3 Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas: Secrets To Having An Amazing Christmas Scrapbook Layout

Here at Scrapbooking Coach, we love giving you scrapbook ideas for all the different and important events. One of the most popular scrapbook layouts is a Christmas Scrapbook. Because the holiday is jam-packed with so much activity, scrapbookers sometimes tend to overdo it with their Christmas layout ideas in an attempt to create a beautiful scrapbook page!

They want to include so much that it ends up becoming a glorified photo album and loses its uniqueness in showcasing their December holiday fun!

Here are a few secret scrapbook ideas on how to create a successful Christmas scrapbook layout that you can be proud of!

Follow these 3  Merry Christmas Scrapbook Ideas

Secret #1. Decide on your number of scrapbook pages

As you sort through and select photos for your scrapbooking layouts for Christmas, determine how many pages you want to use for your album.

Organize your photos for a more stress-free scrapbooking experience.

I recently put together a Christmas scrapbook album from two years ago.

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christmas scrapbook layouts
When I first pulled out my shoebox of Christmas photos, my husband smiled and just shook his head. I had close to 100 photos and he wondered how I was going to choose just a handful for my Christmas scrapbook.

Since I had purchased a Christmas scrapbook album last year after the holidays, I knew that the album could only hold 16 pages (front and back of 8 album pages). I usually only include two photos on a single layout, but occasionally will add a third or fourth photo when the design allows me to. So, I knew that I would only be using 40 photos or less using different Christmas scrapbook layouts. Your scrapbook layout might contain more or less than mine though.

Most Christmas albums already have a scrapbook layout suggestion. Some albums will allow you to add a couple of additional pages to expand your very merry scrapbook ideas if so desired.

If you're making your own Christmas holiday memorabilia, consider using no more than ten front/back pages.

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Secret #2. Choose merry and unique shots as scrapbook layout focal point

Discover how to make your Christmas scrapbook layouts different than the typical Christmas ones.

As I sorted through my Christmas photos, I was drawn to some of those that I took for fun. Originally, I thought that these particular photos would be cropped and used as accents for my pages. But as I began to study them, I decided to make a few of these merry photos as my focal point.

Here are a couple of focal point ideas:

Christmas flickering candle flame

scrapbook layouts tip

One of my favorite shots that gives you the Christmas holiday feels was the glowing flame of a candle. When the wax was just beginning to melt down the sides of the candle and the flame contained blue, green, yellow, and almost a red shade. I decided on crafting fun Christmas layouts centralizing on the candle.

For the background, I adhered a sheet of red paper to the album page and used a 5×7 copy of the candle photo, and placed it in the lower left-hand corner. Using my laptop and transparent sticky paper, I printed a pretty font and typed "Love reflects the heart" which I adhered to the right of the photo.

I cropped one photo of my friend's daughter checking herself out in a mirror where she was wearing a red dress with red ribbons on her hair. I also ended up scrapping a photo of my son's surprised look when he removed the cover to a wrapped box and discovered a puppy! The expression on his face was priceless. I framed each cropped photo with a mat made out of aluminum foil.

When I was lucky to find scrapbook paper that had a fireplace mantle, I decided to cut out the mantle which was the width of the page, and glued it above the 5×7 photo. The page turned out beautiful! I placed the two framed photos onto the mantle; it encapsulated the beautiful memories we made that holiday season.

Dear Santa Christmas Layouts

My friend's daughter Emma, had written a precious letter to Santa letting him know that she had been good and what she wanted for Christmas from Santa. I had forgotten that I had taken photos of the letter until I was sorting through the photos, which gave me tons of great scrapbook ideas for a Christmas layout featuring Dear Santa.

For the background, I used a themed paper that had a decorated Christmas tree to the left of the page. I placed the photos of Emma's letter, along with a couple of stickers of gift boxes, milk, and cookies underneath a cut-out Christmas tree.

Toward the top of the page, I made crooked letters and wrote "Dear Santa..."

I included a photo of Emma asleep in her bed wearing her Rudolph pajamas. I used a bubble sticker and listed some of the items that Emma had on her Christmas wish list. It came out as an adorable page, making it one of my favorite Christmas layouts for my family friends!

Secret #3. Creative Christmas scrapbook layouts embellishments

As you think about Christmas scrapbook ideas, The Holidays has so much to offer in terms of embellishments.

I have learned to save, save, save! Last year I purposely saved most of the wrapping paper, gift bags, cards, ribbons, bows, I used to wrap our family gifts. My kids know not to just toss out paper and they enjoyed pointing out to me what will make the best embellishment for a scrapbook page! Start saving these items and you'll discover a wealth of Christmas supplies to use for a future Christmas scrapbook layout!

Christmas scrapbook layout embellishments
I also shopped for after-holiday sales. It's amazing what you'll find on sale for 50% or less...stickers, confetti, decorative buttons, rubber stamps, foam Christmas shapes, and so much more! Here are a few ideas on how to be creative with your embellishments:
  • Cloth ornaments – cut round ornaments out of wide ribbon. Add sequins or tiny beads to the ornaments. Use gold glitter glue to make a border around each ornament and a small loop at the top.
  • Festive titles – cut out letters from Christmas greeting cards to make titles for your scrapbook pages.
  • Gift boxes – cut out rectangular shapes out of Christmas wrapping paper, add thin ribbon and place a button in the center of each "gift".
  • Fun borders – cut decorative wrapping paper into strips to be used as borders for photos or scrapbook pages.
I hope these scrapbook ideas helped you enjoy putting your Christmas scrapbook memories together. By utilizing these ideas, you'll be having a very merry holiday scrapbook album to look forward to for years to come! Merry Christmas and happy scrapbooking!
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