Putting together a couples scrapbook album to celebrate your relationship is fun and a lovely stroll down memory lane!
In this guide we'll show you amazing scrapbook ideas on how to put together the ultimate album to celebrate!
From the choice of backgrounds right down to the embellishments, here's six must-see romantic scrapbook ideas for couples.

Couples scrapbook ideas for your wedding, engagement or anniversary

love scrapbook memory ideas

Idea # 1 – Choosing the right scrapbook layout background. Romantic or whimsical.

Choosing the perfect background will help set the tone for your layout. For romantic pages of your wedding or engagement scrapbook, use a dark shade of red. You can also incorporate a scrapbook sheet showing wedding rings, or a one with love birds on it.

To add humor to a page, find a design with "XOXOXO" or kissing lips. Large craft stores, as well as scrapbook websites, carry a wide variety of wedding-themed sheets. Some sites offer customized options as well!

It's a great idea to purchase a design that has two hearts drawn in the sand with the beautiful ocean in the background. Inside of each heart, you and your partner's name will appear. You can also try using wedding gift wrapping paper for your scrapbook background.

Want to learn more layout ideas that fit the occasion? Our books are a great help.

Idea # 2 – Draw attention with special effects on photos

Choosing how to display your photos is key for your wedding scrapbook layouts or engagement scrapbook.
Because your photos will be the focal point of each layout, it's worth putting special effort into displaying them.
Here are three popular scrapbook ideas that will help your photos really come alive:
scrapbook ideas: engaged couple dancing
Choosing the right background can highlight your photos
  • Display photos as a filmstrip. If you're creating a layout of memories, use three or four photos to make a filmstrip. Just as a person might watch an old family film or video to relive a special moment, the "filmstrip" will give the same sentimental feel. Crop the photos into the same size squares. Using black card stock, create a frame for the photos, leaving even spaces in between the photos. Along the top and bottom of the frame, punch with a single hole puncher, giving the effect of a filmstrip.
  • Create black/gray/white photos with a hint of color. To draw special attention to a diamond ring, a bouquet, or a candle, use a program on your computer that will let you turn the photo into black/gray/white and add color to just one object. The result will be stunning!
  • Design a mini-book. If you have several photos of your engagement, wedding ceremony, etc., consider adding a mini book to the corner of your page. For instance, you might want to create a mini-book of your engagement with photos of you two facing each other, his reaching out for your hand, him getting down on one knee, the showing of the ring, your reaction, and then him putting the ring on your finger. If the layout is in relation to relationship scrapbooking, you can carefully cut and remove the plastic to reveal the mini-book on the page. Use transparent tape to reinforce where the plastic has been cut.
You can also do this for other special events that happened in your relationship that happens to have been documented well.

Idea # 3 – 'DEAR SWEETIE...' Make sure you include those love notes!

Did you and your hubby exchange love letters and notes? Do you still have them?
Choose a few of your favorites and photocopy them onto acid-free paper. Frame each letter or note with ribbon, twine, or strips of cardstock with hearts punched out.

Include a photo from the time period of the letter. Journal where the two of you were located when you received the note. This becomes especially touching if your husband was in the service or living in a different state because of his job.

You're also going to want to print out screenshots of your most memorable chats or text messages? If not, you'd want to put in some of the funniest or craziest exchanges in your relationship even as far as back before he became your boyfriend.

Idea # 4 – Make a top 5 or 10 'what i love about you' list

One of the hottest wedding, engagement, or anniversary scrapbook ideas is to have each person make a list of the top five or ten things that they love about the other person.

Be sure to include serious things such as, "I love how you tell me I'm pretty even when I don't feel pretty" or "I love that you get on the floor and play with our kids each night before we tuck them into bed."

Also include fun and quirky qualities, such as "I love your crooked eyebrows that distract me while we talk" or "I love after a good dinner you always tell me that your mom should take cooking lessons from me!"

It's a spectacular idea if you can do this together. You and your boyfriend, spouse-to-be, or lover can come up with an amazing list of fun and even weird habits you love about each other.

To make things even more creative, you can even keep a list of secrets or favorite things you do together and put them in an envelope or card and turn your scrapbook pages into a time capsule where you open these letters on your next anniversary or even on the nearest Valentine's day.

In years to come, these love lists will become very meaningful to the two of you.

Scrapbook stickers need to enhance rather than take over a page.

Idea # 5 – Recapture memories of a special date

What is your favorite date that you and your significant other have gone on?

Was it a romantic night with dinner at a nice restaurant, a movie, and then a stroll through the park? Or maybe an adventurous camping trip in the mountains? Was it a day that focused on helping others, such as serving in a soup kitchen or taking dogs for walks at the SPCA on Valentine's Day?

Anything you did from your first date when he just became your boyfriend to great adventures you've done together in the course of your relationship is something you'll surely want to have on your scrapbook. It's a creative way to remember your favorite day with each other. Here are some scrapbook for boyfriend ideas.

Make a special layout for this date. Include photos, ticket stubs, part of a brochure... anything that you have saved. This adds another dimension to your engagement or wedding scrapbook as it truly commemorates the moments where and when you fell in love.

layout for couples scrapbook pages
Couples Scrapbook Idea: Celebrate your relationship milestones by making a romantic scrapbook page.

Idea # 6 – Add a fun touch and enhance layouts with scrapbook embellishments

Include romantic and cute couple scrapbooking embellishments in each of your layouts. Here are some fun and creative embellishments for couples scrapbook ideas:

  • Confetti hearts
  • Cupid
  • Tiny flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Lace
  • The fronts of vintage greeting cards
  • Rubber stamps
  • Love quotes

Now you're ready to start your special wedding, anniversary, engagement, or even that wonderful bridal shower scrapbook!

It's time for the fun part – gathering your photos, love letters, and romantic themed supplies, and getting ready to design a romantic couples scrapbook using these amazing ideas for couples. As the years go by and your relationship grows, you will adore looking back on this amazing collection of memories and photographs that perfectly encapsulate your love for one another!

Bonus: Your Beautiful Couple Scrapbooking Layout Guide

Having a life-long best friend is how I see having someone in marriage for eternity. This is my inspiration for this love scrapbook page layout idea.

For my scrapbook layout, I wanted to show the practical scrapbooker in me. The technique I used for my page is creating your own pattern paper.

You also have the option of creating your own embellishments with your own tools and equipment... or to even be more practical... upcycle or recycle materials for the love of Mother Nature.

In my layout, I focused on creating my own pattern by painting on a design. If you think you're not good at painting, it's not a problem, and do some abstract strokes. To save time, choose easy-to-dry student's paint. I created my own handmade heart tag for the lovely couple to matt their photo with.

Done in predominantly sweet color tones and hues, I wanted to make it look cute or sweet, hence entitled it, "A LOVE STORY".

Tell your love stories thru embellishments or some collected memorabilia from that wonderful day captured in a photo and now into a page. If you have none, you can opt for cut-outs from magazines or an old card lying around. It's a small but meaningful way to save nature, right?
Here's how I made this absolutely gorgeous page!
cute scrapbooking supplies for couples scrapbook idea

Here's what you need:

    ♥ Watercolor Paper (Canson)
    ♥ Camel Watercolor Paint
    ♥ Toyodo Watercolor Paint

Embellishments and Decorations:
    ♥ Happy Days Pattern Papers (Echo Park)
    ♥ Wooden Key Chipboard
    ♥ Embellishments (Rosie's Studio)
    ♥ Wooden Heart Chipboard
    ♥ Foam Letter Stickers (All About Scrapbooking)
    ♥ Subway Chipboard Stickers – Thickers (American Crafts)
    ♥ 2 Paris Washi Tapes
    ♥ Heart Rub-Ons (Bee Happy Crafts)
    ♥ 1 meter beige Lace
    ♥ Pink Fibers Adornaments (EK Success)
    ♥ Silver Thin Glitter Ribbon
    ♥ Baby Blue Embroidery Floss (DMC)

    ♥ Post Office Wooden Heart Stamp
    ♥ Craft Pick (Tonic Studios)
    ♥ Scallop Scissors (Provo Craft)
    ♥ Stapler and Staple Wires
Include romantic and cute couple scrapbooking embellishments in each of your layouts. Here are some fun and creative embellishments for couples scrapbook ideas:
Wait! Now That You Know These Amazing Couples Ideas For Your Page, Then You'll Need To Know How To Apply Them On Your Layout....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

♥How to get your creative juices flowing again so you'll NEVER experience scrappers block again!

♥How to always have the perfect scrapbook layout for every occasion!

Step-by-Step Scrapbooking Guide

1. Cut a 12×12 in size watercolor paper from your pad.
scrapbooking couple idea | scrapbooking canvas
2. Prepare your watercolour paints, brush, and water. Paint and create your own pattern paper from your white blank watercolor paper.
diy love scrapbook background | scrapbooking inspiration
3. Cut embellishments such as pattern paper strips, word strips, tickets, flower graphic images, and paper flairs. Create a heart handmade tag from plain pattern paper. Position everything at the center of your scrapbooking layout with the photo. Adhere. Then, include a pink fiber and a silver ribbon for the handmade tag.
love scrapbook embellishment idea
4. Get your letters and create a layout title – A LOVE STORY.
cute word decorations for romantic scrapbooking idea
5. Choose 2 Paris Washi Tapes. Put washi tape scrapbook embellishments into your layout.
ideas for boyfriend love scrapbook design
6. Prepare baby blue embroidery floss and your stitching tools. Stitch on your handmade heart tag. This was done last or after the handmade heart tag is adhered to the layout, to further anchor the tag to the paper thru stitching. But, you may also opt to stitch on your handmade tag before adhering It to your layout.
boyfriend romantic scrapbooking pages
7. Adorn heart and key wooden embellishments to your layout.
page adornment
8. Staple a strip of lace on the bottom of your photo.
romantic scrapbook spread adornment
9. Put heart rub-ons all around your layout.
cute design for memory book
10. Stamp hearts all around your layout with a wooden heart stamp.
11. Journal the couple's names. I used calligraphy in journaling – Dan Lyons and Anna Lyons.
idea for couple scrapbook album
I hope that you find this guide helpful. With these simple scrapbooking ideas you can design amazing pages that will encapsulate your lovely relationship into your page! We would love to see how your couples scrapbook turned out!
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