6 Easy Scrapbook Ideas For Graduation!

Whether it's graduation from, high school or college, graduation scrapbook ideas are a great way to capture this special day of your child's life.

The following graduation scrapbook tips will help you create outstanding scrapbook layouts that you and your kids will love for many years to come!

making a graduation scrapbook
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6 Fresh High School Graduation Scrapbook Ideas

1. Reflect on it.

Create a background for your scrapbook page by using black on the left half and a school color on the right half. Across the top of the page put "You Did It!"
On the left side of the page, frame and adhere a black and white copy of your child's kindergarten graduation. If graduation wasn't held, then use a black and white photo of your child taken during his first day of school on your scrapbook page. Add information regarding age, location, etc. on the scrapbook.

On the right side, adhere a color photo of your child in his school cap and gown. Don't forget to journal the date, time of graduation, etc. As an idea, you can write out the school's motto along the bottom of the page, such as "Enter to learn and go forth to serve."

This is a great concept to get inspired with great scrapbook journal ideas.

graduation scrapbook pages
Don't be afraid to brag about your kids graduation!
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2. Brag about it.

Graduation is a fun time to be able to brag about your child's accomplishments! Was he on a sports team? Did she win any special awards? Was he involved in any clubs? Did she participate in school plays or musicals?
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This is a nice way to showcase a class your child excelled in. It helps make a special page worth remembering especially if you find and add handmade embellishments while scrapbooking.

Each of these tips can help you come up with a bunch of creative graduation scrapbook ideas! Create a special page highlighting these activities. Items you might want to include are programs, school pins, photos, and ticket stubs.

3. Write it.

Throughout your graduation scrapbook album, be sure to include a few pages for family and friends to write their words of congratulations to the graduate. The format of these pages can be the same. It's a wonderful way of creating a 'yearbook signing' page your grad can search and reminisce.

Using fun lettering, title the page "Congrats Grad!". Using die-cut journal blocks, trace around the blocks that you want to use on each page. Typically, you'll probably have six blocks on a page.

As friends and family come for a graduation dinner or party, ask each person to write on one of the blocks. After everyone is through, adhere the blocks onto the pages. Use color glue to add a funky trim to each of the blocks. For a festive look, use color markers and add little swirls to the pages.

This is also a great idea if you love making travel journal scrapbooks.

Even More Graduation Scrapbook Ideas....

5. Cherish it.

College graduation quite often is the most sentimental one. It marks a time in your son or daughter's life of no longer being a child, but rather a young adult ready to be responsible for life on his or her own.

For some lovely family scrapbook ideas, create a loving layout of photos of the graduate with the family. You can frame each photo in a heart-shaped frame, and title the page with "Loving Wishes". Underneath each photo, have the family member write a special wish for the graduate.

graduation scrapbook ideas layouts

5. Timeline it.

Use background paper that reflects "yesteryear". Using twine and tiny brackets or clothespins, create a scalloped line across the page.

Attach highlights of the graduate's life to each bracket or clothespin-birth like the start of high school or even their very first day of school, confirmation, obtaining a driver's license, high school graduation, and college graduation.

These attachments can be photos or words. Towards the bottom of the page, make a collage of the graduate with photos of the graduate at various ages.

6. Embrace it.

For the last page of your graduation album, use a background that shows a path, such as a dirt road lined by lots of trees. Using a photo taken of the backside of your graduate, carefully cut around his or her body and adhere to the path. Title the page "A New Path". Include a graduation poem or write a special thought for the graduate as he or she enters into the next phase of his or her life.

As you create your scrapbook, keep in mind to use a variety of graduation scrapbook layout ideas. You want to create some pages that are fun and entertaining, while other pages should reflect on memories and accomplishments. Make the scrapbook personal by adding journal entries from family members and friends. Keep your page designs simple, rather than cramming in too many ideas.

Check out this article for more school scrapbooking ideas!

I hope you've enjoyed these graduation scrapbook ideas and put them to good use!

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