Watercolor and Embossing: Beautiful Flower Embellishment

Hello and welcome to today's scrapbooking tip! For today's tip, we will be making a beautiful embellishment by combining two elements of crafting: watercolor and embossing!

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For creating today's gorgeous embellishment, I will be using this beautiful flower stamp as an example.

You can use any stamp that you prefer as long as it has a lot of clear space on it where the embossing powder will not go. That would mean there will be enough space to put our watercolor.
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Step 1

Flower Stamp
I am going to start off by inking my stamp with my VersaMark watermark stamp pad, and stamping it into my watercolor paper, to show off its beautiful flower shape.

Step 2

Watermarking Stamp
Stamping on Watercolor Paper
So, now we are going to sprinkle our embossing powder where I stamped. I am using a silver embossing powder here because I want this to stand out so I can clearly see the lines.

You may use any color of your choice. You can choose gold, silver, or pink, whatever you fancy.

Step 3

Sprinkling Silver Emboss
After doing that I am going to remove the excess embossing powder and start heating this beautiful flower to set and dry.

Step 4

Heat setting
After our embossing is all dried up we can now start and add color to show the beauty of the flower!

I have here my brush and some watercolors, and we can start painting in the petals! I'm going to start from dark to light, so begin in the center of the flower and working my way up. I am also going to cover up the center with watercolor to give it more beautiful details.

You can do as you please on your embellishment to make it look very awesome!

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Step 5

Painting Petals
Painting Center of Flower
Next, I am going to get a little bit of water on each petal so the darker colors would slowly come out bit by bit.

Step 6

Spreading Paint on Petal
The next thing you want to do is dry off the watercolor on your embellishment. Let's dry it off using my heat tool.

Step 7

Heat Setting watercolor
Now that you've dried off the watercolor on your embellishment, it's time to cut it out with a pair of scissors.

Take a look at that pretty flower we have just created!

Step 8

Cut out flower
We are now almost done with our flower embellishment!

Now, another fun thing we can do is apply a shadow effect for this embellishment. Let's ink up our stamp again and print it into the area in the page where we are placing the embellishment.

Step 9

Stamp Inking 2
Stamping Shadow
With a pop-up dot, we can give it a raised effect from the shadow, adding more dimension and life!
Popup Dots
We now have a completed watercolor embossed embellishment!

Isn't it just gorgeous?
Finished Embellishment
There are so many ideas using watercolors and embossing powder just like this leaf embellishment I made and it's up to your creative mind to come up with something really awesome and wonderful!

I hope you enjoy making these embellishments for your beautiful pages! Thanks for joining me! There are more amazing scrapbooking tips coming your way here at Scrapbooking Coach!

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