10 Scrapbooking Tips To Create More Enchanting Pages!

Want to get more creative scrapbooking tips your layouts?
Today I want to give you some scrapbooking ideas to help you think differently about your scrapbooking and perhaps even inspire you with these scrapbooking tips!
Crafty scrapbook page

Top 10 Scrapbooking Tips


Tip 1. Keep your scrapbook layouts and ideas simple to create a focal point

A timeless bit of scrapbook advice is to keep some of your scrapbook pages simple.

It's easy to feel like you have to put as many photos on your layouts as possible. But I'm a big believer that in many cases, less is more.

In the page below, you'll see I used one picture, put it on a really chunky black matt, and then embellished around it.

Using one photo also creates an un-mistakable focal point on your layout.

Plus, when you're only scrapbooking one picture your page automatically feels more open. Having space on your page is a good thing!

By keeping the scrapbooking ideas that you incorporate on your pages simple, you can also actually save on supplies and start scrapbooking on a budget.

Did you know there are a few things you should be aware of when adhering things to your pages?

Check out this guide dedicated to glue for scrapbooking to make sure you're using the right glues on your pages.


One photo scrapbook layout
One photo page: simple can look striking!

Tip 2. Choose scrapbook backgrounds wisely

The backdrop of your scrapbook pages can have a massive impact.

When deciding on scrapbooking backgrounds I generally follow a simple formula:

1. The more colors and busyness of the photo/photos the more simple and plain the background needs to be.

2. The more plain and simple the photo/photos is, the crazier I can get with my scrapbook background.

A great example of where I've followed rule 2 would be in the image below.

You can see I have a simple image of young girls in a sepia color. The photo is plain, simple with minimal action.

The scrapbook backdrop is full mosaic, bursting with colors and activity. And as I'm sure you'll agree, the scrapbooking ideas shown in this layout just works!

Simple and uncluttered pages are generally the best approach to use for scrapbooking albums.

Scrapbook layout with colorful background and a sepia photo
This layout works because it has a plain photo with a busy mosaic background!
Bonus Tip: You can also try creating backgrounds with scrapbook embossing just like the pros. Various embossing techniques are such a great way to add texture to your scrapbook backgrounds.

Tip 3. Use scrapbooking sketches for speed

Sometimes it can be challenging trying to decide where to place photos, the titles, and your journal on your layouts.

This is why scrapbook sketches are a total life saver.

Tip: Scrapbook sketches are also great for making the perfect family tree scrapbook!

Get started scrapbooking with scrapbook sketches and you'll see how it can help arrange things on a page, so the end result looks predictably fantastic. Here's an example of a scrapbook sketch.
Scrapbooking sketch example
A scrapbook sketch tells you how to arrange your page!
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Tip 4. Vary your titles

Do you tend to place your scrapbook titles in the same spot on each layout? Do you use the same type of lettering over and over? Mix it up!

The beauty of scrapbooking is there are no firm rules that need to be followed. Try placing your scrapbook title vertically or along the bottom of a page.

To create the actual lettering, use scrapbook stamps, precut letters, letters torn out of a magazine, stenciled letters or letters typed with a really fun font.

A sticker message can even be used as a title. You can also make use of the amazing Cricut machine tool in your scrapbooking.
Vacation scrapbooking page with title

Press Play On The Video Below To See How To Create Your Own Love Heart Embellishments...

Tip 5. Scrapbooking tips for corresponding frames

One of the most simple but very affecting scrapbooking tips is to use the same framing for your photos and titles.

In the example below from my vacation scrapbooking layout, you'll see that I created a black bordered frame for both the photos.

Then I made the title white (to create maximum contrast), then overlaid it over the frame of one of my photos.

This attracts the eye and really makes the scrapbook title stand out!
Make scrapbook titles stand out using contrasting colors

Tip 6. Handwritten journaling

There's something really special about handwritten journaling on a scrapbooking page.

Even if you're not the neatest writer, don't let that stop you. The thing about handwritten journaling is it adds a wonderful personal touch to your scrapbooking pages.

On this image below you'll see I wrote a quick four lines about this memory.
Scrapbooking page with handwritten journal

Tip 7. Try a mini album

Album with small scrapbook layouts
Incorporate a mini album like this one made from old toilet rolls!
One of my favorite scrapbooking tips is to go mini!

It's especially perfect if you're telling a story across multiple photos such as a wedding.

Each scrapbooking page could be dedicated to a different phase of the wedding. The first could be the engagement, the second could be the hens night and so on.

Mini books are a wonderful hand made gift for others and are pretty easy to make.

Here's more on creating a cute mini scrapbook.

Tip 8. Include something sentimental

One way of turning a "ho-hum" page layouts into something unique is to include a sentimental item (preferably one that is acid free or turned into acid free).

On the layout below I've included the photos from my ultrasound!

Every time I see these photos I am taken right back to the food cravings and back pain!
Include sentimental photos to highlight your memories and stories
Include sentimental items: on this page I included my ultrasound images

 Tip 9. Use patterns or shapes

When you get started making your page with scrapbooking supplies such as plain paper, card stock, photos or background, consider using shapes like the hearts on the pages below as a key element of your layout.

On this scrapbooking page I used love hearts and scattered them around the title and photo to add some action and color to the page!

This works well because the patterned paper on the background is pretty plain and simple.

Want to learn about how scrapbooking came about? Check out our article about the history of scrapbooking

Plain patterned paper background partnered with bright shapes
On this layout I used heart scrapbook patterns to draw attention to the title!

Tip 10. Create your own embellishments

Page layout with DIY embellishments
Make a scrapbook album using DIY embellishments!
Making your own DIY embellishments is easy and can save you cash!

In creating the layout below, I used hanging hearts embellishments using heart cutouts and washi tape.

It took me about 10 minutes to create this effect but doesn't it look great?

Don't be afraid to get creative with your stash and think about how to use them in new, exciting, and creative ways to make an awesome interactive scrapbook page.

Scrapbok printables can be a good thing to use when you create your scrapbooking pages.
There are many scrapbook printables online that you're free to use on your page! Search for free ones then print then cut them out and use them as embellishments.
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