Rustic Christmas Scrapbook Layout From Magazine Pages!

Hello and welcome to today's tip! As part of our Christmas Scrapbook Ideas series, I have here another Christmas scrapbook layout that's easy, inexpensive, and absolutely fabulous!

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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

What I have here right now is a Christmas magazine that I got from our supermarket. I'm not sure about your holidays but here in Australia, you'll see loads of Christmas-themed magazines at the supermarket during the season.

So for today, we'll use some of the magazine pages that I got collected as our main scrapbook page material!
magazine pages

Step 2

Magazines are an awesome resource for scrapbooking since the pages are already filled with colors and textures that had been curated for the best possible picture.

So if you choose any visually appealing page, you will be able to find some really lovely colors that go well with each other that you can use on your scrapbook layout.

These are the pages that I think make wonderful color combinations— a winter scene with a gingerbread house and a simple page with a wood background.

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winter screne gingerbread house
wood background magazine page

Step 3

Aside from these, I'm also going to use a textured background. It doesn't have to be Christmas-themed but I do want it to look rustic.
rustic wood cardstock
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Step 4

Next, let's create our Christmas tree where we will start to build our scrapbook layout around.

I have simply cut out a negative of a Christmas tree on a piece of scratch paper. Then we'll just put this paper on top of our rustic wooden background.
christmas tree negative cutout
christmas tree negative on top of the cardstock

Step 5

After making our negative Christmas tree cutout, let's get our white acrylic ink and a brush for creating our white Christmas tree.
acrylic ink

Step 6

We will load up our brush with the white acrylic paint and flick our white paint onto the negative Christmas tree cutout.

This way, we're flicking the white paint onto our wooden background and covering the other areas with the white paper.
flicking the tip of the brush with acrylic ink

Step 7

You can't see it as clearly as I do but I'm really happy with this current look!

Next, get many punches as you can from your stash! Then punch out loads of different shapes from your magazine pages.
punching magazine pages

Step 8

Now that I've finished cutting loads of punches from my magazine pages, I'm going to start playing around with these various shapes and start placing them on the painted area to form my tree.
craft punches from magazine
christmas tree with punches

Step 9

Finally, to make our scrapbook page look even more fabulous, I'm just going to create a little bit of a snow scene coming down the bottom by using a piece of ripped paper.
rustic christmas scrapbook layout

Step 10

What a jolly view! Look at that beauty coming from very inexpensive materials!

Now that our layout is done, we're just going to place our picture in the page. You can also write a Christmas quotation and put on a bit more embellishment around the photo so it matches the scrapbook design better.
finished christmas scrapbook layout with photo
We're done! I hope you find this Christmas scrapbook layout nice and easy in bringing out the best effects to your page!

Happy holidays! I look forward to seeing you next time.
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