Scrapbook Journal Ideas – Getting Inspired The EASY Way!

As beautiful as images are and even with the powerful adage of pictures saying a thousand words, your scrapbooking moves to another level when you include scrapbook quotes and journaling on your memory books.

Scrapbooks incorporated with journals are a great way to express emotions, they can covey the feelings that are being portrayed by the photos with the help of quotes.

Using the perfect scrapbooking quotes adds insight to your pages to explain the time, person, or your feelings. If you are not used to writing or are uneasy sharing your feelings, scrapbook journaling can be overwhelming. Read on to find out how to get your scrapbook journal ideas onto your layouts and start expressing yourself by noting down your experiences on a piece of paper.

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Where to Start with Scrapbook Journaling

You don't have to suddenly be able to churn out heart wrenching prose to attach to each layout. You have to burn through numbers of pages before you can get fully comfortable with journaling, and starting out simple and using some scrapbook journaling idea prompts to get going is a great way to get words onto your precious layouts.
You can work on scraps of paper while you are working on a layout or get your journal juices flowing by starting a notebook or collection of journaling items related to your photos.

Once you get the hang of it, it's a great idea to make journals about the photos as soon as possible after they are taken, this way your scrapbook journal ideas are not hindered by forgetting things about the day or the photo in question.
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Journal your collection of thoughts on a piece of paper
Get a paper and start with writing the basic facts about the day or photo without adding any emotion to it. Include details about the weather, what activities were going on, or even trivia about the location.

Here is an example: The photo is one of my niece Charlotte, it was taken on 19 March 2011, at an impromptu family outing to a national park near where we live.
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Picture as a Prompt for creative Ideas of Scrapbook Journals
• The park is muddy near creeks, but weather is lovely

• Peppa, mum and dad's dog is with us

•  Charlotte sees a kookaburra and has trouble saying the word getting stuck on all the r's

• She has trouble running down hill, not comfortable with gaining speed when on a decline

• We eat take away from the local fish and chip shop while there

Tip: The best way of not burning through pages of paper when writing details is by bullet journaling.

Scrapbook Journal Idea 1 – Lists

You can create lists of anything. The top ten things you remember about the day, activity or the photo. Ten things you love about the subject. Five things your son loved doing when he was five years old. Five household chores you hate to do. Seven things your cat does on a daily basis. Five things your husband loves to say.
Scrapbook Journals Idea
Scrapbook Journals Idea – List Example – 10 Things I do in Aunty Q's Study

Scrapbook Journal Idea 2 – Short Story

I'm not talking about a regular short story here, more like 100 words or less. Pick something that happened on the day and tell it on the layout. If we use my example from the photo of Charlotte, this could be the short story. "We saw a kookaburra high in a gum tree. It took you a while to see it too, but when you did you got very excited. You tried to say Kookaburra and struggled on the burra part. At one stage you said Kookaburraburraburraburra, trying to get the word to sit right in your mouth."

It took you a while to see it too, but when you did you got very excited. You tried to say Kookaburra and struggled on the burra part. At one stage you said Kookaburraburraburraburra, trying to get the word to sit right in your mouth."

Scrapbook Journal Idea 3 -Adjectives on their own describing the person or photo

This type of journaling is similar to lists. Instead of using bullet points like you would in list, here you would use single words only. Again if we use the example of my niece's photo, here are some adjectives we could stream together about Charlotte on that day. Cute. Adventurous. Curious. Bubbly. Funny. Adorable. Playful.

Another great application of this journaling technique is when you decide to make a quirky family tree scrapbook layout, Have a picture of your family tree and write down one quirky trait for each member of your family and the element of fun to your layout.

Scrapbook Journal Idea 4 – Explain your Layout Title

If your scrapbook layout title is about a family story or joke, you could write a short bit about where the title comes from and why you are using it.

It might be the perfect title today, but it may not be so obvious to you why you chose in ten years time when you are looking through your layouts. Even a few years is enough for some things to disappear from our minds.
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Scrapbook Journal Ideas – Short
Story Example – Kookaburra

Scrapbook Journal Idea 5 – What this photo Means to me

This is more about feelings and emotions now, so if you want to skip to the next section that is okay. In this type of journaling you would write about the feelings and emotions evoked by the photo, the person or the day on your scrapbook pages.

Scrapbook Journal Idea 6 – Story about subject not necessarily about the day of the photo

In this style of scrapbook journal you would write about a story that is endearing or has meaning to you, even if the photo isn't directly related to the day of your photo. An example would be a photo of your husband on a wedding anniversary and your journaling may be a memory of the first day you met or your first date. You can even include remnants of your dates or wedding on your page and use them as a beautiful embellishment in your page with cool stamp ideas as well.

Sources of Inspiration for Scrapbook Journal Ideas

You don't have to be a wordsmith, there are plenty of places you can borrow ideas from to include as your journaling. You can also play with the originals and twist them to suit your scrapbook journal layout. If your work is going to be published and you use someones' words you need to attribute it to them or else it can be a copyright infringement.

• Song Lyrics

•  Famous Quotes

•  Colloquialisms

•  Lines from Movies or TV-shows Poems

•  Prayers and Bible Quotes

Scrapbook journals allows you to add a personal touch and express emotion through scrapbook pages.
Start creating more meaningful pages by trying out these amazing scrapbook journal ideas.
Happy Scrapbooking!
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