Bullet Journal Scrapbook Designs
That Will Change Your Planner Forever

I'm in absolute love with bullet journal scrapbooking. It satisfies both my urge to be creative, but also my need to be organized. Basically, a bullet journal or bujo scrapbook is a win-win!

If you're new to the concept of a scrapbook bullet journal, the easiest way to describe it is that it's like taking an ordinary bullet journal and making it look really, really pretty by styling it like a scrapbook. Here are some scrapbook tips you can also apply in your journaling.
bujo pages designs
Design ideas for your bullet journal spreads
Now, you are free to use whatever you like to make your bullet journal amazing but I personally like to include photos, stickers, stamps, magazine cut-outs, and any painting and drawing that I'm brave enough to attempt on the day. Basically, all the usual scrapbooking stuff!

Although your page size will vary depending on the size of your journal, it will be much smaller than a standard scrapbooking page size so you end up creating a mini scrapbook of sorts.
A lot of people like to use a standard size journal, but I personally like to use a visual diary as the paper is a little thicker, allowing me to get creative with paints and markers without scoring a hole in the paper.

Fun fact - A bullet journal is sometimes called a "BuJo", so when searching for inspiration on Pinterest or the internet, try also searching "scrapbooking BuJo".

What should I put in my scrapbook bullet journal?

Common pages for bullet journal scrapbooks include daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning type pages.

You can put just about anything inside these pages! Your monthly page may include birthdays, goals to achieve, and other important dates. Your weekly page would probably be more specific with to-do lists, food and exercise goals, and maybe even a shopping list.

Below are six scrapbook bullet journal inspiration designs for monthly and weekly layouts that will hopefully change your planner forever!

Spread idea #1 - Weekly bullet journal scrapbook

journaling spread bujo style
A bullet journal inspiration based on gardening!
Spring is in the air with this early March weekly scrapbook bullet journaling. This layout is a great example of how bullet journal scrapbooks can be totally personalized ... in this case, a home gardener's scrapbook bullet journal! You can use a washi tape set for this design too.

The first week of March is the first week of Spring in the USA (Autumn for Australia) so I have gone with an early spring planting theme.
This particular bullet journal scrapbooking layout was created using a combination of DIY scrapbook printables, pre-purchased stickers, a sheet from a paper mini-stack and Copic markers to hand draw the potted plants.

Spread idea #2 - Weekly bullet journal scrapbook

weekly tracker scrapbook journal
A weekly tracker journal spread is perfect for recording your progress!
Many bullet journaling scrapbooks are used as a motivational tool, a way to keep us on track with our goals. This weekly layout was created with motivation in mind and of course, coincides with early January when new year resolutions are fresh on the mind.


This motivational mini scrapbook layout was created with a combination of pre-purchased stickers, scrapbook printables, motivational stickers, and a circle paper punch. The pre-purchased stickers include a daily steps count and a workout log ... perfect for keeping me on track with my exercise goals.

Spread idea #3 - Weekly scrapbook bullet journal

scrapbook journals spread
A holiday theme Christmas scrapbooking idea perfect for counting down the days till Christmas!
Not many weeks of the year are more exciting than the week Christmas falls on. I have celebrated this special week with a Christmas theme and a photo of my son on his very first birthday, with a caption that reads, "It's not what's under the tree that matters ... It's who is gathered around it."

This Christmas-themed weekly bullet journal scrapbooking inspiration page was created using DIY printables, a red sheet of card, watercolor paints, and pre-purchased stickers.

Spread idea #4 - Monthly bullet journal spreads

fun craft notebook journals
A seasonal journal spread design using leaf cut out embellishments!
I like the idea of tying the monthly theme in with the beginning of the season. The page above for September marks the start of Autumn in the USA, so I have created a fall-themed page. Of course, for those of you in Australia, September heralds the beginning of Spring.

This monthly bullet journal spread layout was created using a combination of printables, pre-purchased stickers, washi tape, hand-drawn lettering, and handmade leaves.

The fall theme is told through the color scheme and the leaves. The leaves were made by sponging watercolor paint in yellow, orange, and red on a piece of white paper. Once this was dry, I used a set of leaf die and ran it through my die cut machine.

They came out just beautiful as you can see more clearly in the image of my supplies for this project below!

scrapbook your photos in your notebook

Spread idea #5 - Monthly bullet journal ideas

I have always liked the idea of creating on the cheap by using everyday items that we would normally throw away. So when I saw someone on Pinterest using bubble wrap as a stamp, I just had to try this out for myself!

This layout was created using a combination of stamps (made from bubble wrap), paint, a sheet from a mini-paper stack, and pre-purchased stickers and die-cut embellishments.
craft notebook for pictures
A creative journal spread design using diy bubble warp stamps!

The bubble wrap stamp trees were easy peasy. Here's how to do it:

     1. Grab some scrap bubble wrap and cut a few different circle sizes.
     2. Smear acrylic or watercolor paint onto your bubble wrap.
     3. Press it down onto your paper, "moosh it in", and carefully peel it off.
     4. Once it's dry, grab some tree-trunk-colored paint and finish them off.

Here's what the trees look like closer up. I think these would look great using neon colors on black card!

create a minimalist bullet style scrapbook
Wait! Now That You Know What Embellishments To Use For Your Page, Then You'll Need To Start Working On Your Scrapbook Page....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

♥How to get your creative juices flowing again so you'll NEVER experience scrappers block again!

♥How to always have the perfect scrapbook layout for every occasion!

Spread idea #6 - Monthly scrapbook bujo

I don't know about you, but I find rows of circles strangely satisfying. What better way to use this idea than in a monthly calendar tracker?
I wanted to give the days of the month more space to shine in this layout but also acknowledge that February features Valentines' Day by celebrating the loved ones within my home.

This bullet journal design was created using pre-purchased journaling stickers, letter stickers, a simple circle punch, a sheet of blue card, and some pens and markers.
notebook doodles scrapbook
Incorporate stickers into your scrapbook journal spread!
Here's how to make the flower border around the month title:

1. Grab a scrap of card and cut it into a rectangle the size of the gap you wish your title to sit on.
2. Tape it to your page with tape that will remove easily as per the photograph below.
3. Go ahead and draw your cute flowers or other images in. Feel free to go over your card as this is what creates the neat edge when we remove the card later!
4. Keep the scrap piece of card in place until you are completely finished with the color.
5. Remove the piece of card and .... there you go!

create bujo background layouts
Enhance your pages with borders!
For more ideas, check out our scrapbook layout sketches book! It's a great resource for creative inspiration!

Thoughts on bullet journal scrapbooking ...

A bujo scrapbook is so versatile as a planner and many enthusiasts also include themes from finances to sticking to a healthy eating plan through to gratitude logs. You can personalize it how you see fit!

More importantly, a bujo scrapbook can help with your mental health as by recording your mood, habits, and thoughts on a regular basis you can gain insights into mental health triggers and more.
The scrapbook bullet journal can help you stay motivated and positive by including goal setting and inspirational imagery ... not to mention the fun creative outlet.
art border craft notebook
A floral border idea that highlights the title of your pages!
Now that I've shown you mine, feel free to show me yours! I'd love to see some of your great scrapbook bullet journal pages. Have any of these scrapbook journal ideas inspired you? Do you have a great idea that's just too good not to share?

Happy bullet journal scrapbooking!
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