5 Wedding Scrapbook Ideas To Celebrate Your Special Day!

Making a wedding scrapbook album is almost as stressful to create as the big day itself!

But whether you recently got married or perhaps came across your wedding photos from years ago or you want to create a wedding scrapbook as an anniversary gift, a wedding scrapbook album is a creative way of displaying some of the very best photos from your special day. The scrapbook pages will highlight the special parts of your wedding day.

If you need some creative scrapbooking ideas for a beautiful wedding memorabilia, then here are five fast ideas to help you make your best couples scrapbook album. A wedding scrapbook is something you'll surely cherish for many years to come.

Idea #1. Create a Beautiful First Page For Your Wedding Scrapbook!

Your first page introduces the best moments of your special day. A great first page will open you up to a memorable journey.

Make use of a heart scrapbook layout as you begin creating your scrapbook. To design a stunning first layout, start looking for a solid background using a color from your wedding theme.

In the center of the layout, carefully cut out a heart so that the opening can be used to frame the photo. (You might want to cut a heart out of stock paper and trace around it.)

Want more wedding layout ideas? Click here and check out our Layout Ideas Books for more amazing themed scrapbook!

wedding memories scrapbook photo album ideas

Stick a 5″ by 7″ wedding photo in the center of the layout. Take a second sheet of scrapbook paper. You can either choose a white or a pale version of your background paper. Design a border around all four sides using a heart-shaped puncher.

In the center of the spread, carefully cut out a large heart so that the opening may be used to frame the photo. (You might want to cut a heart out of stock paper and trace around it.)

Glue or tape the heart cutout to the background. Center a tiny bead or sequin in every other heart of the border. Using a thin white ribbon, design a border around the large heart.

At the top of the layout, put "Our Wedding Day". At the bottom of the spread, put the date. If you don't want to do the words free handed, type out the information on clear labels and adhere.

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Idea #2. Embellish Your Wedding Scrapbook Album With White

Choose a wedding-themed background paper for your wedding scrapbook featuring the photos of the bride getting dressed.

Mat each photo with black card stock. Trim each mat with a lacey white ribbon. Also, put black journal boxes and journal with a silver marker. Trim the journal boxes with a wedding ribbon as well. Embellish the scrapbook spread with white buttons, tiny white flowers, and/or white hearts.

Idea #3. Introducing Mr. and Mrs

scrapbook layouts ideas | memories inspired honeymoon photo
Capture the moment of sealing the deal!

This is a great wedding scrapbook idea that you should never forget to add. Begin with scrapbook paper that has kissing lips, "I love you", or some other wedding-related theme that showcases the bride and the groom. Across the middle of the layout stick three matted photos: bride and groom exchanging vows, the bride and groom kissing, and the announcement of officially being husband and wife.
Using silver sequins and tiny die cut hearts, make a scalloped design toward the top of the spread, width-wise. With die-cut letters or ribbon, Put a large "Mr. & Mrs." and center it above and over the wedding photos.

You can simply write details about the ceremony using metallic silver markers or a fountain pen. You can even cut words out from magazines. And no, not in a way that it would look like those creepy hate mail letters! Use or cut out whole words at a time to get better results for your scrapbook.

Idea #4. Make it fun (show your personality!)

wedding cake and gift scrapbook ideas

For a clever wedding scrapbook layout of your wedding cake, enlarge a photo of your wedding cake and carefully cut around the cake. For a beautiful wedding topper, cut a photo of the bride and groom and place it on top of the cake.

In the bottom left and right corner of the spread, adhere two matted photos of the couple cutting the cake and feeding the cake to each other. Use a solid background style that matches one of the colors from the cake or the theme of the wedding and add a scalloped white border. Add your journal writing and you're done.

Idea #5. Accent each of your wedding scrapbook pages (but don't go overboard!)

For a special wedding scrapbook, choose a simple background paper that is white/gray/black. For example, you might choose white paper that has "I love you" written across the page in rows of gray. Use the same background for each spread (the two side by side pages).

Most weddings have at least one color for the bride maids' dresses, but quite often two colors are used. Using the colors from your wedding, accent each scrapbook page by including the color(s) in your borders, mats, and embellishments. These accents will make the color from your photos really pop.

Scrapbook wedding ideas are endless. For more ideas, go online and do a search.

The next time you're at a craft store, you might find a brochure that features wedding albums and stunning relationship scrapbooking themes and templates. You can also check out a craft magazine. The important thing is that you create each page or spread it in a unique way that reflects your personality and style, but also honoring your special day every time you open your scrapbook.

Before you begin adhering items to your scrapbook pages, lay all photos and new embellishments first. Move things around until you're satisfied with how the scrapbook looks. Lastly, remember to keep your wedding scrapbook simple. Unlike a photo album, which is page after page filled with photos, your wedding scrapbook will highlight a handful of photos that you believe captures your special day. Go easy with the embellishments and keep your pages in sequence.

And finally – don't forget to spend some time on your journaling 🙂 There's a helpful article we've written here to help you.

I hope that you find this guide useful and has provided you with great inspiration. Relieve the memories of your special day by creating a page using these wedding scrapbook ideas!

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