Scrapbook Stamping and Embossing Technique: Gorgeous Rustic Frame

Good day, and welcome to today's scrapbooking tip! My tip for you involves creating a beautiful rustic-themed gilded frame with two different colors of embossing powders!

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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

To create today's layout, I have here this frame stamp. Once I stamp this on my paper, it produces this awesome and distinct shape. Feel free to use any stamp that is similar to this. Even a simple square will do as long as its sides have a thick width.
Rustic Photo Frame Stamp
You also need two different colors of embossing powder. You can use any color of your choice for your frame—whatever makes you happy!

As for me, I have here a silver and gold embossing powder which I think is the perfect combination when making a rustic gilded frame.
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Silver and Gold Embossing Powder

Step 2

To start, let's mask off the section of our stamp that we don't want to be embossed using a washi tape. This way, I can use a different color of embossing powder on the masked off part later on.

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Masking Outer Section

Step 3

Next, we'll ink up the section of our stamp that's not masked off. What I'm using here is a Watermark VersaMark stamp pad, but you can use any embossing stamp pad you have available. With your stamp pad, make sure you're inking your frame nicely, covering all the intricate details of your stamp.
Stamp Watermarking

Step 4

After you have completed inking a section of your stamp, peel off the mask you have placed into your stamp. With the tape peeled off, you can now stamp the frame onto your paper or cardstock. Make sure to transfer all the stamp's ink into your cardstock by pressing hard onto your cardstock.
First Layer Stamping

Step 5

Now that you have the watermark ink transferred on to your canvas, you can now put in your first layer of colored embossing powder. I will be using the Gold embossing powder and make sure that the ink on my cardstock is covered well.
Sprinkling Gold Embossing

Step 6

With that, we can now heat the embossing powder to make it shine beautifully on our cardstock. After drying, you can see how beautiful it shines!
Heat Setting Gold Emboss
Shiny Embossed Gold

Step 7

We now go back to our stamp and start masking the outer section which we covered in Gold or whatever beautiful color you have with you, and start inking the inner section of the stamp this time.
Masking Silver
Inking 2

Step 8

Now that our stamp is inked, let's squidge it right in the middle. After doing that you can now transfer your second color of embossing powder.

I will be covering mine with the Silver Embossing Powder. After transferring your second color, make sure to heat and dry it out before continuing into the next step.
Silver Emboss Stamping
Sprinkling Silver Embossing Powder
Now, take a look at that beautiful frame!
Complete Frame

Step 9

We're almost done with our gilded frame! You just have to cut out your frame using your scissors for the edges and a craft knife and ruler to cut the insides of the frame where we will put our photo.
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Cutting Frame
Craft Knife

Step 10

Now that you have completed cutting off your frame, you can now place your photo into your Beautiful Embossed Photo Frame.

To make it even better, you can also use pop-up dots on the corners of your photo to let your frame sit above your photo a little bit. What a beautiful page that will be!
Photo Placement

Step 11

You can also add some of the butterflies that we did on our previous tip, and then start to build your layout with these two rustic-themed tips.
Finish Product
I just love how we incorporated both stamping and embossing to create this fantastic addition to your scrapbook pages! It really gives more life to your lovely photos!

Give it a go! I hope you've enjoyed this tip! We have more coming your way, so stay tuned!
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