Scrapbook Embellishments Ideas: 5 FAST Ideas That Look Great!

Lots of scrappers get confused when it comes to scrapbook embellishments so we have prepared more scrapbook tips for you specifically about embellishments ideas.

When your backgrounds are done, photos have been matted and put into place, and it's time to think about scrapbook embellishment ideas, most of us struggle!

What should be an enjoyable aspect of scrapbooking, quite often becomes a stressful time if you don't know what's going to work well.

With the dozens and dozens of fun scrapbooking embellishments to choose from, the following five embellishments for scrapbooking are ones that you definitely need to keep on hand for your scrapping.

Wait! Now That You Know About These 5 Amazing Ideas, Then You'll Need To Know How To Apply Them On Your Layout....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

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1. Chipboard Letters (These Scrapbooking Embellishments Are Multi-talented!)

Clipboard letters are an absolute must have! Why? You'll find all sorts of uses for these letters, such as creating your title page, adding a heading to a scrapbook page, or using a letter to emphasize the start of your journal writing on a page.

Be sure to purchase letters of at least two different sizes of plain letters and get two or three packages of each of these sizes. Keep one complete set of each size of the alphabet and use these sets as templates. Trace letters onto patterned paper and cut out.

The other letters will be used for scrapbook pages. Although you can purchase chipboard letters that are painted, textured or even with a fabric coating, purchasing plain letters will give you more options. You can easily paint your letters or even use rubber stamp ink to coordinate your letters with your page.

Want more fun ideas to incorporate into your scrapbook layout? Click here and check out our books and learn hundreds of fun tips and tricks to fancy up your page!

 Scrapbook Embellishments Ideas: This Page Uses Chipboard Letters For The Title!
Scrapbook Embellishments Ideas: Chipboard Letters For The Title!

2. Stickers Are Excellent Scrapbook Embellishments Ideas!

Whether it's packaged themed stickers, word or phrase stickers or miscellaneous stickers, these embellishments for scrapbooking come in handy.

Scrapbook stickers are a quick and easy way to embellish scrapbook pages. One of the easiest ways to use stickers is to use the kind that's packaged according to themes. These stickers will help pull your theme together in a creative way. The word or phrase stickers can add a special touch to any page.

Because this type of sticker tends to be transparent, adhere the sticker to a light color piece of card stock, and then adhere the card stock to your background.

Click here to find out what to look for in scrapbook stickers and embellishments.

3. Paper Punches Make Versatile Scrapbooking Embellishments!

Learn why paper punches are a must for your scrapbooking embellishment collection.

Paper punches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes...leaves, ornaments, trees, apples, hearts, stars, gingerbread men, dogs, and so forth. The punches can be use in numerous ways.

Punch a cutout and use as an overlay. When scrapbooking a greeting card, use a punch to make a cutout on the front of the card. For a scrapbook page, cut a strip of card stock or patterned paper and use the punch to create a fun scrapbook border by punching equally spaced punches into the card stock or paper.

Make confetti. Here's a great way to use those scraps of paper–punch several scraps of paper to make multiple cutouts. Use the cutouts as confetti for your scrapbooking page.

Create objects from the cutouts. By doing a quick search on line, you can find all sorts of ways to use your paper punches. For example, by use three different sized heart paper punches, you can transform hearts into an adorable bunny or even a cute dog.

3. Sewing Items for Rustic Scrapbooking Embellishments!

The Scrapbooking Embellishment Used Here Are Brads In The Flowers
The Scrapbooking Embellishments Used In This Layout Are Brads In The Centre Of The Flowers!
Add a special touch to your pages by using these scrapbooking embellishments.

Keep a supply of colorful sequins and brads on hand because you'll discover all sorts of uses for these. Heck, you can even keep your scrapbook tags and use them for scrapbooking later on too! Anything can be an embellishment.

Sequins or brads can turn an ordinary sticker into a nice visual attraction. Adhere a sticker to a piece of card stock, allowing for a 1/4″ border around the entire sticker. Place the sequins or brads at the four corners of the border. This provides the sticker with dimension and instead of just looking like the sticker was quickly added to the page, it becomes a special embellishment.

Some brads come in fun shapes such as flowers and hearts. Use the brads as special accents to words on the page or as centers to fabric flowers.

But I also love using magazine pages and cut outs from magazine for scrapbooking decorations.

5. Ribbon and twine

The more you scrapbook, the more you'll discover uses for ribbon and twine. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you:

♥ Use ribbon or twine as a border to your scrapbook page.
♥ Create a border around a photo with twine.
♥ As a special accent, use lacey ribbon as a wedding scrapbook embellishments.
♥ For the stem of a flower or the string of a kite, use ribbon or twine.
Form a border around your journal writing with twine.

With these five "must have" scrapbook embellishments ideas on hand, you'll have a lot of great options to choose from. In addition to these five embellishments, look for items that you already have around the home...buttons, confetti, glitter glue, decorative paper plates. Enjoy mixing and matching and remember that a little goes a long ways.

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