Pregnancy Scrap book Ideas: Simple Pregnant Albums Tips For This Very Special Time!

What better way to celebrate a pregnancy than to create a beautiful pregnancy scrapbook album! But before you look for cute scrapbook for baby ideas, read on for some cool pregnancy scrap book ideas!
pregnancy scrapbook ideas
Pregnancy scrapbooking is incredibly popular and lots of fun to do!

1. Pick your pregnancy scrapbook album size

You may opt for a full size 12x12 maternity scrapbook album or a pregnancy brag book. Brag books are usually 5×7 inches in size and can house 10 front/back pages. Since it might not be practical to carry a scrapbook album with you as you meet the girls for lunch or go visit your in-laws, you might want to consider putting together a brag book.

Of course, it's perfectly fine to put together a full-size album. It all depends on what you want to include and how much time you can afford to put into it.

A pregnancy scrapbook album typically covers the time between when you first discovered that you were pregnant and the day your sweet baby was born. Certainly, a lot will happen during your nine months of pregnancy so it will be easy to fill up an entire album.

After you finish reading this guide - find the perfect layout for your pregnancy albums, Click here and check out our Layout Ideas Books!

journal your pregnancy scrapbook layouts
Tell your pregnancy & mommy journey through your brag book or album!
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2. Decide on themes

sweet baby girl pregnancy scrapbook ideas
Scrapbook layout of a newborn baby

What do you want to remember about your pregnancy?

What special moments do you want to be able to relive as you look through your pregnancy scrapbook album in the years to come? These are the things that you want to make sure to include in your album.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Positive pregnancy test

positive test pregnancy scrapbook ideas
Include a photo of your positive pregnancy test!
A lot of pregnancy scrapbook layouts begin with a photo or two of the positive test results. There are lots of cute pregnancy scrapbook layouts out there but here are some ideas to get you started!

✦Include a photo of the test kit too or photos of you being ecstatic about the results.

✦Add the word "Pregnant" for your first baby. If you've already had a baby before, use "Pregnant again!"

✦Capture a moment where a sibling is checking over the pregnancy test to see what all the excitement is about.

✦Photos of you and your partner when you first saw the pregnancy result.

Ultrasound pregnancy scrapbook page

Don't forget to include the very first photos of your baby!
Remember how excited you were seeing the ultrasound photos of your little one? Don't let that excitement be forgotten and memorialize that time in your album!

Freehand or download a silhouette of a pregnant woman. Adhere your ultrasound photo to the belly of the silhouette. Then journal how it feels to have a little one growing inside you.

If that's not your cup of tea, then here's another simple idea for an ultrasound scrapbook page:

ultrasound pictures for pregnancy scrapbook ideas
Pregnancy scrapbook page with a sonogram of your baby!
Include "Now" and "Then" photos. The "Now" being a photo of your baby when they're already born, and "Then" pictures of when they're still in your tummy!

Since this page can only be done when your baby's already born, make sure to save some ultrasound pictures for later use!

Pregnancy photos

Of course, one thing that shouldn't be left out of your album are your pregnancy photos!

Every now and then, don't forget to pose for the camera so you have pictures to use in your album. Make sure you take note of the date of these photos so you can write them on your pages!

Here's a scrapbook page tutorial that you can use as inspiration for your album:

Use three photos taken of the mom-to-be at a side view. Photos can ideally be taken at 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months to better see the changes in your baby bump.

pregnancy scrapbook photo
Include artistic shots of you and your baby (in your belly)!
Create one horizontal mat with three panels and place them on your page so the bottom of the mat is in the middle of the page. Above the photos, use die-cut letters and spell M-O-M-M-Y.

Underneath the photos, journal your thoughts about having a baby. Purchase or make your own pregnancy quotes, such as "For now in mommy's tummy, forever in her heart" or "A baby is a gift from God".

If these titles are not for you, then here are more scrapbook title inspirations for your album!

"Can't wait to hold you in my arms!"
"Coming Soon!!"
"Developing in the dark room!"
"I knew I love you before I met you "

Tip: Use the quotes as a border around the top and bottom parts of the photo mat. It's journaling and embellishing in one!

Hospital photos

Holding your baby for the first time is a heartwarming moment you'd want to go back to and reminisce about in the future. Nine months of waiting and anticipation has finally come to an end ...and a sweet new beginning!

Plan your baby's clothes before going to the hospital and create some pages with these outfit options as a theme!

You'd want a photo of the first baby outfit you want your baby to wear. Include a photo of your baby bump. Then write about how excited you are for the big day to arrive.

When the baby's born, you can also include a picture of them wearing the outfit!

Journal on your scrapbook pages

Instead of keeping a pregnancy journal and a pregnancy album separate, put them together in a beautiful scrapbook instead! It's an awesome way to breathe life into your pages. With some journaling on your pages here and there, you can take your readers to your complete pregnancy journey. Tell your story using both your photos and your words!
When your baby grows, they will love to go through the pregnancy scrapbooking album with you over and over. Your child will love to see how you both look when you're still pregnant and they will love to read your messages when they are still in your tummy.
Which brings us to our next point! Make sure to include sweet messages to your unborn child on your pages! You can create your journal entries as if you're having a conversation with your baby. It's a great way to show how much you love them before they were even born!
As you put your pregnancy layouts book together, consider journaling about:

🌸 Your love and excitement of finding out that you were pregnant.
🌸 How you let your family and friends know the news.
🌸 Your cravings and hobbies during this time.
🌸 Going for your check-ups.
🌸 The first ultrasound.
🌸 Reaction of the baby's siblings.
🌸 Choosing the baby's name.
🌸 Setting up the nursery.

Baby shower

Who wouldn't love remembering your baby shower especially when your baby gender was revealed?! 👧👦
Dedicate an entire spread or two to remember that beautiful day filled with celebration and excitement!

For your baby shower themed pages, include some DIY embellishments to further personalize your album. If you have a die-cutting machine, make and incorporate small die-cut embellishments made from cards given to you that day. It's a special way to preserve the cards instead of just tucking them away to your drawer and never to be seen again!

Another great idea is to fill a page or two with tiny notes from your family and friends with their thoughts about the baby. You can use it as a scrapbook background or as an added journaling for your baby shower photos!

pregnant woman with friends
Include pictures of you and your friends in your baby shower scrapbooks while being candid!

Bonding with siblings

Little kids get excited over the thought of a baby growing inside of mommy's tummy.
Let the kids talk to the baby, kiss your belly, or even paint your belly! This is a special time and the kids would love to bond with you and their unborn baby sister or brother.

Take photos of these special moments and document them on your scrapbook album! All your kids will appreciate being part of their sibling's scrapbook album.

Aside from these, you can also include:

•Doctor visits
•Decorating the nursery
•Bonding with your unborn child
•Choosing a baby name
•Baby meets family

Make it personal

In addition to photos and journaling, think about the special items you can embellish your pregnancy scrapbook pages with. Make sure to include relevant and personal embellishments all throughout your album.

Embellishment ideas

On the first page of your ultrasound spread, adhere your appointment card.

✦On the pages of outfits for your baby, stick in some of the clothing tags. Years from now you'll get a good laugh out of the name brands and the price tag! To make things sassier, you may also want to add your pregnancy outfits and their tags on the book as well!
✦At your local craft store or any other scrapbook supply store, you'll find lots of baby-related scrapbook supplies like stickers, rubber stamps, buttons, die-cuts, and more! Choose a few that will enhance your album pages.
✦If, for example, you're making a page about your cravings, prepare some embellishments that will make you think of your favorite food! Mangoes? Pasta? Chicken? Get those embellishments down on your page to create beautiful layouts!
✦Another great idea is to include the messages and pictures from your favorite congratulations cards. This will surely take your personalization to the next level!
Bonus: If you're interested in creating amazing baby scrapbook layouts then check out our scrapbooking ideas for baby girl article
The more you work on your pregnancy album, the more you'll come up with pregnancy scrapbook layout ideas. Remember this is a special time for you to bond with your unborn child as well as enjoy your pregnancy. You want to capture as much of the experience as you can in a lovely album.
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