2 Minute Washi Tape Photo Corner

Welcome to this fabulous washi tape photo corner tip that I have for you today! We've had many amazing washi tape ideas before, like this washi tape feather, and this one is just as simple and easy! All you need is some washi tape that corresponds to the color of your photograph and a pair of scissors. That's it!

We're going to create these washi tape corners to help your photos pop. All you need to do is fold your washi tape over a half so they are on top of each other. Try and get this as even as you can but don't worry because we can always fix it up at the end.

Squeeze it nice and tight on the edge. Cut with scissors but leave a little sticky edge on the other end so we have something to stick it down with on the back of your photo.

After that, carefully begin to fold it in. Don't worry if it is not square, it actually doesn't matter because your photo will just sit into it. Watch the video at the bottom of this blog to precisely see how to fold in your tape.

Put your photo corner over the four edges of your photo. At the back, stick it down with the longer bit.

Now, you will find that there is the other little bit that still sticks up at the back, what you can do to fix that is by getting a little more washi tape and pressing it down to stick tightly.

And that is a simple way to make your photo corners! Look how lovely that looks! Here is what I've done with a beautiful black and white washi tape. You can do it with the corners of the photo alone, but you can also put it around the corners of the page as well.

This amazing photo corner trick will definitely bring more life to your scrapbooking! You can also make your own DIY embellishment using washi tape. Here's another easy tip if you want more cool washi tape ideas!

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