TOP 5 Scrapbooking Ideas I LOVE!

I have taken literally thousands of photos of my kids over the years and created beautiful layouts to preserve some of the most amazing memories of our lives. Whether it's their birth, going on holiday, or a normal day spent with the ones we love most.

Here are the top 5 Pages I love to create that will hopefully give you new scrapbooking design inspiration to make creative, meaningful, and original pages to tell your family story.

1. Baby Pages Scrapbooking Ideas

pregnancy scrapbook
You can start scrapbooking baby themes even before birth - I love creating pregnancy layouts. One of my favorite creative ideas is to use some of the ultrasound images to really bring the story to life. Don't forget to journal about all those important dates, weights, and feelings. Whilst a page can really set the scene and tell a story, it can't tell you all about how it felt.

When coming up with baby scrapbooking ideas, think of the colors and tones to set the scene. This is especially the case when you're choosing your scrapbook paper (you'll find that scrapbooking ideas come simply from thinking about colors).

baby scrapbooking idea
Ephemera (collectible items that you usually throw away - receipts, letters, etc) can be such an important part of your scrapbook page. They give a creative element of the memories that might otherwise stay hidden away in a box for years. They also tell stories and enrich your page! One of my favorite ways to adhere them to a page is with washi tape!
baby scrapbook idea
baby scrapbook idea ultrasound
When it comes to baby scrapbook ideas, you're spoilt for ideas. One thing you can do is using hospital tags or first strands of hair. For the above page, I used an Ultrasound scan print out on this Baby page.
baby scrapbook envelope
Making beautiful envelopes helps to store them and protect the ephemera and your photos. Here I used an old map to make an envelope to store some ticket stubs and journaling in. You could even use washi tape as a cute way to seal your envelope and a ribbon to produce beautiful borders.
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2. Holiday Pages Ideas

Let's face it, who doesn't love to relive their holiday through the creation of a holiday scrapbook page or even album?? Here are a few ideas on how to really bring out the most in your holiday snaps, may it be fantastic cruises or one on the beach.

I highly recommend either writing a journal on your holiday or at least jotting a few thoughts and ideas down on your phone as you take the many many photos during your stay. Don't forget to include dates and locations - and their correct spellings - as these will come in super handy for your scrapbook later.

Having all these at the ready when it's time to create your page will make it easier to document the holiday and travel adventures with fun titles and journaling.

♥ Beach Ideas

Since having kids, most of my holidays have been by the beach, and creating beach theme scrapbook pages with paint is always so much fun! I love using the palette of blues and greens to really set it off.

scrapbooking vacation photos
Here I used scrapbook watercolors to bring out the turquoise in the ocean.

Using watercolors on plain white cardstock is a great way to build your own patterned paper. I also put some nautical embellishments (the anchor and wheel) to bring everything together.

Sunsets are my favorite and they look wonderful as minimalist pages! One of my all-time favorite scrapbook ideas is to use monochromatic colors (colors of the same hue) to keep the page simple and the sunset the main feature.

Vacation Ideas

Don't be overwhelmed by the number of photos you may have at the end of your holiday. Scrapbooking your recent vacation shouldn't be as stressful as you think it is. If you need to make a 'one' page spread for one holiday - here's a creative way to do it! Choose 3 of your favorite photos, maybe from different days on your holiday that complement each other with color or theme - e.g. locations you visited, food you ate, windows you looked through, etc. This will enable you to narrow down your photos to a more manageable volume. Here are more ideas on how to choose the right photo from your boxes of pictures.

Wait! Now That You Know These Amazing Scrapbook Ideas, Then You'll Need To Start Working On Your Layout....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

♥How to get your creative juices flowing again so you'll NEVER experience scrappers block again!

♥How to always have the perfect scrapbook layout for every occasion!

3. Couples and Boyfriend Pages Ideas

When you're in love, everything looks rosy and it shows when you create couples-themed scrapbook pages! But I think black and white photos look really beautiful on Couple Pages too. You can try lots of color to really set that photo off with embellishments and backgrounds. Here's an example of using bright colors to set off a really lovely black and white photo style.
romantic couple scrapbook layout
♥ Wedding Ideas and Design

Choosing the theme of your page is really important in telling your story. Here are some ideas I've recently used on my own pages.

Firstly, try using vintage pages with distress edges, rustic papers and rustic flowers can produce a beautiful design for more mature couples.

Modern papers and a minimalist layout style are lovely for wedding pages. The bride and groom should take centerstage so I recommend keeping everything else to a minimum. Here's an example of what I did for my own wedding page:

wedding scrapbook layout
When creating wedding scrapbook pages, you can put different embellishments and other small designs on your page. There are plenty of new ideas to try when creating your special scrapbook stories for that one special love.

For those younger couple pages, including your love letters or handwriting out text messages are some cool ideas to start with.

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i love you scrapbook
For more privacy on your page, one of my favorite and unique idea is to make a secret envelope that can store all your personal messages.

I love creating envelopes too! Here's an easy envelope I made for all the letters I received whilst at university. Note some of the precious paper scraps I've adhered to the flap and the beautiful embellishments:

scrapbook secret envelope ideas

4. Family Ideas

If you're like me trying to organize your family photos into some kind of an album, design can be so overwhelming but so important to do. Here are a few tips you can use to get started:

♥ Try taking one year at a time for a double-page spread.

♥ Choose some of your favorite photos from the year that tell the stories you want to tell, then journal about each photo.

You can always go back to add in some embellishments later on - just get your photos laid out on a page and your thoughts and memories written down, then it's likely that more ideas will flow!

Here's a quick tutorial with more family theme ideas.

♥ And don't forget to scrapbook the older generations or even the generations that have passed on (Great Grandparents often left behind their letters). Their stories can live on in a beautiful page. After all, this is what it's about: preserving family memories and creating something to give future generations to come.

♥ Finally - here's some budget conscious ideas for scrapbooking.

scrapbooking ideas for family
Just recently I interviewed my nana about her experiences and wrote them down. I planned to make a scrapbook page about this. There might be more writing than photos but, I just want to document her experiences and what is important to her. Including original handwritten letters or documents is a really beautiful thing to do and really makes a wonderful vintage style.

If you don't want to actually include the original documents, a great idea is to photocopy them and keep the original extra safe.

scrapbooking handwritten letters

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5. Scrapping All Other Elements Of Life

Creating pages for the family is fun and certainly helps document who you are

but there are so many other page ideas that help tell your story. Here's a few I really love to make:

♥ Favorite foods - including recipes

♥ Pets

♥ Careers I have had and the places I've worked

♥ Day-to-day experiences

♥ The cars I've driven and the places they've taken me.

♥ Favorite films, artists, writers, poem, artist

♥ Illness and recovery

♥ Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas!

everyday life scrapbook ideas
Here's a scrapbook page I did with my small car.
Mini tutorial: Here are a few other 'left-field' ideas you need to try.

It's so important for me to create spreads that have every element of my everyday experience and those around me. Scrapbooking the different events in your life is a good idea to remember the special moments you had. If something is important to you it will be important to the person looking through your album in years to come. ♥

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