Scrapbook Paper: 6 Hints For Picking The Right Paper For Your Pages!

Picking the right scrapbook supplies doesn't have to be complex or confusing, especially when choosing papers. Follow these 6 nifty scrapbook tips and hints and you'll be able to find the perfect cardstock for scrapbooking to bring your layouts to life quickly and easily!

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Hint 1. Think in terms of spreads.

Rather than planning pages individually, know the benefits of designing each spread.

A spread consists of two side-by-side pages in a scrapbook album. A common mistake that beginner scrapbookers make is designing each page to be unique and different.

When this is done, quite often the pages look extra busy due to clashing patterns and sometimes too many embellishments. Yet, when you use one patterned paper for scrapbooking a spread, it brings continuity to the two side-by-side pages.

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Hint 2. Scrapbook paper should enhance not detract.

simple scrapbook paper
Scrapbook Paper: This Simple Paper Enhances The Focal Point Of The Photo!
Determine your focal point and then choose your paper.

If you're using several photos for a spread as you plan your layout, then choose a scrapbook paper that is either solid or contains a small pattern. Otherwise, the paper will overwhelm the spread and the photos won't be appreciated as much.

If you have only one or two photos to display on a page, then look for a scrapbook paper that has features on it that will help fill up the page. If that doesn't work, why not try and create your own matte paper background?

For example, if you're scrapbooking a page of your little girl picking daisies out in the garden but only have two photos of her, you can look for some scrapbooking paper that contains a garden scene, a field of daisies, etc. Decide where to best place your photos so that they tie in with the pre-printed graphic of your projects.

Hint 3. Experiment with complimentary scrap book paper.

Know when to mix and match to create eye-appealing layouts.

Depending on your photos and what you want to draw attention to, consider using complementary scrapbook paper.

For instance, you want to create a spread recapturing the fun your four children had while opening their stockings on Christmas day. Find patterned scrapbook paper that has the same holiday design, but comes in two different complimentary colors. Cut each paper in half, widthwise. Glue one-half of one of the sheets at the top of the left side of the spread, and a half of the other sheet onto the bottom portion of the same page. For the right side of the spread, change the order of the papers.

Now each child has his or her own rectangle for you to showcase his photo, journal writing, and any scrapbook embellishments ideas you choose to add.

Hint 4. Intentionally focus on colors.

Experiment with scrapbook paper and design a layout that makes things pop!

Try choosing scrapbook paper that will make your pictures pop.

Let's say you have three photos of your little white poodle and she has a red ribbon on her fur. You could choose a cute dog-themed scrapbook paper such as paper with bones, paper with different pictures of dogs on it, or paper with the words "Woof! Woof!" scattered onto the page. However, you might want to consider using bright red paper and accessorize with white embellishments. The red paper will bring out the bow in each picture, which otherwise might just be overlooked.

Another way of making layouts pop is to use contrasting colors. If you have photos that are filled with vibrant colors, then tone the page down by using scrapbooking paper that is neutral or soft, such as off-white, taupe, light green, or a faded blue. If you love the vibrant photo colors, then use black or dark brown as the background as this will really bring out the colors.

Putting together a spread that contains black and white photos? As you explore the paper scrapbook aisle, look for paper that has a vintage look to it, or choose a bright solid background.

Hint 5. Emphasize the theme.

Be on the search for scrap book paper that will add the "wow" factor to your layouts.

As you have probably already discovered, stores offer a wide variety of scrapbook paper.

Each holiday, season, sport, hobby, and other themes can have as many as 20+ choices of background paper! As you look over your photos, find paper that ties in directly with the photos.

For example, you have a photo of your engagement announcement and it shows your left hand placed on his shoulder. Instantly views are drawn to your engagement ring. You could choose scrapbook paper that has "love" or "newly engaged" on the page, or use paper that has a large muted picture of an engagement ring.

Bonus Tutorial: Check out our articles for more tips on how to make a scrapbook page in record time!

Hint 6. Utilize packaged themed scrapbook paper.

Want to save time looking for scrapbook paper?

Most major craft stores and lots of online craft businesses offer packaged themed scrapbook paper. Packages are available for birthdays, recipes, fairy tales, baby books, and the list goes on!

The beauty of using packaged themed paper is that the pages are designed to coordinate. Add your photos, do some journaling, adhere some embellishments for decor and you're going to have a great layout you'll love!

Tip: If you ever ask yourself, "where are the scrapbooking stores near me", then have you thought about online stores?

Now that you're equipped with these hints that have scrapbooking made simple, you'll be able to bring all your crafting projects to life and create amazing scrapbooks! Have fun!

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