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"WARNING Don't Even Think About Beginning Another Scrapbook Layout Until You've Read Every Single Word On This Page!"
Tue 29th September 2020
From the desk of Anna Lyons (Scrapbooking
Dear Scrapbooker,

How would you like to unlock your scrapbooking creativity once and for all?

Hi my name is Anna Lyons from Scrapbooking Coach.

I know what it's like to struggle with creativity. I used to stare at card stock, hoping divine inspiration would strike.

I desperately wanted to create something beautiful from scratch - but it was always a struggle.

Some days, I felt like inspiration had taken a vacation and my creativity had gone with it....

And then I'd beat myself up for it. I'd say to myself, "You weren't really that creative anyway", "your pages will NEVER be as good as hers", "you should just quit this whole scrapbooking thing".

This kind of self talk was a real confidence killer....and it almost made me give up on scrapbooking altogether.

Then one day, I stumbled across 3 scrapbooking techniques that helped me discover my true creativity and put the JOY back into my scrapbooking....

And it's these 3 techniques that I want to talk with you about today....

"Are You Ready To Discover Scrapbook Embossing & Stamping Techniques That Will Rescue You From The Creative Rut....?"
Great! Because I know that these techniques will help you be more creative in the same way they helped me.

So what are these 3 techniques I'm talking about?

Scrapbook embossing, stamping and inking techniques!

You've probably seen stamps, inks and powders at the store before. Or maybe you've even bought some, but never learnt the incredible ways you can use them on your pages.

Well, let me tell you something, when you unlock the SECRETS of these powerful tools, you'll wonder how you ever scrapped without them!

You'll have so many ideas, you won't know what to do with yourself.

In fact, once you discover what you can do with scrapbook embossing powders, inks and scrapbook stamps , you'll lay awake at night with your mind racing with what you can do on your next layout...

"Here's Just A Few, Simple Ways You Can Get More CREATIVE With Scrapbook Embossing And Stamping Techniques On Your Pages"
  • Stamp old card stock to INSTANTLY modernize it and give it a NEW LOOK!
  • Layer embossing powders to CREATE TEXTURE AND DIMENSION so your pages have the 3D look!
  • Blend inks together to create virtually LIMITLESS EFFECTS on your pages that are totally unique to YOU!
  • Experiment with combining inks and scrapbook embossing powders to create a "wet" ,"marbled" or "metal" look...
  • Use different inks to stamp on virtually ANY surface including glass, gloss, even metal!
  • and so much MORE!
The bottom line is there's so many ways you can use inks, stamps and embossing powders on your pages.

And here at Scrapbooking Coach we want to bring you up to speed on all the AMAZING ways you can use inks, stamps and embossing powders on your pages in one easy to follow class...
"Introducing The Scrapbook Embossing and Stamping Techniques Secrets Of The Pro's!"
The Inking, Stamping And Scrapbook Embossing Secrets Of The Pros is a full 90 minute class teaching you how to use inks, stamps and embossing powders with amazing results.

Everything we show you in this class will help you create exquisite effects for your pages, and fire up your creativity like nothing else.
And best of all, these techniques work perfectly on modern layouts, heritage layouts , or any kind of layout you want! In fact, you can even use these techniques on your card making, project life or other craft projects.

...but where it gets REALLY exciting is when we show you (in the training) how to combine the inking, stamping and embossing techniques to get even more effects for your pages!
Forget searching through magazines or websites for ideas...all the ideas and inspiration are already in YOU....we just show you the inking, stamping and embossing techniques to help you discover that and bring it out in your scrapbooking.
"Your Scrapbook Embossing and Stamping Coach Will Teach You EVERYTHING You Need To Know!"
Our inking, stamping and embossing training is presented by a ranger certified scrapbooking veteran. She's on the design teams for some of the biggest names including Bo Bunny, Xyron, Piccolo and Globecraft.
She has been scrapbooking for over 30 years and is in high demand as a teacher at specialty scrapbooking retreats across the U.S.

As well as being a contributing writer to Scrapbooker and Craft Critique, her designs regularly appear in big name scrapbooking magazines.

As well as being a contributing writer to Scrapbooker and Craft Critique, her designs regularly appear in big name scrapbooking magazines.

We haven't included a photo of her on this page because she's filming these videos for us undercover , and she doesn't want to hurt the number of attendees at her events.

FACT: your inking, stamping and embossing scrapbooking coach has taught many scrapbookers like yourself how to get the most out of their pages with these beautiful techniques, and now she'll teach YOU!

...And now, with 90 minutes of over the shoulder training you'll discover the exact same inking, stamping and embossing secrets that have the big industry names asking for her tailor made pages!
Here's why we think you'll LOVE everything we'll show you about scrapbook embossing, stamping and inking!
  • We explain each of the major inks in detail, so you'll know what to use and how to use it to keep your pages looking great and smudge free!
  • We teach you some of the most powerful ink and scrapbook embossing combo techniques so you'll be able to re-create the beautiful eye-catching effects for your own layouts!
  • You'll learn the key to layering multiple inks, so you're pages will have that unique and "tailor made" look...
  • We'll show you how to clean your stamps (to get rid of any leftover ink residue) so you get a PERFECTLY CLEAN stamping effect each and every time...
  • You'll see how to use clean inks with coloured embossing powders, or coloured inks with clean embossing powders, so you'll have even MORE ideas for your pages.
  • We show you the "super" ink that adheres to anything so you can create gorgeous effects on plastics, mirrors, glass or acrylic...
  • Learn how to create a GORGEOUS 'bleeding ink effect' with 1 secret ingredient (that's found in your kitchen) that will look PERFECT on all your heritage / vintage layouts...
  • All the video training is delivered straight to your email so you can watch all the training on your computer without even leaving your home...
  • We teach you how to re-ink your pads yourself so you can save time and money! (This tip alone will save you hundreds of dollars over a few years!!)
  • All of the 90 minute 'over-the-shoulder' training is structured and packed full of all you need to know so you don't have to trawl through the internet and Youtube to try and piece together different bits of the puzzle....
  • You can watch the training as many times as you like, so you can take it all in in one sitting, or over a few days. Either way – when you're ready, we're ready to teach you!
  • All our training videos can be watched on a full computer screen, so if your eye sight isn't what is used to be, don't worry, you'll still be able to see every detail...
  • Plus much MUCH more!
"Here's What Some Of Our Students Say About Our Scrapbook Embossing And Stamping Classes!"
"The Inking, Stamping And Embossing Secrets Of The Pros is an AMAZING fieldtrip into the mind of a professional stamping artist! I'll be watching these videos again and again, and I'm sure I'll see something new each time. SIMPLY EXCELLENT!"

Renee Robbins (, Chicago, IL
"The videos were exceptionally well done. The examples (prior completed craft projects) of the various results which can be achieved using the illustrated techniques were AMAZING!...I took notes, I replayed the video, and I cannot wait to experiment! Thank you, thank you, thank you again for INSPIRING me!"

Amy W., Lakewood Ranch, Florida
"I LOVE the videos! I really liked the direct, clear language and examples in the videos. Very helpful and informative! I have been a scrap booker for a long time, but never incorporated much stamping – but you have inspired me! In fact, I have placed two large orders with Ranger and Picollo ;)"

Marlo Waters, Lexington, Ky.
"I LOVE how she started the first video by showing her viewers the different types of inks available on the market. She described the different uses by giving out examples on how these can be used. I learnt more about Stazon inks, something which I never used before... She also teaches her viewers how to play with clear and colored embossing powders...I cannot say thank you enough to Anna! Please keep up the great work and the AWESOME videos!!!"

Jennyfer L , Ontario, Canada
"I am not a new scrap booker, but I am not a proficient scrap booker, either. I love to scrapbook with my friends. I ordered "The Inking, Stamping & Embossing Secrets of The Pros" and I have already learned so much! Anna is wonderful, and makes it all so easy to understand. She's very thorough in her explanations. I think anyone could understand and apply these video's. I am SO THANKFUL I ordered them!"

Lynda Parker, USA
"...I Really Want To Encourage You To Explore The Wonderful World Of Scrapbook Stamping And Embossing, So I Want To Give You A Very Special Discount..."
The 90 minutes of premium training inside The Inking, Stamping And Embossing Secrets Of The Pros is worth $67....But today I'd love to welcome you in the door of this premium scrapbooking training for a massive discount!

Not only that, I want to make this the the best investment you've made into your scrapbooking so I'd like to include these 5 bonuses!
FREE Bonus # 1 Timeless Techniques (Value – $49.95)
In Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks you'll discover 3 of the most breath-taking effects you can use on your pages.

In this online video training you'll be able to watch exactly how they are done, and then follow along at home for spectacular results!

Discover how to use paper weaving effects to create a stunning elevated platform for your embellishments and photos, find out the secrets of stitching on your layout and learn a basic embossing technique that will give you a wonderful effect.

FREE Bonus # 2 -Be A Scrapbooking Pro Ebook (Value – $19.95)
In this comprehensive ebook, you'll discover the secrets to creating scrapbooks like the pros!

Discover how to create and use your own kool aid dye, pop up windows, how to dry-brush, rubber stamping and much much more!

There's plenty of much-needed advice in this ebook that will sharpen your creative output and give you a heap of new ideas that will instantly add more beauty to your pages!

FREE Bonus # 3 -How To Create Heartfelt Journaling Without The Headache (Value – $19.95)
This ebook is packed full of inspiring ways you can create heartfelt journaling on your scrapbook pages so you can tell the story behind each of your photos quickly & easily.

You'll discover lots and lots of new ways you can add journaling to your pages! Plus we show you a cool little exercise that's proven to give you PERFECT handwriting on your pages first time, every time!

Normally valued at $19.95 this ebook is yours FREE when you purchase The Inking, Stamping & Embossing Secrets Of The Pros!

FREE Bonus # 4 -80 Scrapbooking Quotes About Grandparents! (Value – $19.95)
Discover over 80 funny, inspiring and heart warming quotes about Grandparents in this fabulous ebook. This is the perfect resource for Grandparents who LOVE creating layouts of their precious Grandkids.

Valued at $19.95 it's yours free when you order the Inking, Stamping and Embossing Secrets Of The Pros!
"This Is Your Chance To Create More Beautiful Scrapbooks Than You EVER Dreamed Possible..."
Just so you know, the total combined value of all the Inking, Stamping And Scrapbook Embossing training PLUS the bonuses is $176.80, but today, I want to give it all to you for a fraction of that price.
Because it's our opening sale for this training, I want to give you full access to The Inking, Stamping And Embossing Secrets Of The Pros, plus the 5 additional bonuses for just $27.97.

But make sure you're quick because this opening sale price won't be round forever. I will almost certainly increase the price of this training in the next few months, and I'd hate for you to come back and see it selling for double , even triple the price of what is is today....
And remember, you are completely covered by my 100% 30 day money back guarantee. So if you decide the training isn't for you, then just email me and I'll rush you a complete refund.
Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Order The Inking, Stamping And Embossing Secrets Of The Pros, and give it your own personal "test run". Take a full 30 days, and use it as your own. If you aren't completely thrilled with the results...for any reason or for no reason at all....simply email me, and I'll rush you a complete refund of every penny. No questions asked. No hassle. No delay.
"And Now A Gentle Warning..."
Sure you can spend a lot of time reading articles and watching videos on YouTube about using inks, stamps and embossing powders. But none of them pull all the secrets of inking, stamping and embossing together in one easy-to-follow system.

In fact $27.97 is such a painless drop in the bucket, you're likely to save this much just by choosing the 'right ink' for your project.

In just a few moments, you can access everything you need to get the creative flow going and produce beautiful scrapbook pages to save memories for future generations. And it's backed by our 100% money back guarantee. No hassles and no fuss.

So, seeing as you've read this far, you've got two choices...

You can :

a) Click away from this page and continue the FRUSTRATING search for new ideas and inspiration (and still have staring competitions with card-stock and NEVER release your creative potential).

Or you can...

b) Dive into the world of inking, stamping and embossing and take your scrapbooking to a surprising new level! In just 90 minutes you'll break through that creative barrier that's been holding you back and have a head bursting full of ideas! Quite simply, your pages will never be the same.

From where I sit, the answer is pretty simple...I'd encourage you to start your inking, stamping and embossing journey today!

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  • How To Create Heartfelt Journaling Without The Headache (value $19.95)
  • 80 Scrapbooking Quotes About Grandparents (value – $19.95)
I understand I will get all of this training for just $27.97
Until next time, be inspired to creatively preserve your most precious memories, now and always,
P.S. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose! With my 100% money back guarantee if you're not totally delighted with the training I'll rush you a complete refund! Just try The Inking, Stamping And Embossing Secrets Of The Pros and you can always change your mind later.
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P.P.S. Let your imagination soar at the possibilities once you learn these stamping and embossing secrets! You'll fall in love with scrapbooking all over again! And with The Inking, Stamping And Embossing Secrets Of The Pros you'll have all the confidence you need to succeed! But this sale price WILL NOT LAST, so click here now to get it for a fraction of what it's worth!

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