Paper Craft For Scrapbook Pages: Lively Layered Strips

Hello and welcome to today's tip! Our topic for today revolves around paper craft for scrapbook pages! We'll be cutting a few papers and we'll layer them up to create a funky-looking scrapbook page!
paper craft for scrapbook layout without photo
First, we need a plain 12 x 12 cardstock and a circular-shaped item to use as a pattern for our cutout.

What I actually used as my circle template is a plate! It's a simple technique that you too can use if you don't have a circular ruler (yes, they exist!).

Then I used a craft knife to trace around the plate to create a negative circle as seen below.
negative circle cut out
Next, we'll also need some lovely contrasting papers.

You may have already seen this paper before. It's an old double-sided Christmas paper which is absolutely gorgeous.
first side of Christmas paper
second side christmas paper
After you've cut your own circle, let's cut out some paper strips.
cardstock cutting
Cut about one and a half-inch of paper strips lengthwise. Cut until you have enough paper strips to cover your circle.
layered strips
strips covering the circle
Then we'll need to layer our paper strips so we can cut them simultaneously. This way, we don't have to cut them up one by one a thousand times!

Cut narrow slits on all your now lengthwise cardstock.

cutting narrow slits
Once you've cut all your strips, get a white 12 x 12 paper the same size as our negative circle.

This white paper will be our base for this layout. It will sit behind our strips while our negative circle will be on top of the strips.
all layers of the layout
I've drawn a little mark on my white paper just so I can see where I should begin gluing my strips and where it should end.
using a pen to mark the paper
Once that's done, let's stick our strips down to the white paper. I used a paintbrush to spread the wet glue, but you can also use a glue tape which is easier.
paintbrush with glue
Now, I've stuck them all down! I was planning on ruffling the strips but I thought they looked quite nice smooth like that. You can choose to ruffle yours if you want!
strips glued down
placing the negative circle on top of the strips
The only thing I would recommend is to choose a photo that is black and white or a picture that is just clean-looking. That woukd be a good contrast to our slightly busy background.

I've chosen this picture from a magazine to give you an idea but you can take this to another level by using a circular black and white photo.
finished layout paper craft for scrapbook
And we're done! Isn't that lovely? You can incorporate this paper crafting strips and slits technique with whatever scrapbook project you have!

Thanks for joining me! Follow and stay up to date with our blog for more awesome tips like this!

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