What Is The Best Scrapbooking Album To Use?

Scrapbooking has changed recognisably over the years. In the past, the avid scrapbooker had barely any options. Now though, you basically need a degree before you can parse the endless options available.

This can only be a great thing – we're now able to customise our scrapbooks beyond belief – but it does require a bit of knowledge before you make your choice.

At Scrapbooking Coach, we're here to help you make your choice of scrapbook album the right one. Read up on some of our best scrapbook tips before you commit.


The first thing you'll need to consider is the availability of the add-ons each album requires. There's no point buying a large album when it will be impossible to source the right sized inserts. Ensure you'll be able to get everything quickly and cheaply in your local area.

Function Over Form

Your album could be the most attractive thing in the world but if it doesn't fulfil the most basic function of a scrapbook – showcasing your memories – it's basically useless.

Don't get swept up in aesthetic design; consider whether this is an album that suits your purposes, and one you'll want to look at for years to come.

If your album is for a gift, you could choose a larger or smaller album depending on need – but this might add to the cost.


Let's face it: we don't have an endless flow of cash to spare on scrapbooking supplies, so choosing the most cost-effective options is a must. Don't just think about the price of the album; also consider inserts, page protectors and posts – these will add to the overall cost.
A standard album could cost anywhere from $14 to $100, so it's important to do some quick calculations before you buy.

Say your album can hold 70 layouts. This means you'll need about 35 page protectors.

However, if you know some of your designs are going to be thick with embellishments, take away some of the layouts from the final count; your album won't be able to fit as many thicker pages.

Scrapbook Album Sizes

The standard sizes are 8.5×11" and 12×12 D ring scrapbook albums – both sizes have their advantages.
The smaller of the two is often more affordable and it's easy to fill the pages to the brim with great layouts. The great thing is that you can trim larger paper sizes to fit – something you simply can't do with a larger album.

The larger size is a little more expensive, but it's the go-to album for most modern scrapbookers. It's the one we recommend and for a reason: the larger page size allows you to express your creativity in a way that the smaller page constrains.

The pages can hold up to 5 photos, making it the perfect vessel to protect your memories. The downside is that the 60-layout size can make the 12×12 inch album a little unwieldy and heavy to carry when full.

Whatever size you chose, consider if it will fit in your bookcases. Most 12-inch albums are simply to large to fit, which can make storage an issue.


The above information provides enough information to help launch your scrapbooking pursuits. We have almost every type of album imaginable in our online store – take a look for yourself and see what would be the perfect addition to your collection.
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