Scrapbook Embellishment: Embossing Paper Punch

Hello and welcome to today's tip where we will make a scrapbook embellishment using our craft punches and embossing powder! ✨
scrapbook embellishment materials
You can use any craft punch design but a punch with intricate designs will fit today's tip better.

As for me, I have here a beautiful butterfly craft punch with intricately detailed wings. I used this punch on a plain black card stock to produce this beautiful embellishment you can see below.
butterfly punch
Next, we'll use our embossing powder and VesaMark watermark stamp pad.

Just press and squeeze the butterfly punch onto the stamp pad. By doing this, I'm making the watermark stamp seep through and cover the cardstock including some of the intricate areas of the butterfly.
vesamark stamp pad
Once completely covered and wet from our stamp, we'll pour some embossing powder onto our butterfly. Make sure it gets into the nooks too!
pouring embossing powder onto embellishment
That's perfect! This sort of semi-coated look is really nice and will give our scrapbook embellishment a rustic look.
rustic scrapbook embellishment
Next, get your heat tool and heat the embossing powder to give your embellishment a golden shine.

As I heat this, I'm going to use my scissors to hold the embellishment. If you have some tweezers that will be better for holding the embellishment so that you won't burn your hand from the heat.
heating the butterfly punch
After that, what you're left with is this semi-rustic looking scrapbook embellishment.

I love how that turned up! It's a really gorgeous way of using your embossing powders to produce a rustic look out of your punch embellishments. It looks like it's slowly rusting and it will look especially beautiful as a scrapbook embellishment on a layout!
scrapbook embellishment using craft punch and embossing powder
This tip can also be used when you're creating an embellishment for your cards, or as photo corner embellishment. However you want to use it, it's a really easy and lovely technique.

I hope you've enjoyed this tip, and I'll see you next time!

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