Scrapbook Trends and Design: 5 Hot New Ideas For Your Pages

The Latest Scrapbook Design Ideas...

Gather a bunch of scrapbookers together for a weekend and you'll soon discover a wide range of scrapbook design!

I am constantly amazed at the amazing scrapbook ideas that people come up with. If you're looking for something different, then these five scrapbooking trends are for you!

5 Must Try Scrapbooking Trends

# 1 – Create a scrapbook design with recyclables. Go green.

One of the hottest scrapbooking trends is going green! You'll be amazed at how clever and stunning mixed media layouts will turn out just by using items that you already have at home. Most scrapbooking trends come and go, but recycling is a trend that will never be outdated. Try these ideas:
♥ Cardboard from note pads. If you happen to work in an office that uses a lot of note pads, save the cardboard! The cardboard can be used in place of the white scrapbooking pages for a 8.5×11 scrapbook.

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Scrapbook Design
This scrapbook flower is made up of old pages from a book!
Brown paper bag or gift wrap. For the background of your layout, cut a brown paper bag. Add fun texture by dipping a scrap piece of terry cloth into acrylic paint and dabbing it onto the brown paper. Save your gift wrap! Recycled gift wrap makes a great background for your scrapbook layout as well.

Plastic soda pop rings. Do you purchase six packs of soda pop? Use the plastic rings to create frames for your circular cropped photos. Add colorful glitter glue to the rings as a festive touch.

Old book pages or music sheets. If you've got some old books lying around the house you could always die cut some pages and turn them into paper flowers (see right)

♥ Words from labels. Before you toss out labels from your canned or boxed goods, cut out letters or words that you might want to use for a scrapbook layout. These can be used to create fun titles for the layout.

♥ Ribbon. Ribbon comes with so many things–wrapped around a gift, used as a way to tie a bag, on a balloon, or sometimes on a greeting card. Save these ribbons and use them to create scrapbook borders, an interesting border for a photo, or make a cute bow to use in one of the corners of the page.

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# 2 – Draw attention to your journaling boxes.

Journaling is one of the best scrapbooking trends that bring character to your scrapbooking theme. Most of the time when you look at a scrapbook page, you're drawn to the layout first, then the photos, and then to the other details on the page. One of the latest scrapbook trends is to draw special attention to the journaling boxes.

scrapbook concepts: a stamped piece of journaling
This piece of journaling has been stamped and aged.
After all, the journaling helps pull the different elements of the page together. Here are some ways to create special borders:

Pick a Cardstock. Typically journaling is done on regular weight paper, such as copy paper or stationery. Cut the paper into the desired size and then adhere it to a dark piece of cardstock, leaving a quarter inch border around the paper. Add the journaling to your layout and glue a sequin at each of the four corners.

Stamp it. Using the same technique as above, once you add the journaling paper to the cardstock, age the cardstock by carefully rubbing the edges of the cardstock onto an ink pad. If you prefer, use a Q-tip instead. Wipe the Q-tip on the ink pad and then run it along the edges of the cardstock.

Smudge it. A fun technique is to adhere your journaling piece to the layout and trace along the edges, once or twice, with a washable marker. Use a color that ties in with the layout. Using your finger, rub the marker from the edge of the journaling paper outwards. When you're through, it will look as though your journaling is bursting from the layout.

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# 3 – Use fun geometric shapes. Circles, hexagons or triangles.

When it comes to scrapbook design, using a fun geometric shape will always be on the trends list, and this trend is gaining more and more popularity!

Take circles for example. As you design each scrapbooking page layout, include circles of some sort. For some layouts, you might want to use a circle template to crop your photos or to create journaling pieces. For other layouts, it might mean using a circular background for your title or to add one-word embellishments to the page. Use a circle pattern as the background for some of the layouts.

Using the same technique, try using hexagons or triangles throughout your scrapbook. Most craft stores offer a patterned paper, stickers, stamps, embellishments, and paper punches in geometric shapes.

Press Play On The Video Below To See How You Can Create Gorgeous Embellishments From Triangles!

# 4 – Embellish digital scrapbook pages. Add dimension and flair.

Although digital scrapbooking has been around for a while, adding embellishments to your digital work is one of the top scrapbooking trends. Here are some fun ideas:

♥ Baby scrapbook page. Add tiny pink or blue bows, fuzzy teddy bear stickers or baby themed die-cuts.

♥ Garden scrapbook page. Add small buttons as the center of some of the flowers. Create grass along the bottom of the page by cutting dark green ribbon at varying heights.

♥ Birthday scrapbook page. Add confetti, birthday stickers or gift die-cuts to the page.

# 5 – Add texture to your scrapbook pages. Fabric, ribbon or burlap.

Scrapbook Design: A Layout Incorporating Fabric
This layout has flowers and embellishments made from muslin and burlap!
Making a huge splash in the world of scrapbook trends is texture! Whether you use texture as your background, as a border, or as an embellishment, experiment using flat fabrics as part of your scrapbooking layouts.
For backgrounds, felt, burlap or canvas fabric are great choices.

To create a textured border, use twine, flat ribbon or even strips of fabric cut with decorative edge scissors (i.e. zigzag design).

For page embellishments, make flowers or balloons out of fabric. If you're creating a baby page that has a large teddy bear, add pieces of tan cursory as paws for the bear.

Recyclables, attention grabbing journal boxes, geometric shapes, digital scrapbooking or the use of fabrics are all making a hit with scrapbookers.

The next time you plan to try a new scrapbook design, invite a few friends over and let them know about these amazing scrapbooking trends and try theme yourselves!

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