2 Scrapbooking Techniques That Are Memorable & Timeless!

Running out of ideas as you work on your scrapbooks? Need some new inspiration for your scrapbook layouts? These new scrapbook tips and techniques will bring a new lease of life to your pages.

1. Consider Creating Interactive pages.

One of the most popular techniques for scrapbooking is creating interactive pages. Instead of putting your scrapbook pages in plastic sleeves, create layouts that contain little surprises. Here are some fun ideas:
Hidden Journaling Pocket. This scrapbook journaling idea gives a fun and interactive element to your page.

Journaling doesn't always have to be in plain sight. In fact, keeping it hidden in a fabric scrapbooking pocket and letting the viewer hunt for it can be fun. For example, let's say you're creating a layout of your daughter as she leaves for the prom. One of your photo is a head to toe shot and another photo is a close-up of the wrist corsage. Embellish the page with lots of floral items. In the midst of all the creatively put-together embellishments, glue a small pocket that has a floral design on it. Tuck a journal card with a heartfelt message inside of the pocket.
Journal pockets are super easy to make. You can create a pocket from chipboard, card stock or a library card pocket. As you fold the chipboard or card stock, make the back of the pocket a quarter of an inch hire than the front of the pocket. Cover the front of the pocket with decorative scrapbook paper, floral material or a large floral sticker. This simple, yet creative idea, ranks high in the new scrapbooking techniques.

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Small Envelope for Tokens.
Ever wanted to include a special coin, ticket stubs, a drink umbrella or some other small token in a layout, but just didn't know how to display it? Small envelopes work great for tokens.

scrapbook journaling technique
This layout has a hidden journaling flap that pulls out (where the finger is pointing)
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Simply glue the front of the envelope to your layout. Attach a die cut or an unpeeled sticker to the flap of the envelope so that it overlaps onto the envelope when laying flat. Place your token in the envelope and add a word or two to the envelope to let viewers know to peek inside. Note, it's important not to seal the envelope. You want to be able to open and close it without ripping it.
Pull-Out Tab
As a child, you might've read books that had pull-out tabs. You would read the entire page and then would get to pull a tab to reveal a special picture or a very important sentence.

This same concept is one of the hottest scrapbook techniques. Use pull-outs to reveal a photo or journaling. For example, create a scrapbook page for your photos using a photo mat and adhere your journaling inside of the mat. Make a pull-out tab that will reveal the picture that the journaling is in reference to. You can use a cute scrapbook button to use as your puller.

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Lift The Flap
If your layout contains several photos, you might not want to fill up the page with a lot of journaling. For a special scrapbooking technique, create flaps for the photos. Use card stock for matting each photo.

However, instead of adhering the photo to the scrapbook page, adhere your journaling to the layout. Use two-sided tape to attach your photo to the lower portion of the top of your mat and then attach the mat to the page by centering it over the journaling. The viewer can then lift the photo to read the journaling.

Mini Album. A mini scrapbook album is a great way to include extra photos with a layout. For example, let's say your layout is of your baby taking his first steps. The actual layout might contain two or three photos, while the mini album might contain smaller close-up photos–baby's feet, baby holding onto someone's hand, baby trying to maintain balance, etc.

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2. Create transparency rub-ons.

When it comes to hot scrapbooking techniques, creating your own transparency rub-on is a "must try" technique. Even though there are thousands of sticker messages, scrapbooking quotes and sayings, sometimes you just want to come up with your own words, or maybe you're looking for a unique way to add a name or title to a layout. Follow these simple steps to create your own transparency rub-on:
Using Microsoft Publisher or Word, type your text in reverse. Some programs have a reverse print function, or you might need to use Word Art. Choose a font (style of lettering) that fits in with your layout and choose the size and color that you want. Be sure to use a regular overhead transparency.
Print the transparency and let it partially dry for a couple of minutes. Turn the transparent over and line up the text to where you want it for the layout. If you're going to place words in different areas, carefully cut the transparency.
Using a craft stick, rub the transparency to transfer the word from the transparency onto the layout.
In addition to lettering, follow the same steps to add clipart to your layout. You can leave the design as a black image, color it in with permanent markers, or use color ink for the transparency.
If you have some scrapbooking stamps that can be used in reverse order, you can stamp a transparency sheet, wait a couple of minutes, and then transfer it to your layout.
Transparency sheets also work great to house pressed flowers. Using two-sided tape, make a pocket for the flowers and then seal the top. Add the pocket to your layout with two-sided tape.
Interacting pages and creating transparency rub-ons are just two of the popular new scrapbook techniques that a lot of crafters are having fun with. Stay tuned for more ideas in the near future or check out these other scrapbook techniques you need to apply!

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