3 Stunning Bridal Shower Scrapbook Ideas

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Many bridesmaids creating bridal shower scrapbook pages often plan to design one after a bridal shower. However, one of the hottest trends is to start planning on designing your album at the same time you plan for the bridal shower!

Here are three creative scrapbook ideas for bridal shower layouts that will make the bride-to-be thrilled! If you're looking for more romantic couples scrapbook layout ideas to give as a gift to the guide, we've got you covered.

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Follow These 3 Heartwarming Bridal Shower Scrapbook Tips!

1. Design the bridal shower page in advance. Simple yet clever.

Scrapbooking is all about capturing memories on a page. But having them prepared in advance will make things easier for you especially if you're planning to give it to the bride before her wedding.

It would surely be a memorable wedding gift that you and the bride will one day love to get back to and reminisce. Scrapbooking in advance will make it easier to plan for more layouts, and help you find one more bride's favorite to add to your pages.

Here are some scrapbook layouts that can be designed in advance:

wedding scrapbook color scheme
Start planning your wedding shower page early!
Wait! Now That You Have A Theme For Your Layout, Then You'll Need To Know Which Layout To Use....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

♥How to get your creative juices flowing again so you'll NEVER experience scrappers block again!

♥How to always have the perfect scrapbook layout for every occasion!

Cover – list the name of the bride-to-be and the date, time, and location of the bridal shower

First page – a copy of the shower invitation

The guest list – since some people aren't good about RSVPs or may need to cancel at the last moment, create a sheet with lines. As people show up for the party, ask them to sign their name and their connection with the bride-to-be (i.e. friend,direct family, co-worker).

The menu – if the party includes a meal, type a fancy menu and center it in the middle of the page. Later on, add pictures around the menu of people enjoying the meal.

Printed bridal shower games – quite often, bridal showers will include printed games such as trivia, word search, or Bingo. Include a printed copy of these games in the page. Learn more about how to make your own free scrapbook printables.

Advice cards – design a few pages that can be used to hold advice cards that will be filled out by guests.

Showering of gifts – create one or two papers where someone can write down who gave what gift

NOTE: Remember going to bridal showers and when it came time to open the gifts, someone would look for a piece of scrap paper to write down each gift and who it was from? Why not include a page or two in your spread to list the gifts? This way the guest of honor will know where the list is and will have it as a keepsake.

bridal shower pre wedding theme

2. Utilize the colors and theme from the bridal shower. Coordinate items.

pre wedding bridal shower invitation layout
When it comes to wedding shower scrapbooking pages, a popular trend is to coordinate the scrapbook album with the colors, decorations, and such that will be used for the actual bridal party.

Let's say for example, that the shower is being decorated with purple and aqua. Design an album with a neutral background with those colors sprinkled throughout the pages. Another idea is to alternate the paper backgrounds with purple and aqua.

Tip: These Ideas also work great for a wedding scrapbook layout.

With a little bit of planning, you can coordinate invitations, decorations, and such with your scrapbook layouts. For instance...

♥ Shower invitation. Instead of purchasing invitations, a lot of people choose to scrapbook the invitations. If you do this, then it's really easy to use the same ideas for the scrapbook album. Invitations don't have to be super elaborate. An easy way to design the invitations is to purchase blank cards, make a top and bottom border with purple cardstock, and glue on aqua circles and a tiny bow. In the center of the front of the card put "You're Invited...." Inside of the card can be all the details. Type the information on block size labels and just peel and press.

♥ Advice cards. Include an "advice card" with each invitation. On your computer, use a program that will make four postcards on a sheet of paper. Using purple ink, type instructions for each guest to give a piece of advice to the bride-to-be and to sign their name at the end. Add a border to the card with alternating aqua and purple polka dots (circles). As guests arrive at the shower, have a basket for them to drop the cards in (these advices are perfect for your bridal shower or wedding scrapbooking quotes).

♥ Place cards. Using card stock, continue with the border and polka dot (circle) theme to create simple but cute place cards for the guests.

3. Invite guests to scrapbook a page. Creative and fun!

One of the most sentimental bridal shower page ideas is to set up a station where guests can design their own scrapbook page for the bridal shower album.

In advance, prepare a basic layout. Use a neutral background and add two borders to each page. The borders might be top and bottom, left and right, or even two adjacent borders.

One great scrapbook journaling Idea for bridal shower scrapbooking or any other once in a lifetime event is to get your guests involved. 

Prepare different size journaling blocks, cute die-cuts, and a photo frame where pictures can easily be placed inside later on.

(Have someone take photos of each of the guests during the shower.) Post brief instructions, such as:

Hi! Thank you for helping to create a special scrapbook album for our guests of honor! Please follow these instructions and have fun!

1. Choose a scrapbook page.

2. Choose a journaling block. Write down some of your favorite memories of our bride-to-be. It can be something serious, funny, whatever comes to mind!

3. Choose a photo frame.

4. Attach the journal block and photo frame wherever you want to on the page.

5. Add any of the die-cuts, message stickers, and bridal shower or wedding scrapbook embellishments.

6. Sign your name to the page.

Bonus: Check out this article if you want to learn more scrapbook Ideas for couples

By planning in advance and using these bridal shower scrapbooking ideas, you can design very stunning scrapbook pages that you may also use in your wedding scrapbook layouts. It will be a bridal shower scrapbook that the bride-to-be will treasure for many years to come.

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