3 Things You MUST Know About Using Scrapbook Stickers

Who doesn't love scrapbooking stickers!

After all, stickers come in all sorts of designs such as flowers, hearts, animals, and balloons. They're also available as phrases, quotes, and individual letters. Scrapbook stickers are super easy to use since they are already pre-cut and self-adhesive.

Sounds simple enough, right? Yet, have you ever noticed as you flipped through scrapbooks created by family and friends that some pages appear to be tastefully done while other pages seem like a crafter's train wreck?

Although one of the great things about scrapbooking is that your options are endless, there is a line between what looks appealing and what appears chaotic.

Quite often even the best embellishments can make or break a page. That's why we want to help you by providing the best scrapbooking tips for scrapbook supplies, so here are 3 things you MUST know about using scrapbooking stickers.

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1. Be selective in your scrapbooking stickers choices.

scrapbook stickers
Always choose quality scrapbooking stickers!
Discover the importance of being choosy with your sticker selection.

One of the problems that a lot of beginner scrapbookers face is sticker overload. They tend to purchase a lot of scrapbooking stickers and, of course, want to use lots of stickers in their scrapbooks. Just as you are learning to be selective with what photos you want to use for a scrapbook spread (the two side-by-side pages), you need to be selective regarding stickers.

Begin by purchasing quality stickers. Make sure that the stickers are acid-free. Although you can find quality stickers at a dollar store, you can also find poorly made ones. Avoid stickers that have to be punched out. These tend to have ragged edges and are made with thin paper.

Quality scrapbooking stickers can be expensive so look for great deals. A lot of craft stores offer in-house or online coupons and sometimes will have a two-for-one promo. If you're shopping for stickers online, wait and order on a day when free shipping and handling is being offered.

As you search through your collection of stickers, get rid of stickers that are bent, creased, or ones that you know you'll never use. If you have a young child, he or she would love to use them!

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2. Add or arrange your stickers in advance.

Scrapbooking stickers need to enhance rather than take over a page.

Scrapbooking Stickers: The Title Of This Layout Was Created Using Stickers!
The Title Of This Layout Was Created Using Stickers!
As you're designing your scrapbook layout for a spread, purposely determine where and how you want to use stickers, as well as other embellishments. A common mistake that beginners make is to go sticker crazy!

Any empty space they see on a page, they think should be covered by a sticker. Here are some scrapbook ideas to consider:

♥ Accent photos. If your layout includes just a couple of photos, you might choose to draw attention to the photos by using corner borders scrapbooking stickers. For example, if you have a couple of pictures of your daughter walking down the aisle as a flower girl, accent the photos by placing floral borders around two opposite corners of each photo. The borders should be muted in color or match the color of the flower girl's dress or flowers.

♥ Purchase themed stickers. 
If you're putting together a scrapbook that has one theme throughout the entire book, consider purchasing themed scrapbooking stickers. Quite often these stickers are very unique and clever and can be used to carry out a theme throughout your scrapbook.

♥ Cluster stickers. For an interesting effect, use a few stickers as a grouping for a scrapbook page rather than randomly placing the stickers.

♥ Add a special touch. Ever wonder what to do with the tiny stickers that come in a package of stickers? Use them to add a special touch to the keywords on your page. For instance, if you have the name "Brianna" on the top of a page. Use a tiny heart as the dot of the "i".

♥ Mat stickers. Think of stickers as one of the steps in creating an embellishment. Rather than just placing a sticker onto the scrapbook page, if you don't have cardstock stickers available then cut a piece of card stock that is a little bigger than the sticker. Center the sticker and enhance it with tiny sequins in the four corners. Now you have a beautiful embellishment to add to your page! When using word or phrase stickers that have transparent backgrounds, place the stickers on a light color card stock. Trim around the sticker and then adhere it to your page.

Scrapbook stickers need to enhance rather than take over a page.

3. Organize your stickers.

Utilize this unique technique to organize and protect your stickers for easy access anytime.

When you purchase scrapbooking stickers, chances are you won't be using an entire package of stickers in one sitting. To keep the stickers from getting lost in the midst of scraps or getting bent, consider organizing your stickers.

Purchase a large scrapbook binder, 8.5″x11″ card stock, dividers, and plastic page protectors. Label your dividers with broad categories such as animals, sports, family, phrases, etc., then sort your stickers according to these categories. Remove the wrappings from any stickers that are still in packages.

Beginning with your first scrapbook category, use 2-sided tape (the non-permanent type) and adhere two or more pages of the stickers to one side of a piece of the card stock. Just use one piece of tape to help keep the page of stickers from slipping around. Do the same thing on the backside of the card stock. Then place the card stock into a protector sleeve and place it in the binder. Continue to do this until all of the stickers have been placed in the binder.

Now, each time you want to scrapbook, your scrapbooking stickers are easily accessible. You'll discover that by taking the time to get organized, you won't be wasting your stickers only to run to the craft store to purchase more stickers because you can't find the ones you already have.

Check out our article stacked with amazing scrapbook organization ideas for a stress free scrapbooking experience!

Follow these tips and you'll discover how stickers can greatly enhance any scrapbook!

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