How To Find Amazing Wedding Scrapbook Quotes For Your Wedding Layout

Wedding Scrapbook Quotes!

Wedding scrapbook quotes have soared in popularity during the past few years. Whether you're designing your own wedding invitations, creating centerpieces for a bridal shower, putting together a wedding scrapbook album, or crafting thank you notes, wedding scrapbook quotes will add a special touch to your project.

Read on to discover how to find amazing scrapbook quotes for your wedding layout!

wedding scrapbook quotes
Wedding Scrapbook Quotes Add A Special Touch!
Try These amazing ideas Ideas that work not just for weddings but also for bridal shower scrapbooks!

Check out your local stores. Craft or retail stores.

Craft stores, such as Michael's, Joanne's or Hobby Lobby typically have a section of wedding scrapbook items. In addition to wedding themed scrapbook paper, stickers, die-cuts, and confetti, you can find wedding scrapbook quotes. These quotes are often stickers with black writing on a clear background. For a special touch, place your sticker on a light color piece of card stock. Adhere the card stock to a darker shade of card stock, leaving a quarter inch border.

If you are thinking about using wedding scrapbook quotes to create frames around photos for centerpieces, consider purchasing a rubber stamp that contains a quote. The stamp can be used over and over. Some popular stamps are, "Happily Ever After", "Faith Hope Love" and "I Thee Wed".

In addition to craft stores, check out the craft aisles at retail stores such as Walmart or Target. Even the Dollar Tree sometimes carries wedding scrapbook quotes. The book section frequently has small books that contain wedding quotes. Trim around a quote, adhere it to a piece of a cardstock and then add it to your wedding layout.

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Purchase on line. Plenty to choose from.


If shopping online is more your style, there are several sites that offer wedding scrapbook quotes. Three popular sites are:

Country Living. If you're looking for wedding scrapbook quotes, then this is the ultimate site! It offers quotes in a variety of forms–theme scrapbooking pages, vellum message stickers, embossed stickers, stamps, rub-ons and die-cuts. The "Story of Us" message stickers contain some really good quotes such as "Love isn't love until you give it away" and "In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."

Brides. This website offers some really nice quotes in rub-on form. You simply place the quote where you want it, and gently rub it on. As with the clear stickers mentioned above, you might want to place the quote on a light piece of card stock before adding it to your layout. The website also offers wedding-themed scrapbook paper which can be used as the background of a layout, or you can cut out the various quotes.

Great Inspirational Quotes offers some supplies that are different from other scrapbook sites. For a distinct and fun look, this company offers a stacked "Our Wedding Day" sticker. It is a 9″ dimensional sticker made out of a mix of textures and materials. Their "Husband and Wife" sticker series is also cute with great eye appeal.

Go digital with wedding scrapbook quotes. Quick and easy.

With vintage scrapbook layouts, you need to use clean lines. Many of the old photos were rectangular or square in shape. Some of the professional photos were oval in shape. Use similar shapes—this isn't the time to get creative with zigzag lines and such. Use templates for cropping your photos.

Use the same matting for all of your photos that you'll be using for a given spread. For an authentic look, use brown, gray or dark green for matting. These are the colors that were used a lot when the photos were originally taken. For a special added touch, first mat with a narrow cream color border and then a wider mat out of the grown, gray or green.

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Download wedding scrapbook quotes for free! Be creative!

You can find loads of wedding scrapbook quotes on the internet. How you use the quotes is entirely up to you. If you have nice handwriting, you might want to write a quote directly onto your layout as wedding scrapbook titles or a simple side note. You can always type quotes onto address labels which come in a variety of sizes. Peel the label and place it on a piece of card stock and add it to your layout. Some sites offer colorful quotes. Print the quotes from your printer, trim and adhere.

Here are some good resources for free wedding scrapbook quotes:


This article provides several wedding quotes, such as " A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person" (Mignon McLaughlin). You will need to type or write out the quotes.


With over 150 quotes and sayings to choose from, you will find just the right words for titles of your layouts and quotes to embellish a page.


This site contains some really good wedding quotes, and people add to the list from time to time. Just like the two sites above, the quotes will need to be typed or handwritten.

We've also got another article here that will help you come up with catchy titles for your scrapbook layouts.

Lastly, check out wedding layouts that other people have done. You will gain a lot of ideas for the layouts and chances are you will come across wedding scrapbooking titles and quotes that are exactly what you are looking for. One popular site to check out is Google Images. Simply type in "wedding scrapbook layouts" and it will literally bring up hundreds of layouts for view. Another site that is increasing in popularity is Pinterest. New photos are frequently added to the gallery.

Whether it is a trip to the store, shopping online, creating digitalize layouts or doing a quick online search, adding wedding scrapbook quotes to your layouts will give your trendy wedding scrapbook album a warm and sentimental touch.

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