Scrapbook Title Design: Elegant Shadow Effect

Hello, and welcome to today's tip where we will create a fabulous scrapbook title design with an elegant shadow effect.

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For this fun project, we will be using watercolors, cardboard, card stock, a white pen, and a card knife.
scrapbook title design materials
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Step 1

The first thing we need to do is make our paper wet. I would definitely advise you to use watercolor papers instead of ordinary papers as normal thin papers don't have enough texture and thickness for today's scrapbook layout.

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wet paper

Step 2

Because we want this title to really stand out from the shadow effect that we're going to do, I'm adding lots of reds, and some oranges into my watercolor paper, then just blending them a bit together.

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Bonus Tip: I've tried using darker and browner colors before and I found out that the lighter or brighter colors work better for this type of design. It definitely makes your titles pop out more.
starting watercolor and adding reds and oranges
blending watercolors together

Step 3

After letting our watercolors dry on our watercolor paper, we'll now draw some white dots and lines to this beautiful watercolor blend.
using white pens for details

Step 4

After that, you can smooth off the colors again by spraying water on your watercolor paper.
water spray for watercolor
spraying water to watercolor paper

Step 5

Now we're going to use our cardboard or anything that you can press down on so that we won't be scraping on our card mat when we use our card knife.
cardboard for scrapbook title design

Step 6

With a card knife, I'm going to cut out my title. You can also write your letters first before you cut them if you feel more confident about that. I do prefer being a little bit free-handy but you can do it however you feel best.
card knife
cutting letters

Step 7

After that step, you are left with is this really cool template and your cut-out title. They both look snazzy and I am loving all the drawn-out white bits on our letters!
cut out letters

Step 8

Now that we have our letters all cut-up, we need to visualize where they're going to sit.

Once you figured that out, get your negative template and some black ink then just stamp the inks really lightly onto your negative space.

As you can see, I've got an archival ink in here which is a bit overboard because you certainly don't need to use archival ink. If you have other types of ink, that would be perfectly fine to use too.
ink and template
stamped letters

Step 9

And now we have our shadow title by using our inks!

Next, we'll just position our cut-out letters very slightly to the right or to the left to give off that shadow effect.
cut out letters in shadow

Step 10

Now that it's done, we'll put the photograph here, and add some DIY watercolor flowers for extra glamour!
crapbook title design
With this shadow title technique, you now have a simple yet amazing trick to level up your titles just by using your watercolors, ink, and a craft knife.

I hope you've enjoyed this fun tip, and I'll see you again soon!
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