Funky Christmas Scrapbook Page: Layered Holiday Tree

Hello and welcome to today's tip!

I have a very lovely and easy scrapbook layout for you today! It's a Christmas scrapbook page that anyone can make just by using some cardstock cutouts! You can also make a heart version of this but since it's Christmas season, we'll make a Christmas tree!

final layout
I have here a dark background paper that I specifically chose because it provides a nice contrast with the colors of our tree that we will make in a while.

This background paper is from Kaiser Craft's pack called "Base Coat." I use this a lot because of its gorgeous texturized effect which is particularly perfect for our project today.
Kaiser craft base coat pack
For our tree, let's choose our cardstock set from a pack of Kaiser Craft as well, called "Paisley Days." The lovely thing about using cardstock from a set like this is that their designs and colors already complement each other.
Paisley Days pack
set of cardstock from Paisley Days pack
Using our chosen papers, we will make a beautiful Christmas tree! 🎄

To start, let's divide each section into the shape of my tree using our scissors. Cut your set of cardstock lengthwise in varying lengths. Keep in mind that we should be able to make a tree shape out of our cutouts so cut your cardstock in varying lengths.
cardstock cutting
Then, carefully arrange them from the smallest length of cardstock (top of the tree) to the cardstock with the longest length (base of the tree).

Now that I've cut it up, I can see that it's going to turn into a funky tree!
arranged cardstocks from shortest to longest
Next, we need to shred the bottom half of our cut-out rectangular pieces with our scissors.
shredding bottom half of the paper
Now that the shredding is done, let's put our tree in place!

Hold your tree down, and draw a slanted line over the two sides of the tree so you know how to cut your cardstock and make it seem more like a real tree with a triangular figure.
drawing a line over the tree
Once the edges are cut, layer them up and stick them down on your background paper.
tree on background paper
Now that the tree is sticking well onto our background, we can ruffle the shredded parts of our tree to make it seem more multi-dimensional.
ruffling the shredded parts
Let's get our craft punches to make embellishments to pair with our tree. I have here my dragonfly punch, and like mine, your craft punches does not have to be Christmas-themed, we'll just use it as a small decor for our tree.
using craft punch
dragonfly embellishment
To complete our Christmas tree, let's cut out a little tree trunk from the same cardstock we used earlier and put it underneath the tree!
Finally, we can add our photograph to the right of our Christmas tree. Doesn't that look fabulous? It's really simple and easy to make!
I've made another variant of this tree. For this one, I used magazines instead of scrapbook papers and it looks perfect for winter Scrapbook layouts!
magazine version
Try it on your own and see what beauty you can create with this lovely technique! I hope you've enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you soon.
final layout with snow

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