Fabulous Flower Soft Tutorial For Scrapbook Title!

For today's tip, we're going to use flower soft! Flower soft is such a fabulous, and gorgeous embellishment that you can add to your pages.

Sometimes I get a little stuck about what I can do with it, and if you do too, this flower soft tutorial for scrapbooking is perfect for you!
heather mix flower soft
To start, we'll get a piece of cardboard. I would say the thicker the better, but that's entirely up to you! You can use whatever you want or what's available to you.

Aside from our cardboard, and flower soft, make sure you have something really sturdy underneath.
cardboard for flower soft tutorial
sturdy material for cutting
We're going to start cutting out letters inside the cardboard.

Just like I've said in my other tips, you can draw your outlines first if you're not confident going straight onto it. But if you are confident going straight into cutting without sketching your letters, then just go for it.
cutting cardboard for flower soft tutorial
So I've cut out all of my cardboard letters, and as you can see I made the word "LOVE".
LOVE cardboard cutout
Next, what we are going to need is some clear drying glue. With this glue, I'm just going to saturate the cardboard, and use another scrap of cardboard to smooth it out.

You can also use a paintbrush to spread the glue all over the cardboard including the edges, but if you don't have one then a scrap of cardboard is fine.

Bonus Tip #1: You might want to cover the edges of yours with something else. If you do, I strongly recommend covering it in some texture paste or some acrylic paint and just smooth off those edges so that you can't see it.
glue flower soft
Next is the fun part--we'll cover the cardboard with flower soft!
LOVE flower soft tutorial
As you can see in the picture, I've finished adding all of the flower soft and they look absolutely gorgeous!

Bonus Tip #2: If you don't want to use flower soft or you don't have it, one of the things I recommend doing is cutting up lots of small floral paper. If you have an old gardening magazine, you can cut it up into small pieces and re-create the same look.
Now, we'll turn this into a layout by adding our photograph. You can add it on top of the letters like this and have a 3D-like effect.

What I might do to this layout is I might actually mount this on top of a watercolor paper painted with beautiful foliage to go with the garden theme of the layout.
flower soft tutorial for scrapbooking
So there's a really fabulous idea on what to do with your flower soft if you have some.

I hope you've enjoyed this tip, and I'll see you guys next time!

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