Scrapbook Organization Furniture: 6 Tips For Staying Organized!

In the world of scrapbooking, how you organize all of your materials is super important.

After all, what's the use of collecting fun and exciting tools, papers, stickers, embellishments, and adhesives if you can never find theme?! These are some of the best

These are some of the best scrapbook organization ideas to inspire you!

6 Scrapbook Organization Furniture Tips

1. Get Started on those Shelving Units.

Let's start with the obvious... shelves are a lifesaver for scrappers. They allow you to stack everything and keep them organized.

You can find shelving units that attach to the wall and wrap around your desk and ones that are more simple, like bookshelves.

If you're handy—or know someone who is—you can even build custom shelves to fit your scrapbook area. Shelves can also be divided into smaller storage units, like paper holders, baskets, and more.

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2. Leave Some on the Table.

While larger shelving units are more useful for the majority of scrapbooking supplies, it's always nice to have a few smaller shelving and storage units on the table you're using to scrapbook.

This allows you to always have the tools and supplies you use most within reach, because no one wants to break their focus while scrapbooking just to get up and search for something.
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3. Buy Some Paper Racks.

Another scrapbook organization future tip is to invest in paper racks. Yes, the kind that you see in scrapbooking and craft stores, they are the perfect 12 x 12 scrapbook paper storage.

Units are sold with as little as six slots, to as many as 45 slots. You'd be surprised how much these racks help you organize your scrapbook paper. You can organize by colors, themes, sizes, and more.

4. Invest in a Desk.

While many people use folding tables, card tables, or other already-existing tables in their house, desks are another great choice if you have the space and monetary flexibility.
Don't just choose the first desk you find; search for one that has lots of drawers, shelves, and/or compartments.
scrapbook organization funiture
This is a great way to get some bonus organizational space without actually taking up more space.

Nowadays, you can find desks with all sorts of compartments, perfect for things like adhesives, journaling tools, and scissors.

5. Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Rolling units are a great bit of scrapbook organization furniture, as they're portable and convenient.

These can be rolling drawers, benches, totes, and more. Having furniture on wheels makes it super easy to move the furniture around or reorganize your scrapbook space.

Rolling drawers are always a great choice, as you can bring them closer to you as you need them, and you can label the drawers according to what is in each of them.

6. Spin, Spin, Spin.

You can never go wrong with a good, old-fashioned spinning rack (or five). It'll make you feel like you have your very own scrapbooking store in your home, or wherever your scrapbook. It's the perfect scrapbook sticker organizer, you can also use it for embellishments, and even adhesives. This is great for organization, as you can divide each side by category and hang the products in order based on how often you use them.

Using any combination of these furniture options is a sure way to scrapbook organization success.
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