3 Love and Relationship Scrapbooking Ideas to Keep Romantic Memories

Need Love Scrapbooking Ideas?

Ahhhh! Love is in the air and these three romantic ideas for your couples scrapbook pages will help you celebrate your love!!!

Whether you've recently fallen in love or have been for years, create an extraordinary romantic scrapbook that will allow the two of you to relive these special memories over and over.

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3 Romantic Scrapbooking Ideas

1. Make a romantic scrapbook background using hearts, romance, and more!

When it comes to scrapbook ideas for couples, the background for each layout plays such an important role.

For some of your layouts, you'll want to use romantic backgrounds such as patterned paper with "I Love You" used repeatedly on the paper or two hands clasped together.

For a more playful vibe on your pages, you might consider using patterned canvas with kissing lips or cupid.
romantic scrapbooking art idea
Couple Scrapbook Ideas: This page uses a fabric border to create a focal point
Although you'll find a wide selection of love-themed background paper in handicraft stores, sometimes it's fun to make your own backgrounds out of other art materials. Here are a few ideas:
  • Bridal or wedding gift wrap paper. Wrapping paper makes a wonderful background! Reuse those that you got from any gift given to you or buy inexpensive ones at a shop. Simply trim it to fit whatever size scrapbook page you're working with.

  • Bridal or wedding gift bags. A large gift bag with a romantic design can be used as a background for your page. Concerned about a fold in the bag? No worries!

    Incorporate the fold into your layout. It might be the perfect place to line up a photo with a cute vertical or horizontal border running on either side of the photo.
lovely scrapbook idea
Simple layout ideas brings focus to your pictures!
  • Stamp it. Using card stock or colorful tissue paper, make your own design! Use a love-themed rubber stamp and randomly stamp the card stock or tissue.
  • Movie reels. Make a classic reel by cutting a black strip of paper and start punching small squares or rectangles along the edges of the paper. This adds a rustic yet cute border to highlight wonderful memories like your first date in the movies.
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2. Add special borders. Lace, ribbon, or buttons.

As you get more creative on your couple scrapbook layouts, adding a special border to your layouts will give your love scrapbook layout that extra touch. Keep in mind that not every side of your layout needs to have a border. In fact, you might want to experiment with adding a border to just one or two sides. Here are some excellent romantic scrapbooking ideas for borders:
  • Lace. The next time you're at a garage sale, keep an eye out for some old lace tablecloth or curtains.

    Trim the lace a little more than a half-inch in width and whatever length needed for the layout. If you're able to do a quick hem with a sewing machine or by hand, great! If not, try using a hot glue gun and tack the hem in place every couple of inches. Once you're through hemming, glue the lace to your layout.

  • Ribbon. Craft stores and large retail stores frequently have ribbon remnants on sale at a great price. Look for flat ribbons made out of cloth, satin, or velvet. Cut the ribbon to whatever size length you need for your layout.
wedding scrapbook idea
Relationship scrapbook ideas don't have to be overly complicated to make your scrapbook pages look amazing!
  • Paper doilies. A dollar store is a vast resource for paper doilies. Doilies are commonly circular in shape and often come in red or white that can be trimmed into whatever shape you want.

    For a scalloped border, carefully poke a hole into a doily and snip out the center of the doily, leaving a one-inch circle. Cut the circle into 1.5-inch pieces and glue it along with one of the edges of your layout. The pieces will produce a scalloped border.

  • Heart-shaped buttons. Heart-shaped buttons can be purchased online or at a handicraft supplies shop. Get strips of cardstock for your borders and evenly space out the buttons. Leave at least an inch in between buttons.

  • Heart rolling stamp. Instead of buttons, try a heart-rolling stamp to make a fun border. Run the stamp down the center of the strips of card stock or even along with the pages of your scrapbook.

3. Jazz it up with wallpaper! Texture, design, and endless possibilities.

Is there a wallpaper store near you? Ask the manager if he has an old sample book or loose sample pages that he's ready to dispose of. Wallpaper will inspire you to create amazing scrapbook layouts for your love! Two instant idea generators are texture and design.
boyfriend scrapbook idea
This couples scrapbook page makes use of wallpaper to add a rustic feel to the layout.
  • Texture. Most wallpaper contains texture. For a romantic feel, get floral wallpaper that has a trace of velvet around the petals of the flowers. Putting together a cute layout of going out for ice cream on a date? Use wallpaper that has raised polka dots on it. Have some great photos of watching fireworks as a couple? Get wallpaper that sparkles with glitter.

  • Design. Wallpaper is so versatile! You can DIY frames for your photos and write a journal out of them too. Flowers, hearts, balloons, and other love-themed shapes will look stunning if you work a variety of wallpaper for the shapes. Wallpaper can even be split into strips to define your layouts. The possibilities are endless!
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Now that you have three creative scrapbook ideas for couples at your fingertips, you're ready to make a spectacular scrapbook to honor your relationship! In terms of travel scrapbook ideas, why not try creating a scrapbook to document all your travels? With backgrounds, borders, and texture in place, you just need to add photos, journaling, and a few embellishments, and you'll have a scrapbook that celebrates your love.

It's one of the best Valentine's day gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband that can be enjoyed now and for many years to come!

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