add it to your layout.

Go online for baby scrapbook quotes. Free resources.

The internet is a great resource for free baby scrapbook quotes. Most of these sites will provide you with a list of quotes.

You will need to decide how you want to add the quotes to your layouts. An easy way is to type the quote onto a clear address label. You can purchase sheets of clear labels from places such as Staples or Walmart. Use a pretty font for the quote. Place the quote onto card stock and then add it to your layout. If you have nice handwriting, then write a quote directly on your layout. For short quotes, use small letter stamps or stickers. For a lighthearted touch, cut out words from a magazine to create a quote.

Here are a few sites that offer free baby scrapbooking quotes:

♥ – contains dozens of scrapbooking quotes baby related and new ones are frequently added to the list

♥ – provides a fair amount of baby quotes. This site also gives some fun ideas of how to use the quotes in addition to creating scrapbook layouts for your little baby.

♥ – although the list on this site is shorter than the other two sites, it contains some unique quotes. It's definitely worth checking out.

By adding baby scrapbook quotes to your layouts, it helps to capture the special bond between baby and you. A few years down the road, these quotes will serve as a sentimental reminder of the joy you felt when your little one arrived.

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