7 HOT Scrapbooking Techniques You Should Be Using On Your Pages Right Now!

It seems like each month there's new scrapbooking techniques being featured in the magazines that look absolutely gorgeous.

Each year as scrapbooking continues to be one of the top hobbies enjoyed by people of all ages, more and more ideas are being shared at scrapbooking parties, on the internet, and through craft magazines.

Here are the seven hot scrapbooking techniques you should be using on your layouts this year!

# 1 – Incorporate weaving.

One of the hottest techniques being used for scrapbook layouts is weaving. Remember as a little kid in school the teacher would have you weave strips of construction paper into a large piece of construction paper that had slits? Using the same concept, you can incorporate weaving into your layout.

Whether you choose to weave a border, photo frames, or different shades of green to add grass to a page, weaving adds a fun texture and look to your layout.

Although you can use construction paper to weave with, experiment with different materials, such as: patterned scrapbook paper, wallpaper, ribbon or durable wrapping paper. If you use a small weave, you can adhere your weaving to pre-cut stock paper to create most any design. For example, flower petals look stunning made out of weaving.

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# 2 – Embellish with buttons.

More and more, buttons are becoming a huge hit in the world of scrapbooking. You can embellish your layout in so many different ways with the use of just a few buttons. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• create a border for one or more sides of your layout

• use buttons for the center of flowers

• make button borders for photos and journaling blocks

• add a monogram made out of buttons

• fill an empty space with two or three different buttons

Chances are you already have buttons, especially if you buy clothing that includes extra buttons. If you need to buy buttons, you can actually purchase buttons that are made for scrapbooking. These buttons are usually thinner than regular buttons. You'll also find a wide selection of themed buttons, such as hearts, frogs or smiley faces.
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# 3 – Jazz your layout with patterned tape.

Patterned tape, such as the designs created by Washi Tape strips, is super hot in scrapbooking! You can quickly add borders, fill in an empty space, or create photo mats with patterned tape. Floral, checkered and stripes are the most popular choices of tape.

# 4 – Add glitz and glam!

Are you drawn to scrapbooking paper that has glitter? It's easy to create the same effect with your favorite scrapbooking paper. Choose different shapes on the paper, add clear glue, and sprinkle with glitter! Also, adding flat craft gems, sequins and pearl accents will give your layouts lots of glitz and glam!

# 5 – Recycle it.

With more and more people choosing to "go green" and wanting to find new purposes for items that would've been typically thrown away, using recycled items in scrapbook layouts is becoming hugely popular! Here are some fun examples of products that you probably have at your home:
• Cut out the inner circle from plastic container tops and use as photo mats.
• Make titles out of cardboard. You'll need to use an exacto knife to cut out each letter.
• Turn unused envelopes that come with your bills and advertisements into confetti.
• Cut out designs from the leftover holiday paper napkins.
• For small weaving projects, weave strips of candy bar wrappers together. This will add a fun touch of bright shinny colors.

# 6 – Mix and match patterns.

For many years, scrapbookers focused on coordinating patterns and colors for each layout. One of the hottest scrapbooking techniques now is to mix it up!!!

Try blending polka dots and plaids together, or how about mixing different shades of orange and reds together? By sticking with two main patterns or two colors, you'll be surprised at how well they can work together.

# 7 – Include texture.

Texture is a huge appeal to so many people. How often when you go shopping, do you like to touch items and feel the texture?

Whether you're scrapbooking a card, a mini scrapbook, or working on a scrapbook page, adding texture will make a big difference in your layout.

Burlap, textured wallpaper, sandpaper, lace, and corduroy have been super popular choices this year.

Embellishments can provide texture as well. Tiny hearts, silk flowers, brass tacks and tiny pom poms are fun choices.

If you're creating a layout that will be kept in a plastic sleeve, then you need to be sure to choose embellishments that aren't too bulky. However, if you're making holiday cards, then you don't have to be as concerned.

One of the key ingredients in creating an awesome scrapbook layout, is to experiment with new ideas!

Even if you have your favorite template, just by adding new textures, glitter or a little bit of a weaving, can make a huge difference.

Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns or putting together two colors that typically are kept separate. Implement some of these scrapbooking techniques and you'll be onboard with this year's new trends!

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