How to Make Your Own Wedding Scrapbook Embellishments From Scratch

wedding scrapbook pages
DIY wedding embellishments using simple scrapbooking techniques!
Wedding scrapbook layouts are something that I just love doing, don't you? It's not just the beautiful photographs and great memories, I particularly love getting creative with the scrapbook pages itself, be it as a gift or to make use of some beautiful old wedding photos.
It's a great opportunity to bring out the beautiful floral paper that I got from the craft shop and work on wedding scrapbook embellishments that I rarely get the opportunity to. Weddings are one of my favorite themed embellishments for scrapbooks to make!

If I know I don't have enough time to create the whole scrapbook layout, I like to work on the embellishments bit by bit. I'm not quite sure what page I'll use them on sometimes but I know I'll use them somewhere. Creating wedding-themed embellishments for scrapbooking is the best!

Learn these six quality scrapbook embellishments ideas that will hopefully inspire your own wedding scrapbook embellishments and layouts.

Wedding scrapbook embellishment #1

wedding scrapbook embellishments ideas
Wonderful wedding embellishments made from paper cut outs and scrapbook stickers!
This embellishment is designed to replace the title on a wedding scrapbook layout and I think it would go great with a memorable wedding photo such as cutting of the cake, vows, or walking out of the church after saying ''I do''.
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What you will need ...

To start with, you'll need your usual assortment of glues and paper cutters, some scrap paper in a color scheme of your choosing, some heart-shaped craft paper punches in various sizes, and some scrapbook letters sticker or die cuts. Here's what I used below.
scrapbooking supplies

How to make it ...

Using a protractor with a pencil attached, I drew two circles on the lighter colored paper, one smaller than the other and sitting inside the larger circle. Next, I used a craft knife to cut out my circle as per the image below.

Two smaller circles were drawn with the protractor on the darker paper and these were cut out with zig-zag scissors.
I glued these onto the circle cut out and removed the overlapping section from the middle of the circle. (See the image below).

Now that the main part of the wedding scrapbook embellishment was done, I glued it onto some card and decorated the remaining space using the craft paper punches and die-cut letters and scrapbook stickers to spell the words, ''Mr & Mrs''.
scrapbook cut out embellishments

Wedding scrapbook embellishment #2

wedding flower embellishments
DIY wedding embellishments using flower cut outs!
This wedding scrapbook embellishment is designed to complement one of the layouts. Given the flower theme, I see this on a page with imagery that includes the bride's bouquet.

What you will need ...

For this embellishment, you will need your usual assortment of paper cutters and glue, some scrap paper in colors of your choosing and a printout of a coloring page of flowers. Here's what I started with below.
 flower scrapbook paper designs

How to make it...

I started by cutting out the various simple-shaped elements from my scrap paper. Next, I colored in the flowers using a light pink and light blue brush tip marker and cut them out using a craft knife.

This wedding scrapbook embellishment went together quickly and easily, taking no longer than a few minutes to piece it all together and glue it down once the elements were completed.
I added a fabric embellishment at the last minute to add some interest and I'm quite happy with how this simple cut out embellishment turned out.
wedding scrapbook flowers

Wedding scrapbook embellishment #3

cut out embellishments page
Simple beehive cut out embellishments using different patterned paper scrap paper!
I've wanted to create a bee-hive type pattern with hexagon's for quite some time and given that this is for a wedding scrapbook embellishment, I made sure to choose some softer, feminine scrap paper.

This particular idea is designed for a double-page layout. I intend for the hexagons to follow over onto the second page which will contain the photograph.

What you will need ...

You will need scrap paper in colors of your choosing, a small piece of card, scissors, and glue.

How to make it...

The first thing you will need to do is create a hexagon template (like the one in the image below) that you can trace onto your scrap paper. Use your small piece of card to make this.
scrapbook paper cut out embellishments
Templates will help you make identical cut outs faster!
Next, trace your template onto your scrap paper and cut out all the little pieces. The next part is the most fun! Now, arrange all of your little hexagons onto your base and when you are happy with the placement, glue them down with a glue stick.
cut out scrapbook embellishments

Wedding scrapbook embellishment #4

double hearts scrapbook designs
A romantic scrapbook layout using heart cut outs and a butterfly embellishment!
I originally intended for this embellishment to sit as a strip along the bottom third of the layout and place the photographs towards the top of the page however, I think it would look great with the photographs framed within the hearts as well.

What you will need ...

For this wedding scrapbook embellishment, you will need some scrap paper (both plain and colored) of your choosing, a butterfly stamp, and a small butterfly craft paper punch. Oh, of course, you will also need the usual assortment of glues and paper cutters.

How to make it...

Start by drawing the heart shapes below on your plain paper and cut them out with a craft knife.
wedding theme scrapbook designs
Next, glue these onto a strip of colored paper (as per the photograph of the completed piece at the beginning), and using your craft knife, cut away any overlap within the hearts.

Stick this whole piece on your scrapbooking layout and using your butterfly stamp and butterfly craft paper punch, create some cute little pieces and glue them on to finish off the embellishment. The color combination of black and gold really adds a classy look to your layout.
As you make your embellishments, check out hundreds of inspiring scrapbook sketches to help you build the best wedding scrapbook by clicking here!

Wedding scrapbook embellishment #5

wedding theme embellishment
A simple diy embellishment that resembles wedding elements! 
The above wedding scrapbook embellishment took no longer than 10 minutes as I used mostly pre-made elements. I envision that this wedding scrapbook element will sit on the lower left-hand corner of the page to complement a large photograph of the bride and groom in their finery.

It's a complex looking embellishment that's actually quite easy to make.

What you will need ...

You will need zig-zag scissors, glue, a small scrap of paper, a black sticker or scrap, ribbon, lace, pretend flower, and a white gel or paint pen.

How to make it...

The pink circle was created by tracing around a cup and cutting it out with my zig-zag scissors and the chalkboard-style circle was a sticker that I already had.
All I needed to do was slap the sticker in the middle of the circle and handwrite the sentiment with a white gel pen.

The other elements were found in my sewing and craft scrap stash and glued on with fabric glue.

Wedding scrapbook embellishment #6

scrapbook wedding corner embellishments
Scrapbook corners are the perfect complement for your wedding scrapbook layouts! 
These wedding scrapbook elements are a corner that you can pre-make and then just slip over the corner of your pages when you're ready.
They are really quick and easy to make and if you usually store your layouts in a binder back to back in the same sleeve, as you can see, you could even design it double-sided to slip over both layouts.

What you will need ...

To begin with, you will need some scrap paper, glue, and scissors to make the triangle corner. You will also need any little bits and pieces of scrap you can use to decorate the triangle corner. Here's what I used below.
floral scrapbook paper

How to make it...

Make your corner piece by drawing a triangle and adding an extra tab on the two diagonal sides. Fold these towards the back and glue another triangle piece onto the tabs. This ensures you have a little pocket to slip the corner of your paper into.

It should slip on as per the photograph below. Now, all you need to do is decorate it!
scrapbook corner embellishments

Using scrap paper for wedding scrapbook embellishments

Wedding scrapbook embellishments are a great, feel-good project for using up your scrap pieces of paper and cardstock, particularly the pretty pieces, making special meaningful pages out of them.
I hope that you are inspired by some of these scrapbooking ideas and if you have any amazing scrapbook wedding embellishments of your own, we would love to see them!

Happy scrapping!
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