Commemorative Retirement Scrapbook Ideas: Step by Step Guide to Start

scrapbook page ideas for retirement
When it comes to Scrapbook Ideas for Different Events, retirement is among the most significant events we need to scrapbook in our life. A retirement scrapbook album can sometimes help with making the transition into retirement. Professional Relationship scrapbooking pages helps you (or a loved one) look back on the best memories of your long career and professional relationships.

But with so many events, memories made, and special people you'd want to share on your scrapbook, it's hard to put together a theme or even which information you're going to include. Today, let's talk about your long career and how to put that on your retirement scrapbook page. Join me and boost your retirement scrapbook ideas with this stunning layout.

For my scrapbook layout today, I wanted to make a play on zentangle with an accountancy vibe accompanied by a play with numbers. Being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I worked with crunching numbers and working papers. I utilized a working paper pattern paper as my background for my layout with chipboard numbers as embellishments for an overall accountancy vibe for my retirement scrapbook pages.

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Career Retirement Scrapbook Pages Layout

I created a bulletin board image on my layout with logos of companies I've worked for, instead of a corkboard with post-it-notes. I love business to financial modeling in my work as a CPA, aside from accounting entries that I made use of colorful flowchart call-out symbols to indicate my position and months to years spent for each company worked for.

My retirement page is a summary of my years working as an accounting professional. To denote an office vibe, I worked with staple wires aside from regular adhesives in putting together my retirement scrap book page.

The technique of using zentangle (in color and in black & white) on your scrapbook is to show a little bit of artistry amidst all the office vibes of my layout. I hope you'll enjoy my written tutorial of a retirement page and get inspired in getting more scrapbook ideas for your retirement album
Wait! Now That You Have A Theme For Your Layout, Then You'll Need To Know What Techniques To Use....Let Me Show You...

♥How to START and FINISH a layout to perfection (so no more pushing things around on a page for hours and hours).

♥How to get your creative juices flowing again so you'll NEVER experience scrappers block again!

♥How to always have the perfect scrapbook layout for every occasion!

Your Retirement Scrapbook Albums Materials

  • Pattern Paper (Imagination Project)
  • Pink Cardstock
  • Wooden Hearts Chipboard Embellishments (Rosie's Studio) – PHOTO
  • Wooden Butterfly Chipboard Embellishments (Rosie's Studio) – PHOTO
  • Wooden Key Chipboard Embellishments (Rosie's Studio) – PHOTO
  • Foam Letter Stickers (All About Scrapbooking)
  • Roller Rink Glitter Letter Stickers – Thickers (American Crafts)
  • Coloring Pens (Faber Castelle) – PHOTO
  • Smash Pen (K&Company) – PHOTO
  • Pencil 2B – PHOTO
  • MS Word Software (Microsoft)
  • Scallop Scissors (Provo Craft)
  • Regular Scissors
  • Stapler and Staple Wires
retirement scrapbook album - supplies


1. Prepare your pattern paper by trimming the unwanted portion with your scissors.
1 Prepare Pattern Paper (HernandezKathleenB)
2. Staple 2 pattern papers together with the front slightly skewed.
2 Staple Pattern Papers
3. Print a collage of company logos you've worked for together with a photo of you / retiree. Line with a pencil along the border of the whole collage and inside, around each logo comprising the collage.
3 Print n Line Company Logos n Photo (HernandezKathleenB)
4. Prepare your coloring pens. Color outside the border of your collage in border stripes.
4 Color Lined Border with Pens (HernandezKathleenB)
5. Prepare your smash pen. Using your black pen draw a zentangle pattern along the spaces between your pictures to create a great border.
5 Zentangle inside the Border with a Smash Pen (HernandezKathleenB)
6. Cut the finished work from your white paper. Adhere to a pink cardstock.
6 Cut n Adhere to Pink Cardstock (HernandezKathleenB)
7. Prepare your scallop scissors. Scallop cut around your zentangled collage work.
7 Scallop Cut along the sides of the Border (HernandezKathleenB)
8. Work on MS Word on the information of each career post make use of various call-out shapes. There are some funny retirement quotes on this page that you could include for fun :-)
8 Work on MS Word Call Outs Formatting (HernandezKathleenB)
9. Print and cut-out these call-outs. You may want to use special call-outs but in my case, a box-type call-out works just fine.
9 Print and Cut-out Call Outs (HernandezKathleenB)
10. Adhere your zentangled collage of company logos and photo to your pattern paper. Position all the call outs and adhere them to your page.
10 Adhere everything on the pattern paper (HernandezKathleenB)
11. Form the layout page title with letter stickers.
11 Form the LO Title (HernandezKathleenB)
12. Embellish your layout with glitter chipboard numbers.
12 Embellish with Numbers (HernandezKathleenB)
13. Add journaling and watch this first page of your retirement scrapbook album take shape.
13 Add journaling (HernandezKathleenB)
14. Add wooden chipboard embellishments.
14 Add Wooden Chipboard Embellishments (HernandezKathleenB)

You Now Have a Wonderful Scrapbook Retirement Album In The Making!

retirement scrapbook album - 1
Layout By Kathleen B. Hernandez
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