Glimmering Watercolor Shade Layout

Hello, and welcome to another tip! Today, I'm going to show you how I match my watercolors with my photograph. We'll make a watercolor shade layout that goes well with the elements of our picture!

Now, I have this photo here that I want to use for a watercolor background. The first thing to do is to pick up a few different colors. I've got 3 greens in here. Also, a bit of red and orange to mix with the greens later in creating a beautiful brown color.
photo and watercolor
Now what I'm going to do is slowly move these colors into where I want them.
watercolor shade on one side with the greens

I'm going to paint them on one side with my colors, interchanging between the bluer greens and the yellower greens until I get to the bottom of my pages.

watercolor shade painting
So there we have all of our colors going down, and I'm really happy with how it currently looks!

Now, we have a little pink in this photograph that I really wanna draw out so we'll work on that once it's dry.

But before it completely dries, I just want to show you a little technique that I've got here with glitter! Whilst our painting is still wet, we'll sprinkle some glitter on the wet watercolor paint.

I'm going to use half of the painting for this so I'll cover the other half with my paper, and proceed on sprinkling a shimmering glitter on one side.

Now that's just left a beautiful shimmer on one side of my painting!
glittered watercolor shade
After letting the watercolors to dry, we'll add our finishing touches.

In my photograph, I've got some trees coming on both sides, and I want to bring those elements in my background too. So using a stencil, and some inks and stamp, I'll add in a few leaves in my layout.

Now that we've added that using some greens and browns, we're ready to layer our photo on top. It might need a bit of border but I love how that has come out!

Just watercolors, a little bit of glitter, a stamp, and a stencil and you too can create this beautiful watercolor shade layout!
watercolor shade layout with photo

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