5 Scrapbook Wedding Titles and Quote Ideas!

Coming up with perfect scrapbook wedding titles doesn't have to be a chore. Here are some of the best ideas for memorable scrapbooking quotes.

1. Add an element of humor to your scrapbook wedding titles

Humor is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to things that can sometimes be taken too seriously. With today's wedding hashtags and custom Snapchat filters, why not add some humorous and creative scrapbooking quotes to your own album?!

Instead of simply cutting out a title that reads, "Jessica & Michael Morgan's Wedding", write "Morgan He Bargained For" or "Married a Morgan". For the Baker newlyweds, how about, "Bakers in the Ballroom"? It just adds an element of fun and will make you chuckle every time you look back on the page.

If you—or whoever's wedding layout you're working on—had one of those oh-so-popular wedding hashtags or custom filters, don't be afraid to use that as your title, either.

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2. When all else fails, go with dates, places, and people.

Besides the obvious fun that comes with scrapbooking, one of the main reasons for creating these pages is to preserve memories. Thirty years from now, you might not remember what each picture is of, who was in the wedding party, or the dates of each of the events. That's what makes each of these such a great title idea. Titling a page "The Night Before" might not seem super exciting now, but you'll appreciate it when it serves as a reminder years down the road.

If you have a picture of the bride with her bridesmaids—also her best friends—include their names in the title or the journal.

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3. Take it back to grade school for the perfect scrapbook wedding quotes.

Remember the days in elementary in middle school when you learned about literary techniques, like alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, and metaphors?! Believe it or not, those might've been the most useful school lessons you'll ever incorporate into your scrapbooking.

Do some brainstorming with these tools to see if it helps spark any ideas. How adorable is, "My Sun, My Moon, My Everything", as a title on a page full of pictures of you and your now-husband on your wedding day?! Or maybe, "Forever has arrived", or "My Heart is Whole"?

4. Use a favorite quote.

You can never go wrong with using a quote or song lyric as a scrapbook page title. There are so many options, from, "Love is friendship set to music", to "I carry your heart with me". If coming up with the right words isn't your strong suit, no need to worry. Songs, poems, and famous writers have got you covered!

scrapbook wedding titles

5. Keep it simple.

Some scrapbook wedding titles just aren't meant to be extravagant, and that's totally fine. Don't force something to be creative or funny if it doesn't belong. Sometimes all you need is a simple, "My Wedding Day", especially if the page or layout is already busy. Never feel like you're obligated to come up with an over-the-top title just for the sake of having one. Titles like "Our Special Day" and "The Beginning of Forever" are perfect choices for any wedding layout.

There you have it! These are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing for the wedding layout you're working on. Don't be afraid to add your own unique flair or take some chances. After all, this wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime page in the making.

For more ideas on scrapbook wedding quotes go here.

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