The 5 Hottest Scrapbook Stamps
You Need In Your Collection!

Embossing your scrapbook pages and stamping are scrapbook techniques that are hot right now. They're part of many scrapbooking tips from professional scrapbookers! And if you've been scrapbooking for a while, you probably have discovered the fun of using scrapbook stamps.

You really need to add stamps to your scrapbooking supplies! With all the different types of stamps available, are some a better choice than others? Here are the five top scrapbooking stamps that scrappers believe are a must have for any collection!

#1 – Cling Scrapbook Stamps (you can create work of ART with these!)

Creative fun symmetrical designs with the use of a clear paddle and cogs and wheels.

To create stunning pieces of artwork that involve little artistic ability, cling stamps are the ultimate scrap book stamps. Why? With the easy to use tools, you're able to evenly space designs which can be so frustrating to do with rubber stamps.

To use a cling stamp, you mount a specially designed stamp onto a stamping gear clear paddle. Most stamps are design to snap in horizontally, vertically and sometimes even diagonally. Using a circle or oval cogs and wheels, you simply stamp around the circle or oval.

scrapbook stamps
The design possibilities are endless! You can use one color and stamp using every other groove and then use a different color for the other grooves. If you enjoy a multi stamp look, then wipe the top half of the stamp on one color ink pad and the bottom half on a different color ink pad, or use a multi-color ink pad.

# 2 – Clear Scrapbook Stamps (get these if you're a BAD smudger!)

For sharp clear stamping, gel clear stamps are a nice addition to your collection. These stamps are easy to use and can be used anywhere on your scrapbooking project. Clear stamps come as a package. You peel back the cover to the package and gently pop out the stamp that you want to use. The stamp is clear, but an imprint of the stamp is on the backside of the packaging. You then mount the stamp to a clear acrylic mounting block that is a little bigger in size. The stamp will cling to the block, so there's no need to use adhesive.

Now that the stamp is ready, you simply stamp it onto an ink pad, or if you prefer, stamp the ink pad onto your stamp. Press the stamp onto your paper and you'll have a beautiful imprint! When you're through using the stamp, clean it off and place it back onto the sheet.

I highly recommend that you purchase a few border stamps and a set of "inches". Inches are 1″x1″ stamps that look great on greeting cards or in the corners of a scrapbooking page.

# 3 – Rubber Scrapbook Stamps (easy as A to Z)

For fun lettering and words, rubber stamps are a great choice.

As I have been experimenting with different types of scrapbook stamping, I have slowly been replacing my wooden rubber stamps with the clear stamps. However, I still prefer the rubber stamps when it comes to letters, numbers and phrases.

Invest in an alphabet set and the numbers 0 through 9. You will use these stamps time and time again. I use the letters for people's names, the tile of pages and as initials on greeting cards.

If I'm creating a scrapbook page and what to emphasize someone's age, or a special wedding anniversary year, then the numbers come in handy. You might also want to invest in a set of stamps that have words, such as holiday words or positive words like "hope", "believe" and "dream".

Scrapbook Stamps: This Is A Script Stamp
This Script Stamp Creates An Old Word Script – Perfect For Vintage Layouts!
Rubber stamps can either be placed onto an ink pad or you can dab the stamp with the ink pad.

Be careful and keep the ink just on the rubber, otherwise you might have stray marks on your paper when you use the stamp.

# 4 – Foam Scrapbooking Stamps (don't like ink? Use acrylic!)

If you're scrapbooking with kids or want to create an abstract look, then foam stamps are a good choice. Instead of ink pads, acrylic paint works well for foam stamps. Place a small amount of paint onto a plastic plate or lid and dip the stamp into the paint. As you stamp your paper (card stock or construction paper works best), you may discover that the paint doesn't apply evenly. That's okay. This gives your work an interesting appeal.

# 5 – Roller Scrapbook Stamps (create borders the EASY way)

When creating greeting cards or wanting a short border for a scrapbooking page, a roller stamp works well. I recommend when you first start out, purchasing roller stamps that come as one unit (the stamp attached to the roller). Be sure to roll the stamp onto your ink pad several times to make sure it's thoroughly covered with ink and then simply roll the stamp wherever you want your hearts, balloons, or whatever design that you pick out. If you decide to use a roller stamp for the full length of a piece of paper, you might want to roll hallway, re-ink, and then finish rolling. Otherwise, your stamping will look faded towards the end of the page.

Scrapbook stamping is a lot of fun, and as you can see, the choices are endless. You'll most likely discover that your choice of stamp depends on the purpose for using it. Stamps can be found at craft stores, retail stores that have craft departments, and sometimes at the dollar stores. Also be on the lookout for stamp supplies the next time you're at a garage sale!

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