10 Romantic Scrapbook Ideas for Couples

While trying to come up with romantic scrapbook ideas for couples on the internet, I came across this saying by Audrey Hepburn - "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."

And I wholeheartedly agree with every word she said! Whether you've enjoyed a year together or even celebrating your 50th year anniversary with your family, love should always be scrapbooked ... erm, I mean celebrated.

An anniversary scrapbook layout is just the right thing you need. It is not only great for your love story as a future keepsake but is also a great gift to give someone celebrating a major anniversary milestone. Whether you display them in a book or on the wall, here are 10 beautiful couples scrapbook tips and examples to commemorate their relationship.

1. Scrapbook Ideas For Couples To Commemorate Your First Date - Create A Calendar Embellishment

Commemorate your very first date with this cute love-heart calendar embellishment. This super cute photo scrapbook idea for couples would look great handwritten, but due to my notoriously messy handwriting, I simply typed it on the computer and had it printed out. Although, you can find and use graphic design apps and print them out.

To create this first idea out of our many Love scrapbook album layout, simply print or hand-write onto cardstock, cut it out, and voila! This will make an elegant anniversary embellishment and especially is great for any special moment in time you wish to remember forever.

You may also use them on other scrapbooks you've made in the past like adding them to your dreamy engagement layout, your wedding day scrapbook, or even a simple brag book. You can add notes to remember the day you met your boyfriend, the day you first said, ''I love you'' and many more relationship milestones to remember.

first anniversary scrapbooking ideas
scrapbooking ideas: Add a personal touch to your scrapbook layout by using handmade embellishment.
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2. Take Screenshots of Special Text Messages and Display Them

Let's face it, most ''love letters'' are sent via text message or Messenger these days! I made a surprisingly simple couple scrapbook layout and it started by taking a screenshot of a conversation on Messenger.

What wasn't easy, was finding the ''love letters'' among the hundreds of daily routine messages such as, ''Can you bring milk home?''

Simply print out your messages, cut them out, and display them in flipbook style by securing them with washi tape at the top. If you happen to run out of washi tape, take a ribbon or a strip of decorative paper and adhere it to the top of your mini flipbook.

NOTE: Although the ones in the photograph below have been mounted on patterned card stock, ideally you would want them displayed in a clear sleeve to protect them from both the tape and fingerprints.
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scrapbooking ideas | romantic scrapbooking page for couples

3.Display Your Romantic Love Notes in Mini-Envelopes

All those pre-modern technology love notes floating around an old shoebox in the cupboard will look fantastic displayed in mini-envelopes within the pages of your anniversary scrapbook.

One of my favorite thing to do for anniversary scrapbooks is choosing the best of my ''special notes''. And many of them are written on post-it notes (not very romantic, I know), so I made up these cute little DIY 1-inch square envelopes using a scanned printout of a page from the book, ''Alice in Wonderland.''

Feel free to get creative and use whatever paper or fabric scraps you have for the envelopes. If you are lucky enough to have a proper hand-written love letter, just make your envelopes bigger to suit!

If you still have your one-year anniversary cards or notes that came with bouquets of flowers given to you when he was still your boyfriend, don't just keep them! Add them to your scrapbook.
scrapbook ideas
4. Mark Special Moments in Your Life on a Map
You can create this romantic scrapbook project to be as simple or as fancy as you like. I have taken a no-fuss approach to document my favorite memories or life events on the map with a simple love-heart craft punch and a to-the-point explanation of the moment on the page.

''We met'', ''we married'' and ''we lived'' are included on this map but the possibilities are endless.

Don't forget to add your first valentine's day date with your boyfriend or girlfriend in your scrapbook, your first house, or even the place where your stunning bridal shower took place!

Speaking of bridal showers, check out our guide on how to create an amazing bridal shower scrapbook!
couples scrapbook layout

5. Display Mementos From Your Dates

This cool couples scrapbooking page is a fantastic way to display all those old tickets that you can't throw out but don't quite know what to do with. I found this free scrapbook printables pop-corn embellishment on the internet and the rest was history. Just make sure you stick the ticket stubs down first so the popcorn bucket can go over the top!

This scrapbooking project works well for any tickets. So if movies aren't your thing, but rockin' out at festivals is, just change the embellishments to suit. Maybe a stubby cooler is more your style than popcorn?

printable love scrapbook decorations
Use the mementos from your dates as scrapbook embellishments for your layout.

5 Additional Anniversary Scrapbooking Page Ideas

6. Count Down The Seconds, Hours, or Days Since You First Met

This romantic idea for couples scrapbooking is super simple and a beautiful way to highlight your time together. Younger couples may like to count the seconds or hours but older couples may run out of room and need to count the days, months and years ever since your wedding or the first time you meet.

As you're creating, make sure to include the date of calculation so it makes sense when you flip through your beautiful DIY anniversary scrapbook photos at a later date. This is such a beautiful idea for someone celebrating a milestone especially when you count you to that one-year anniversary!
50th anniversary love story scrapbook layouts
A simple scrapbook page design using a combination of diy cut out and printed embellishments.

7. Show How Much You Love Your Partner With a Heart Pie Chart

This is a fun tongue-in-cheek romantic wedding scrapbook album idea for couples that allows you to also include some of your favorite things.

Feel free to include the dog, sleeping in, or even wine! The love-heart pie chart is an individual and one of those awesome anniversary scrapbook pages in which you can create with whatever you have on hand.
romantic scrapbook page ideas

8. Celebrate a Long-Distance Relationship With a Map

This idea is perfect for those in a long-distance relationship or for those that started their romance long-distance! It's a simple scrapbook idea and wonderfully individual to each couple.

Just print off or get hold of a map that shows where you both live and mark the two points in your own creative way, connecting them with a line or embellishments of some sort.

You may want to include notes or on the distance between the two points and how you would usually visit each other, whether by a road trip or flying.
valentine's day scrapbook layout decorations love story

9. Immortalize ''Your Song'' in The Pages of Your Scrapbook

This is a beautiful wedding scrapbook layouts idea that is perfect for remembering your wedding song, the first song you ever danced to as a couple, or even just your own ''special'' song.

Print off your favorite lyrics or the name of the song and get creative with the layout. Don't forget to include a photo of you dancing, or as in my case, attempting to dance!
scrapbook layout decorations printable

10. Commemorate Your Travels as a Couple

This romantic scrapbook idea for couples is ideal for commemorating your travels together. Print out or get hold of either a map of your country or the world and with a copy (not the original) of a photograph from your trip, cut the photo to match the shape of the destination visited.

Simply stick the photograph cut out on top of the destination on the map and be as creative as you like with the remainder of the layout. I find adding a short letter about your traveling days or fun information can help refresh your eventful memories together.
diy scrapbook layout decorations
I hope you have found some inspiration with these guides for couples scrapbooking pages and I would love to see your interpretations of these.

Check out our article full of fun and amazing samples of scrapbooking layout templates to help you come up with amazing scrapbook ideas for couples!

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