6 Stamping Techniques To Give You Eye-Catching Results!

If you want to add extra pizzazz to your scrapbook layouts, how about trying some scrapbook stamping techniques? Stamping is easy to do and is unique each time you do it. These six techniques will give your layouts great eye-catching results!

Although a lot of my stamping techniques and ideas are inspired by fellow scrapbookers, I do a fair amount of experimenting with items that I have at home. One such experiment was with a water bottle! (my husband thought I was crazy!!)

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If you're excited to learn about scrapbook stamping, then please continue reading the 6 stamping techniques that are proven to result in gorgeous layouts!

1. Water bottle stamping techniques. Simple and fun.

I enjoy trying different stamping techniques and ideas. Recently while drinking from a water bottle, I was fascinated by the wavy grooves in the bottle and thought they could make an interesting effect on my page.

To create a fun border for one of my layouts I took the empty water bottle and colored two inches of the bottle with a big brush marker, all the way around. I then carefully rolled the bottled from the bottom of the page up. It created interesting grooves which went from dark to light. I did this to each side of the layout and the end result looked great! My background paper had different shades of greens and blues and my ink was blue. Try this for yourself and see what kind of results you can get!

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2. Dimensional stamping technique. Breathtaking.

One of the most eye-catching scrapbooking trends using amazing stamping techniques can easily be created by using a couple of different stamps and one ink pad.

Start by using a dark piece of scrapbook paper. Using a white ink pad, lightly randomly stamp on the paper with both acrylic and scrapbooking rubber stamps.

Stamping Techniques: Different Colored Stamps Create Dimension On This Page!
This Layout Features Different Colored Stamps To Create More DImension!
To create a dimensional effect, heavily stamp in random areas. This technique works really well when creating a nature background.

For example, use two different types of leaves, two different kinds of flowers or two different snowflakes. Once the ink is thoroughly dry, you can then add your photos, journaling, embellishments, etc.

3. Add depth to your scrapbooking stamping. Shading is key.

Have you ever noticed when people color in a stamped design, some appear to be more dimensional than others?

If you're adding a good size stamp to a layout or perhaps you're creating a greeting card, you'll want to color the stamped design with color pencils. Use a blue pencil and lightly color along the inside of the design's border. This will give the appearance of shading which adds dimension.

As you color in the various parts of the design, use different shadings to create depth as well.

4. Tone on tone embossing. Clear embossing.

One of the most stunning scrapbooking stamping techniques is to use tone on tone embossing. This idea works really well to create unique frames for photos, to accent corners of a layout, or when creating a greeting card.

The technique is a simple one. Press your stamp onto a clear embossing ink pad and then press the design wherever you want it. Cover with clear embossing powder. Tap off the powder and melt the design with a heat gun. The design will be a shade or two darker than the paper you put it on.

5. Collage technique. Unique and fun.

Scrapbooking stamping techniques work great in creating a collage border for your layout. Clear stamps work best for this idea. Here are two simple ideas:

♥ One stamp. Choose a stamp, ink it with a color and randomly stamp along the edge of your layout. When stamping, change the slant of your stamp. Then choose two other colors and do the same thing. Overlap part of your stamping.

♥ Three stamps. Choose three stamps that have a similar theme. For example, if you're doing a layout of traveling, you might want to use stamps that represent a ticket, coin and plane. Create a border similar to the "one stamp" collage. However, use colors of the same family, such as yellow, beige and brown. For added variation, press hard for some of the stamping and lightly for others.

The collage technique also works well when making greeting cards.

6. Generation stamping techniques. Experiment with shades.

When you're creating a scrapbook page that has just one photo on it, generation stamping is a fun technique to use. You'll need a rectangular shape stamp, press it into your ink and then randomly stamp the middle 6×6 inch area of the page. Don't re-ink as you stamp. You want some dark blocks and some faded ones.

Another way to create the same effect is to use a special stamp that can be colored with a big brush marker. You then stamp using the same technique. Place your photo off-centered and add a title and journaling. Experiment with generation stamping. Use a bright color when putting together a fun layout of your child, or use brown on dark green paper when creating a layout of your great-grandparents.

Scrapbooking stamps are a lot of fun to use and will add special eye-catching results to your scrapbook layouts. In addition to the techniques described above, look around you for other inspirational ideas. For me, it was a water bottle. What will become your new inspiration?

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