5 Tips To Creating An Exquisite Mini Scrapbook

One of the hottest trends in the world of scrapbooking is utilizing mini scrapbook album ideas in place of the popular 12×12 albums.

Why mini scrapbooking? Whether used as a standalone or to enhance a scrapbook page, mini scrapbooks allow you to showcase one theme that is captured in just a few pages.

Besides, the albums are cute and a fun way to share your photos with family and friends!

Here are five cool scrapbook tips to help you create lovely mini books!

Tip 1. Decide on the purpose. Standalone or enhance an old page.

As mentioned above, a mini scrapbook can be an actual album, or it can be used to add something unexpected to an older page.

The first step you need to decide on is the purpose of your scrapbook mini book.

If it's going to be a standalone album, you can create the album or purchase a small photo album (the type that holds one photo per sleeve).

Small photo albums can be purchased at a retail store, a craft store or even a dollar store.

If you are thinking about using a mini scrapbook to enhance a 12×12 scrapbook page or even a handmade greeting card, create an album of six front/back pages or less.

Usually when a mini scrapbook is used in this matter, the purpose of the scrapbook is to provide more details of the scrapbook page theme.

For example, let's say your scrapbooking layout theme is about your child enjoying his birthday cake as he turns two. The mini scrapbook might contain photos of your daughter helping to make the cake, the two of you decorating the cake, your son running his finger through the frosting, etc.

Tip 2. Design a mini scrapbook that will stay together. Binding matters.

In regards to mini scrapbook album ideas, it all starts with making a sturdy, long lasting album. First, decide on the size of the scrapbook mini book. A popular size is 4×6 inch.

Fold and cut cardstock so that it is double the size of the desired scrapbook. Only use three or four sheets of cardstock;

Mini Scrapbook: This example is bound by lace.
This mini book is held together by lace.
Otherwise, your album will be too thick and may not stay together well.

Use one of the cardstocks as the main section (outside) of the mini scrapbook. Using a liquid glue, glue each folded cardstock separately to the center fold of the main cardstock. Press the album together and let the glue thoroughly dry. Another option is to place the cardstock pages in one pile. Fold the top cardstock in half to form a crease. Open the cardstock back up and sew along the crease.

If your mini scrapbook album is a standalone, then you have all sorts of binding options. A simple, yet elegant, method is to punch two or three holes along the left side or top of your album and use mini metal rings, brass fasteners, yarn, twine or ribbon to fasten the pages together. Another fun option is to fold card stock into three sections, leaving a one inch strip to adhere to the back cover. When the album is open, you simply unfold the page, revealing six pages.

Tip 3. Create a dimensional mini scrapbook album cover. Add depth.

When creating mini scrapbooks, if the scrapbook is going to be attached to a scrapbook page or a greeting card, you'll want to keep each page as flat as possible. For instance, avoid using buttons, puffy stickers, etc. However, be creative with the cover! By adding some dimension to the design, it will draw special attention to the mini scrapbook. Here are some ideas:

♥ Create a title with corrugated letters

♥ Add tiny buttons or hearts

♥ Make a border out of lace, ribbon or twine

♥ Design a die cut for the center of the cover and adhere it with foam tape

♥ Use tiny flowers at the top of the cover

♥ Create a layered effect by using different sheets of cardstock

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Tip 4. Use the same background throughout the mini scrapbook. Consistency.

As you try out various mini scrapbook album ideas, consider using the same background for each page. Since a mini scrapbook contains just a few pages intended to bring extra attention to a particular theme, let the photos be the main focal point.

If you're making a mini scrapbook rather than using a purchased album, then your cardstock can be used as the background.

Decide ahead of time if you want to keep the background natural, or if using a color is appropriate.

For example, if the mini scrapbook is about a baby girl, then using pink, purple, yellow or green as the background is a great idea.

If you're going to use a small photo album for your scrapbook, cardstock might be too thick. Scrapbook paper is a better option for your background.

Tip 5. Keep your journaling simple. Words or phrases work best.

One of the key things to keep in mind while creating mini scrapbooks is to keep your writing to a minimum.

Many mini scrapbooks don't contain any writing. Each page has a photo with little or no embellishments. If you do choose to include writing, use just a word or a phrase—something that will enhance the photo.

Another option is to use word or message stickers.

One of the great things about mini scrapbook album ideas is that in a small amount of time you can create something that is creative and exquisite.

Fewer supplies will be needed and this is the type of project that you can easily work on when you have a spare 15 or 20 minutes. You may also apply these need-to-know scrapbook techniques on your mini scrapbook album.

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